Tanzania opens door to English teachers



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Aug 4, 2010


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The government is planning to introduce English as a medium of instruction from standard three in three years, aiming to raise the confidence of Tanzania job seekers in the East African common market.

Speaking on Wednesday at the Tanzania Education Authority (TEA), the Minister for Education and Vocational Training, Dr Shukuru Kawambwa said that poor background on the English language make Tanzanians fear the east Africa job market.

“Tanzanian education is not inferior as people think, for instance University of Dar es Salaam is the best in East Africa… the problem we face is poor background in English language, we are going to make sure that in three years English will be the medium of instruction from standard three,” said Dr. Kawambwa.

Dr. Kawambwa also said immediate effort is needed to improve Information and Communication technologies (ICT) in Tanzanian schools so as to have a Tanzanian who is well educated, knowledgeable, skilled, and culturally mature to handle national and international challenges in various fields.

Presenting a report to the minister, the Chairperson of TEA, Dr Naomi Katunzi said Tanzania is still challenged with the role of providing equitable quality education to all.

“The major challenge is to explore sufficient resources for improvement of quality, equity and access, the government through the ministry of education, stakeholders and other sponsors should add more effort in financing the Education fund with the aim of facilitating quality in education,” said Dr. Katunzi.
Source; Daily News, 16.

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