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Arsenic poisoning... the old fashioned way..

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Mzee Mwanakijiji, Jan 13, 2008.

  1. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    From Wikipedia on "arsenic poisoning"

    Symptoms include violent stomach pains in the region of the bowels; tenderness and pressure; retching; vomiting; sense of dryness and tightness in the throat; thirst; hoarseness and difficulty of speech; the matter vomited, greenish or yellowish, sometimes streaked with blood; diarrhea; tenesmus; sometimes excoriation of the anus; urinary organs occasionally affected with violent burning pains and suppression; convulsions and cramps; clammy sweats; lividity of the extremities; countenance collapsed; eyes red and sparkling; delirium; death. Some of these symptoms may be absent where the poisoning results from inhalation, as of arseniuretted hydrogen.

    Symptoms of arsenic poisoning start with mild headaches and can progress to lightheadedness and usually, if untreated, will result in death.

    Arsenic poisoning can lead to a variety of problems, from skin cancer to keratoses of the feet.

    [edit] Treatment and testing
    It is extremely important to seek medical advice immediately if arsenic poisoning is suspected.

    Chemical and synthetic methods are now used to treat arsenic poisoning. Dimercaprol and Succimer are chelating agents which sequester the arsenic away from blood proteins and are used in treating acute arsenic poisoning. The most important side-effect is hypertension. Dimercaprol is considerably more toxic than succimer.[1]

    One way to test for arsenic poisoning is by checking hair follicles. If arsenic is in the bloodstream, it will enter hair and remain there for many years.

    [edit] Potency
    The LD50 for pure arsenic is 763 mg/kg (by ingestion) and 13 mg/kg (by intraperitoneal injection). For a 70 kg (~155 lb) human, this works out to about 53 grams (less than 2 ounces). However, compounds containing arsenic can be significantly more toxic.[2]

    Nearly all reported arsenic poisonings were not caused by pure arsenic, but by arsenic-oxygen compounds, especially arsenic trioxide, which is approximately 500 times more toxic than pure arsenic, and by arsine.

    [edit] Unintentional poisoning
    In addition to its use as a poison, arsenic was used medicinally for centuries and was used extensively to treat syphilis before penicillin was introduced. Arsenic was replaced as a therapeutic agent by sulfa drugs and then by antibiotics. Arsenic was also an ingredient in many tonics (or "patent medicines"). In addition, during the Victorian era, some women used a mixture of vinegar, chalk, and arsenic applied topically to whiten their skin. The use of arsenic was intended to prevent aging and creasing of the skin, but some arsenic was inevitably absorbed into the blood stream.

    Some pigments, most notably the popular Emerald Green (known also under several other names), were based on arsenic compounds. Overexposure to these pigments was a frequent cause of accidental poisoning of artists and craftsmen.

    [edit] Arsenicosis - chronic arsenic poisoning from drinking water
    Chronic arsenic poisoning results from drinking water with high levels of arsenic over a long period of time. This may occur due to arsenic contamination of groundwater. [3]

    Effects include changes in skin color, formation of hard patches on the skin, skin cancer, lung cancer, cancer of the kidney and bladder, and can lead to gangrene. The World Health Organization recommends a limit of 0.01 mg/L (10ppb) of arsenic in drinking water. This recommendation was established based on the limit of detection of available testing equipment at the time of publication of the WHO water quality guidelines. More recent findings show that consumption of water with levels as low as 0.00017mg/L (0.17ppb) over long periods of time can lead to arsenicosis.

    Non-carcinogenic chronic effects include liver injury-jaundice and cirrhosis;-peripheral vascular disease involving blueness of the extremities; Raynaud's syndrome; blackfoot disease (a type of gangrene); anemia, resulting from impaired heme biosynthesis; and hyperkeratosis of the skin.

    There are also multiple lines of evidence for the carcinogenic effects of arsenic.

    Arsenic has been known to cause many problems in Third World countries where groundwater supplies have been contaminated by arsenic derived from geologically recent fluvial deposits containing arseno-pyrites. This is a particular problem in Bangladesh where tube wells installed since the 1970s have intercepted ground waters flowing in the fluvial deposits. Concentrations in these wells can exceed 1 part per thousand whereas the WHO maximum level is 10 parts per billion. See Arsenic contamination of groundwater.

    Roger Smith, Professor of Pharmacology and Toxicology Emeritus, Dartmouth Medical School [1], [2], has confirmed that natural arsenic contamination of drinking water has also been a problem in wells in New Hampshire. Chronic low-level arsenic poisoning, or arsenicosis, as is seen in Bangladesh, can potentially cause cancer.

    [edit] Intentional poisoning
    In the 8th century A.D, an Arab alchemist named Jabir became the first to prepare arsenic trioxide, a white, tasteless, odorless powder. Jabir's preparation seemed the ideal poison as it left no traceable (at the time) elements in the body.

    Arsenic became a favorite murder weapon of the Middle Ages and Renaissance, particularly among ruling classes in Italy, notably the Borgias. Because the symptoms are similar to those of cholera, which was common at the time, arsenic poisoning often went undetected. By the 19th C., it had acquired the nickname "inheritance powder," perhaps because impatient heirs were known or suspected to use it to ensure or accelerate their inheritances. Elizabeth Báthory is also suspected of having used arsenic to poison male lovers so that they could never leave her, probably as a result of her first husband having an affair.

    On April 27, 2003, sixteen members of the Gustaf Adolph Lutheran Church in New Sweden, Maine, became ill following the church coffee hour; one died a short time later. Investigation revealed that the coffee had been heavily laced with arsenic. As of the publication of Christine Ellen Young's A Bitter Brew in 2005, no one had been formally charged with the crime.

    Murder mystery stories often feature arsenic poisoning, although they commonly omit the more disagreeable symptoms.

    [edit] Famous victims (known and alleged)
    Arsenic poisoning, accidental or deliberate, has been implicated in the illness and death of a number of prominent people throughout history.

    [edit] Francesco I de' Medici, Grand Duke of Tuscany
    Recent forensic evidence uncovered by Italian scientists suggests that Francesco and his wife were poisoned possibly by his brother and successor Fernando.[4]

    [edit] George III of Great Britain
    George III's (1738 – 1820) personal health was a concern throughout his long reign. He suffered from periodic episodes of physical and mental illness, five of them disabling enough to require the King to withdraw from his duties. In 1969, researchers asserted that the episodes of madness and other physical symptoms were characteristic of the disease porphyria, which was also identified in members of his immediate and extended family. In addition, a 2004 study of samples of the King's hair[5] revealed extremely high levels of arsenic, which is a possible trigger of disease symptoms. A 2005 article in the medical journal The Lancet[6] suggested the source of the arsenic could be the antimony used as a consistent element of the King's medical treatment. The two minerals are often found in the same ground, and mineral extraction at the time was not precise enough to eliminate arsenic from compounds containing antimony.

    [edit] Napoleon Bonaparte
    There is a theory that Napoleon Bonaparte (1769 – 1821) suffered and died from arsenic poisoning during his imprisonment on the island of Saint Helena. Forensic samples of his hair did show high levels, 13 times the normal amount, of the element. This, however, does not prove deliberate poisoning by Napoleon's enemies: copper arsenite has been used as a pigment in some wallpapers, and microbiological liberation of the arsenic into the immediate environment would be possible. The case is equivocal in the absence of clearly authenticated samples of the wallpaper. As Napoleon's body lay for nearly 20 years in a grave on the island, before being moved to its present resting place in Paris, arsenic from the soil could also have polluted the sample. Even without contaminated wallpaper or soil, commercial use of arsenic at the time provided many other routes by which Napoleon could have consumed enough arsenic to leave this forensic trace.

    [edit] Charles Francis Hall
    American explorer Charles Francis Hall (1821-1871) died unexpectedly during his third Arctic expedition aboard the ship Polaris. After returning to the ship from a sledging expedition Hall drank a cup of coffee and fell violently ill. He collapsed in what was described as a fit. He suffered from vomiting and delirium for the next week, then seemed to improve for a few days. He accused several of the ship's company, including ship's physician Dr. Emil Bessels with whom he had longstanding disagreements, of having poisoned him. Shortly thereafter, Hall again began suffering the same symptoms, died, and was taken ashore for burial. Following the expedition's return a US Navy investigation ruled that Hall had died from apoplexy.

    In 1968, however, Hall's biographer Chauncey C. Loomis, a professor at Dartmouth College, traveled to Greenland to exhume Hall's body. Due to the permafrost, Hall's body, flag shroud, clothing and coffin were remarkably well preserved. Tissue samples of bone, fingernails and hair showed that Hall died of poisoning from large doses of arsenic in the last two weeks of his life, consistent with the symptoms party members reported. It is possible that Hall dosed himself with quack medicines which included the poison, but it is more likely that he was murdered by Dr. Bessels or one of the other members of the expedition.

    [edit] Huo Yuan Jia
    Huo Yuan Jia made his name as a Chinese martial artist. He was poisoned in 1910 during his fight with the Japanese, who accused Chinese men to be "sick man of Asia". Although no initial evidence was found, the police later discovered that there were black spots in his pelvis, thus confirming it was arsenic that had poisoned him[citation needed].

    [edit] Clare Boothe Luce
    A later case of arsenic poisoning is that of Clare Boothe Luce, (1903 – 1987) the American ambassador to Italy in the years just following World War II. Although she did not die from her poisoning, she suffered an increasing variety of physical and psychological symptoms until arsenic poisoning was diagnosed, and its source traced to the old, arsenic-laden flaking paint on the ceiling of her bedroom. Another source (see below) explains her poisoning as resulting from eating food contaminated by flaking of the ceiling of the embassy dining room.

    [edit] Impressionist painters
    Emerald Green, a pigment frequently used by Impressionist painters, is based on arsenic. Cezanne developed severe diabetes, which is a symptom of chronic arsenic poisoning. Monet's blindness and Van Gogh's neurological disorders could have been partially due to their use of Emerald Green. Poisoning by other commonly used substances, including liquor and absinthe, lead pigments, mercury-based Vermilion, and solvents such as turpentine, could also be a factor in these cases.

    My Take:

    Nawezekana nimesema kitu ambacho sikukusema, kama nimesema basi yawezekana nimetunga tu au yaweza kuwa kweli. Kama sijasema nilichotaka kusema ni jukumu lako kuamua kama ningekisema au la. Hata hivyo kama ukisoma na kupata wazo kuwa labda nimesema kitu fulani ambacho sijakisema moja kwa moja, ni uamuzi wako kama kitu hicho chaweza kuwa kweli. Nimesema nini?
  2. K

    Kalamu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Na hapo inakuwa ni rahisi mno kujua ni kitu kipi umekisema; na kama hukukisema, basi watasema ulikisema.
    Na ndio sababu ikawa busara ungekisemea kitu pembeni, ili watu wasijewakasema ulikisema.
  3. Azimio Jipya

    Azimio Jipya JF-Expert Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Let m see,Ehhhhh Nafikiri nimeona kitu..oh yes!! Nafikiri kiko wazi kabisa...but letz wait for realy realy time to put things out forthemselves. Mnasema i dont dare to take it live + open??? No no! Nafikiri nimeona kitu...dont make it in the old way hivi ilivyo ni sawa kabisa..!!! especially kwa kuanzia:
  4. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Mababu walisema "fumbo mfumbie mjinga" mwerevu atalifumbua.. juzi kwenye mojawapo ya taarifa ya habari kulikuwa na habari toka Kagera ambapo kijiji kimoja cha Kishiro (or similarly sounding name) kilikuwa kinatekwa kijiji kizima na majambazi na kuporwa vitu vyao.

    RPC wa Kagera Bw. Abdallah Msika alikuja na maaskari wake na kuzungumza na wananchi. Sasa mzee mmoja mwenye mvi tele alisema kitu kimoja ambacho so far, naamini is the best quote ambayo nimeisikia mwaka huu mzima kutoka Kijijini.

    alielezea kuwa "Nyinyi (kina msika) ndio mko huru, sisi huku hatuko huru kabisa". Halafu akaongezea na kumaliza kwa kusema (this is the quote) "Kwenye nchi ya wajinga ambako mimi na wewe tunaishi, hakukaliki".

    That was so deep hadi leo imekuwa my Aha! moment..

    So ukisoma hapo juu unaweza kupata kitu na ukabikia Aha!
  5. K

    Kalamu JF-Expert Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Mzee Mwenye Mvi:

    "Nyinyi (akina Msika) mko huru, sisi huku hatuko huru kabisa."
    "Kwenye nchi ya wajinga ambako mimi (nisiyekuwa huru, na ni mjinga), na wewe (Msika - uliye huru na asiyekuwa mjinga) tunaishi, hakukaliki"

    I must admit, my light bulb is dead; kaputi kabisa!

    My take: Nchi ya wasio huru na wajinga, na walio huru - ningedhani hao walio huru ile nchi ingewakubali kabisa na nchi ingekalika!
  6. A

    Asha Abdala JF-Expert Member

    Jan 13, 2008
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    Unataka kusema kwamba Balalli walimuwekea hii kitu? Mi nadhani Balalli ametoroka nchini na sasa yuko chini ya ulinzi wa familia na marafiki zake wa karibu. Hata serikali haifahamu alipo. Na mafisadi wenzake bado wanaendelea kumwinda wammalize. Sasa kwa nini Balalli asiwasimulie yote ndugu zake ili hata wakimpata bado ukweli utoke?

  7. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Bi. Asha.. kama alikimbia na wao wakatuambia ni mgonjwa, badala ya kujibu maswali naamini inaibua maswali mengi zaidi! Halafu kama aliweza kujificha hadi kuwaandikia barua, na wao wakaendelea kumlipia matibabu yake.. basi kuna mtu Tanzania akili zake hazina akili..
  8. M

    Mtanzania JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Asiye na akili timamu hapo ni Ballali, yaani kanyweshwa sumu, kaandika barua ya kujiuzulu na ikatupwa kapuni. Katimuliwa kazi, bado yuko kimya tu huko alikojificha?

    Hiyo story inaingia kichwani? Mimi haiingii kabisa. Hata hiyo familia yake watakuwa watu wa ajbu kweli kama hali ni hivyo na bado wameamua kukaa kimya.
  9. Mzee Mwanakijiji

    Mzee Mwanakijiji Platinum Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Mtanzania.. inawezekana hawajaamua kukaa kimya labda wanafanya kile ambacho wazee walikiita "ukimuona kobe kainama"... unapocheza chess usiwe na papara to make your move..
  10. N

    NakuliliaTanzania JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Umesema kuwa hukusema na mimi nasema umesema!
  11. R

    Rwabugiri JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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  12. Field Marshall ES

    Field Marshall ES JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Mkuu MMJ,

    Heshima mbele kwa kutuletea hizi nyeti, reading betweeen the lines tunaelewa vizuri the idea, tunawaomba tu mambo yatakapokuwa shwari mtuwekee the juice,

    huko BOT nasikia kuna moto unawaka, leo magazeti yote yana habari za watoto wa vigogo na BOT, pia nasikia kuna director wa uajiri huko BOT ambaye ni a big joke mpaka rais alimsema kwenye hotuba moja hivi karibuni kuwa ni mgonjwa na ameajiri vimada wake wengi huko huku akiwalipia kodi za nyumba na kuwapa benzi nyekundu, finally dataz za BOT zinaanza kupatikana sasa tuzitafuteni maana hizi nimezipata leo!

    Mkuu PM vipi maana wewe unakujua vizuri huko mbona hupagusi au?
  13. Halisi

    Halisi JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Mkjj upooo?! mambo mazito na Dar kuna ugeni hata hodi hakuna
  14. Steve Dii

    Steve Dii JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    mmmmmmh.....I sense some imminent BREAKING NEWS out of jiji la Dar now that the President yuko ziarani mikoani...

  15. K

    Keil JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Mzee kama kuna News Alert ama Breaking News tuweke hewani basi maana ninakuaminia!
  16. N

    Nurujamii JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    hivi muungwana naye atakuwa salama kweli kwa hii arsenic? nadhani sasa atulie dar na apunguze safari za mikoani, kuna hatari wakammaliza hata kama anaonekana bado yuko nao na anawalinda mafisadi. Ni wazo tu jamani
  17. Mtanganyika

    Mtanganyika JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Human conspiracy toward anything controversial is something normal, so more to come.
  18. K

    Kithuku JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Habari za kidaku zinadai Liumba (sijui cheo chake) ndiye aliyekuwa "anaharibu" kwa mtindo huu, inadaiwa alishawahi "kuchovya" hadi kwa mbunge mmoja wa viti maalumu (R.I.P), na wanamuziki maarufu. Udaku wote hapa :
  19. A

    Asha Abdala JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Jamaa gani huyo? Ni Liumba anayewashikisha wakina dada wenzangu miwaya?

  20. C

    Chief JF-Expert Member

    Jan 14, 2008
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    Huyu jamaa amesemwa sana mpaka kwenye gazeti la Kiu la kama miaka mitatu hivi iliyopita!! Inasemekana AC naye alikuwa mteja wake.