Show aliyopiga rihana akiwa matiti nje nje


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Feb 3, 2009

Busty ... singer wore another cleavage-enhancing outfit

She teamed the busty garment with some military style trousers and added inches to her black hair with the help of long hair extensions.
Making up her stage costume were some plastic-rimmed sunglasses and a military jacket, which was left undone to expose her rock-hard abs.

Bright star ... Rihanna wore sunglasses for the show

The Canadian show is the second on her whistle stop World Tour, promoting the release of her album Unapologetic.
With the help of a chartered Boeing 777, she’ll fly to seven countries to play seven gigs in seven days.
She kicked off the first gig in Mexico City by treating fans to a party on the plane, playing hostess by pouring drinks for them.
Living up to her raunchy reputation she headed straight to the cockpit, requisitioned the captain’s hat and struck a series of seductive poses with it on.

Cool operator ... Rihanna on the second leg of her world tour

Last night’s Toronto audience received more of the star treatment as Rihanna presented one lucky fan with a brand new black HTC phone.
Telling the crowd “I’ve got a gift for you” she handed out a handset with ‘Toronto’ engraved on the back.
A duet with her ex Chris Brown, which will feature on her album Unapologetic, was leaked online today.
The uptempo track - called Nobody's Business - is about never-ending love and includes slushy lyrics about belonging together.


Nov 4, 2012
Rihanna wa VIGWAZA huyo na ww jamaa mbona mmbea sana au uliona ukidanganya ndo wa2 watakimbilia kusoma post yako?


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Jul 15, 2009
Kuna kabinti kalisoma mzumbe university kanaitwa HOLLO miaka ya 2008 kanafanana sana na rihana


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Apr 23, 2009
Wamepinda hao ajabu, Yaani we ukivaa nguo inayokusitiri ndio wanakushangaa lakini ukipiga half naked ndo kawaida sana.
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