Steps to share internet connection on local area network?


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Jun 20, 2011
If you have a fully functional LAN then net sharing is few click away, yes few clicks. I assumed that you have already a broadband connection and account configured on your PC. Just go to “My Network Places” properties, and then select yourbroadband connection. Now right click on it and select properties. Now broadband properties dialog box should be appear. Here select “Advanced” tab.
Broadband Connection properties selection.
Now check “Allow other network users to connect through this computer" internetconnection” and uncheck belowtwo options. Now press “OK” button. This will give you a message stating that IP addressof present working PC will be set to “”, click OK. If you assigned this address to any other computer then change it to something else otherwise it will give IP addressconflict error.
Broadband Connection properties.
Now a hand like icon should appear below the broadband connection, indicating that it has been shared.
Broadband Connection after sucessful sharing.
Go to other PC, select “My Network Places” properties, andthen select your LAN connection. Now right click on itand select properties. Now LAN properties dialog box should be appear. Here select “Internet Protocol (TCP/IP)” as did during IP address assignment. Now click properties button,” Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties” dialog should appear. Here you need to give the “Default Gateway” and “DNSServer” IP as shown in the image. Repeat this step on other PCs too.
Default gateway & DNS server IP assigning.
Connect the internet on server PC where internet connection is physically attached, then try to access internet on other PC. If you see the positive results then Congrats! Else;
Check LAN connection. If you can access Shared Folders then follow next step else you need to check internet sharing from beginning.
You need to check your internetconnection again. Try this, presswindow key + R, now type this without quotes “ping”. If you getreply as given in below image then net sharing is OK your internet browser corrupted or internet browser setting changed to use proxy address. Please off all proxy address. Now you should able to browse
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