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Feb 7, 2009
[h=1]You can let go now J-Lo! Ms Lopez clung to the 'Latino Brad Pitt' while cameras were off as she filmed latest video, new behind-the-scenes pics show[/h]

Last updated at 10:25 AM on 8th August 2011

Their on-screen chemistry was undeniable in Jennifer Lopez' new music video released in May.
And now new behind-the-scenes pics show the pair looked just as steamy in between takes.
Cuban soap star and former model William Levy, 30, starred as J-Lo's love interest in the video for the aptly-named I'm Into You.

Cut! Camera crew can be seen working on the set of Jennifer Lopez' video between takes as she snuggles up to male model William Levy

In the clip, filmed in Cancun, Mexico, a buff William, who has been dubbed the 'Latino Brad Pitt', can be seen running from the beach towards Jennifer who lounges back on a chair.

Soon after, they lay on the sand, Jennifer, 42, with her head nestled against the actor's chest.

They are seen standing up, Jennifer writhing against William, whispering into his ear and at the end of the video kissing him on the lips.

You smell nice: J-Lo nuzzled the back of William's neck, not caring who was watching

Hunky: Cuban soap star William has been dubbed the 'Latino Brad Pitt'

These latest candid shots show the pair gazing into each others eyes while the crew behind them busily prepare the scene.
In one shot, Jennifer stands behind William with her arms wrapped around his neck and her face nuzzled into the back of his neck.
He affectionately grabs her hand and looks ahead.

Split: Jennifer pictured with her estranged husband Marc Anthony

Jennifer looks glamorous in a jeweled dress with her wet hair tousled back. A topless William has his muscles on display and wears a pair of beige shorts.
In May, the month the video was released, William announced his separation from Mexican actress Elizabeth Gutierrez.
The couple have a son, Christopher, five, and a daughter Kailey Alexandra, 17 months.[SUP]http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/William_Levy_(actor)#cite_note-16[/SUP]
A month later, Jennifer and Marc announced their separation after seven years of marriage.They have three-year-old twins Emme and Max.
Soon after Jennifer's marriage ended rumours surfaced that she was seeing William.
But he denied the reports, saying: 'The only relationship there was or is, is a professional relationship.'
He added: 'That’s all there’s ever been.'
But William raved about his beautiful co-star soon after filming wrapped.

'It was wonderful,' he said.
'I felt very comfortable. She is a very sincere and fun person.
'The truth is I had a really great time,' he added. 'It was wonderful to see that someone so huge could be so down to earth, in addition to being really funny.'

Jennifer might want to think twice before getting involved with him.
Numerous women over the years have claimed to have had affairs with him while he was married and in August last year a 17-year-old girl filed a lawsuit against Levy in Los Angeles alleging that Levy had sexually abused her.
Court documents state that on July 19, 2010, William 'with deception and trickery' lured an unnamed plaintiff, into coming back to the Hilton Hotel in Glendale, California and forcing her to perform a sex act on him.

He has strongly denied the allegations and counter-sued for $10 million alleging extortion and defamation.
Jennifer has also been seen getting cosy with her What To Expect When You're Expecting co-star Rodrigo Santoro.
She is currently filming in Atlanta Georgia. The movie is based on a book of the same name which is a pregnancy guide.
It tells the story of five couples who suffer the many joys and pains of the childbirth process.
Jennifer recently said this week that she found love complicated.
'We’re all trying to work love out. People ask why there’s a question mark after the word on my album (titled Love?), but it’s because we all have to work it out. It’s very complex and you have to question and challenge yourself and the people around you to be better.
'Having babies taught me what unconditional love is – it’s the most amazing thing that has happened to me and it made me question everything else. I don’t beat myself up about the past and the choices I made – I just try to be better.'



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Jun 26, 2011
huyu Jamaa ni Yule Mumewe Marichuy wa Dont Mess with an Angel. Mkaka ni HB wa nguvu mwacheni Jenifer amzimie. ni mwanaume aliyekuwa anawatoa watazamaji udenda kwa jinsi alivyoigiza Soap yake na MARICHUY.


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Jun 26, 2011
kwa wapenda TELENEVOLA ZA SOUTH AMERICA huyu ni Juan Migael(one migeli) Mumewe wa screen na MARICHUY. Tuliiona kwenye CAPITAL TV. mimi nildhani anaishi huko Mexico tu. kumbe hata USA anakujaga.


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Nov 28, 2009
hata ingekuwa ni mimi......lazima ningemzimikia tu....hata ingekuwaje.....
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