Tuchukue tahadhali ya moto, ona mji ulivyoungua wote huko Hawaii


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Jul 22, 2016
The weather has been very dry in Hawaii recently withisolated wildfires breaking out.

However, it was the passage of aseemingly benign "fish hurricane" in the eastern Pacific which escalated thesituation.

Fish hurricane is a term meteorologists use to describestorms that are in open oceans that don’t have any direct impact on humans.

One of those is Hurricane Dora which currently in the easternPacific.

As a result of Dora passing 700 miles to the southof Hawaii and a large area of high pressure to the north of the islands, therewas a squeeze in the wind pattern in the middle.

This squeeze gave gusts of wind up to 65mph (100km/h)earlier this week which fanned the wildfires.

The winds are now easing through Thursday and Friday as Hurricane Dora continues to move away to the west.

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