Why Mr Lowassa is Good leader

seif gadafi

Apr 5, 2014
I would like to share why I think Lowassa is a good leader. We all know that despite our country having enormous physical, natural and human resources, Tanzania is still one of the least developed countries (see UN List of Least Developed Countries). Here at home, you don't really need to read all those World Bank statistics to see or understand extreme poverty, high unemployment, inflation, lack of basic services and general hopelessness.

You see it, you experience it, you feel it. And the big question remains: WHY? Anyway, my comments on this page are not about answering the question WHY for I personally don't know the answer but I guess choices have consequences.

As a friend of Lowassa, I am simply commenting on this page to appreciate the good work that Lowassa has accomplished for our nation and country and to motivate him even further in his career as a leader and politician whatever his dreams because I know what he is capable of doing.

As far as I know Mr Lowassa, he is the man who gives people hope. As I have said above, the majority of Tanzanians are those living in critical poverty, people who can only afford one or two meals a day, with no access to school or healthcare, and people who feel there is no one who cares about them.

People without hope. During Lowassa's term of office, people were filled with hope that things will change for the better. Poor Tanzanians felt assured that they will also obtain a fair share of national cake and resources.

Those were the times when accountability at the local government level was real and common people felt that the government knows their despair and strives to improve their live.

I have also known Lowassa as a person who relates to all people and engages with the community at grass root level. Mr Lowassa has been at the forefront of the fight against poverty, hopelessness and exclusion; He has assisted and strengthened many community based credit and savings associations, micro-business organisations, helped faith based organisations, supported individuals and many others.

Because of his efforts, many people have got the opportunity to go to school, afford a meal and live another day, build a house and live a decent life. A leader should indeed be able to assist people to solve their problems as well as give them hope that he understand their problems and that they will be attended to.

One can also point out Lowassa's spirit of unity for all Tanzanians. Lowassa has articulated his character as a person who respects diversity and cooperates with all persons and institutions without regard to their social, religious, or political affiliation. Lowassa is also leader who listens and understands, and above all he understands what matters.

One of the critical problems facing our country today is staggering unemployment. Lowassa has constantly underlined the perils of unmitigated unemployment, and specifically youth unemployment.

He said it repeatedly that youth unemployment is a ticking bomb. He understands that if our economy must wake up and tread, many young men and women should have the prospect of engaging in productive work, earn an income and pay taxes.

But of course, a positive impact in reducing unemployment and triggering economic growth may not be achieved if no efforts are made to salvage our decomposing education sector. Latest data indicate that our children complete primary education without acquiring even the most basic literacy or numerical skills. Our secondary schools performance is extremely discouraging.

Many students complete secondary school without learning or gaining any practical skills necessary for obtaining a job. (see the Poverty and Human Development Report, 2012, by Research on Poverty Alleviation (REPOA)).

In 2013 alone, of all students who sat for national secondary education examinations, ninety five percent (95) of them failed (See Tanzania Human Rights Report, 2013, LHRC) prompting the government to "rename" pass grades categories in a desperate move to calm down public discontent.

But the question remains if Tanzanian children are learning at all. Lowassa has a clear vision that investing in education is the first right step to get ourselves out of unemployment and extreme poverty and over the years Lowassa has consistently reiterated that our priority should be quality education.

As a premier, Lowassa demonstrated this conviction by enabling the establishment of community schools (so called shule za kata). Schools were built in nearly every ward and the government undertook to foot a fair amount of the costs. Because of this policy, schools became economically affordable as well as physically accessible.

For our ailing basic education system, such an intervention came as a big relief. Unfortunately, the core of this project could not be effectively implemented afterwards after Lowassa resigned from office. Lowassa has understood our education system as a pressing matter for a long time now, and he has insisted countless times that we can only go further if we invest in quality education, improve teacher training and teaching approaches. Mr. Lowassa is also a firm and decisive leader.

People want to believe in a firm leader, capable of making and implementing hard and appropriate decisions (and deciding when it is hard to decide) and a leader who is not easily manipulated. Lowassa does not wait for time to solve problems or fool people by forming endless committees and commissions of inquiries whose decisions and recommendations are never implemented.

He decides and takes appropriate action to implement. He wants things to move forward. He likes to see results, not endless proceedings. Lest we forget, one can recount how Lowassa responded efficiently and effectively to the Nile Water crisis.

As you probably know, the Nile originates from Lake Victoria and the use of river Nile waters (including the lake, its source) is supposedly governed by an old colonial treaty which puts the interests of Egypt first and purport to restrict the rights and use of the waters of the Nile by other countries. Tanzania resolved to build a big water project in Lake Victoria and a s a result prompted a sharp response from Egypt including allegedly threats of war. Tanzania's stance, at least by that time was firm and clear.

It was Lowassa who officially reacted to this crisis and conveyed a clear and steady national response that the Nile waters belong to us all to use sustainably and the water project construction would continue as planned whatever the treaty says and whatever the threats. Unfortunately, this Nile water problem will hang around us for some time still and let's hope that the position has not changed.

I also have no doubt that Lowassa would have maintained the same disposition regarding Lake Malawi dispute. When it comes to things of national interest a leader must be swift and steadfast and there is minimum below which you cannot bargain let alone sell. Again, Lowassa is a person who embraces democratic ideals of good governance and accountability.

The biggest hallmark of his political accountability is his resignation from the post of the Prime Minister in 2008 following a parliamentary inquiry of a supposedly ambiguous energy crisis contract.

Nearly seven years down the drain, with every light of the day, all the facts tends to clear Mr Lowassa from the blame. Lowassa understands that the government and its institutions obtains authority and legitimacy from all Tanzanians and must perform to people's expectations. If things go wrong someone definitely did not do his job properly and must be accountable.

Another example relates to how Lowassa dealt with the water crisis relating to City Water Co. in 2005– a British company which had a 10 year contract starting from 2003 to supply water services in Dar es Salaam.

Mr Lowassa made City Water accountable and instantly terminated City Water's contract in 2005 (only two years later) because of recurring water shortages and supply problems in Tanzania's biggest city. Sometimes things are just clear and obvious and one has to decide and move on. Not committees and endless expensive commissions.

One can also recall how Lowassa responded to the collapse of the high storey building in Dar making sure that the licensing authorities including the engineers were made accountable.

There are simply many examples demonstrating Mr Lowassa's confidence in accountability such that we cannot possibly list all of them here. One thing is clear however, that Lowassa has shown that that public office is held in trust and leaders should strive to perform better for the benefit of all and where that trust is broken such office bearers should be answerable to the people.

Accountability is the cornerstone of good governance and a very important aspect for development of the country. We also know that in October 2015, there will be national election where Tanzanians will elect its president for another five years (we all know it is 10).

More than ever before, for many reasons, this time there is so much unease and enthusiasm around the presidency. Although Lowassa hasn't publicly declared his intentions to run for the big office, his name towers the list of presidential aspirants.

If Lowassa eventually decides to run for this office, be assured that there are millions of us supporting you. You are the Value for Vote. You are able, but now be Ready and be Willing.

May God Keep You
Like father like son, if you belong to this corruptness CCM you have to dance following the corrupted drum beat.
El is one of the leaders who contributed immensely in the current situation of poverty in the country. The former PM who resigned because of shoddy dealings is a proven thief, make no mistake, he belongs to the gallows. Any Tanzanian who tells you otherwise is insane. We are not that stupid to even think of him taking the highest office in our land. EL made sure that he benefitted from the acquisition of TTCL to Canadians, TRC to Indians, and allowed his friend JK to steal the worth of this country with impunity, in the process he bought Vodacom and continued to lie to the majority of his friends as if he can manage to rule this country. We know all these people who come here with different names like chameleons are in his payroll.

Never again will he even get a single cent from Tax payers money. 2016 will be the year when we will change the rotten system which has not changed with time to deal with people like him. Shame on you who receive few dollars and think you will manage to lie to fellow Tanzanians.
''I would like to share why I think Lowassa is a good leader''
Your opening sentence left me with two opinions.

1. Lowassa is good leader according to your personal concepts, which you have supported with a number of points. I agree with you in some areas.

2. Lowassa can do better or more if he can get the seat at the higher office. While i am personally not against him however i doubt his ability as leader to effect the change. He could have accomplished more as the Prime Minister for those two years and some months. What we have now is just opinions that he could have done better than what he accomplished as a Prime Minister.

I think now, we need someone with the higher caliber
He will be worst leader. He never approached to be good in any position has ever held. Very corrupt old man and believes in money to get leadship. His health is seriously deteriorating.
He has the best innovative skills to create fake companies like what he did with richmond
Most likely EL has wrecked havoc to this country till the Father of this nation threatened to withdraw from CCM if EL stood for Presidency in 1995. I am appealing to those with all the bad deeds of EL to this nation be bold and stand out and tell it all confidently so that we also know the bad side of this man. It is when this is known that Tanzanians shall be in a good position to pick EL or not to pick him for president from an informed stance. Not like now when people are moved by mob psychology because of ignorance about the total EL. JF members please come out with that information to help in getting a befitting leader for this sinking sleeping giant, Tz.
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