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Nov 29, 2010

[h=1]Katele calls on all political parties to work together[/h] TIME PUBLISHED - Monday, September 26, 2011, 7:59 am Dr Katele Kalumba

FORMER MMD national secretary Katele Kalumba has congratulated President Sata for emerging victorious in the September 20 tripartite elections and advised all political leaders to support his administration.
Dr Kalumba said in an interview from Chiengi on September 25 that President Sata needs the support of all Zambians.
“PF is the party in power and it carries a lot of responsibility on its shoulders, on behalf of all Zambians. The ruling party needs our support. MMD, United Party for National Development and others are now in opposition, they also carry a heavy responsibility to be constructive and nationalistic in their opposition,” Dr Kalumba said.
He advised opposition leaders to allow the new government to work without any obstruction and support its progressive policies.
Dr Kalumba also urged opposition leaders to provide leadership to their members and appreciate that in a democracy, the victors and vanquished do not become personal enemies but simply remain political competitors.
“Zambia is a mature democracy and let no one anywhere in the world treat us as an irresponsible and immature State. Zambians have proved that we can promote our national and vital strategic interest, particularly preserving our peace and good neighbourliness with countries outside,” he said.
Dr Kalumba said it is the duty of leaders of all political parties to work with the party in power so that it can implement policies which are benefiting the people.
“There is a lot of collective action. Leaders of various political parties should preserve the fundamental priorities of Zambians and in my humble view, allow the new government to work without undue obstruction,” he said.
He said it is important for political parties to reconcile differences of opinion on policy.
“A rational opposition is an asset to the Zambia’s political system. State institutions that are not part of political party structures should guide the new government and not undermine its political goals. I am proud to be Zambian and we are a nation united and a nation at peace,” Dr Kalumba said.
He congratulated Mr Sata for the ‘sweet victory’ in the just ended general elections.
Dr Kalumba said Mr Sata’s victory has taught politicians to persevere in the face of setbacks and challenges. He said Mr Sata has proved that his mind is focused on providing effective leadership to Zambians.
“We congratulate him for pulling his political team together and for giving vision and hope that it was possible for the PF to win. We the younger generation must learn from that and never say never in life,” Dr Kalumba said.
He commended the former President Banda for his magnanimity in defeat and attending Mr Sata’s inauguration last week on Friday.
Dr Kalumba said that act alone set a standard that those who lose elections should not hide in hole away from the victors.
“I congratulate my uncle general Benson Kapaya for winning the Chiengi Parliamentary seat on the PF ticket. I also thank the entire PF Luapula team. Kennedy Sakeni and his team really worked hard. Those who have lost should accept the will of the people,” Dr Kalumba said.
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Oct 9, 2008
For Sure CCM need to learn from Zambia's election 2011, CCM days are numbered!!