Scholarships for tanzanians.


Oct 7, 2011

The International University for Humanity and Social Sciences (IUHS) Costa Rica (Central America) is pleased to announce the offering scholarships for Undergraduate and Masters Degree to Qualified Tanzanians.


Bachelor Degree in Global Leadership
· International Governance
· International Business and Trade
· International Education
· Accounting and Finance
· Marketing
· Computer Sciences

Master's Degree of Arts in Global Leadership
(M.A. Global Lead)
· International Governance
· International Business and Trade
· International Education
· Master of Business Administration
· Master of Applied Finance
· Master in Science and Technology of Foods

For the Admissions & Scholarships, please contact the email address below for Instructions on how to apply;
Admissions and Scholarships Office

International University of Humanity and Social Sciences
Email:, website: International University of Humanities and Social Sciences (IUHS), San Jose, Costa Rica - Welcome to the new university designed for the Global Leaders of the 21st century..


I was under the impression the people who post here with negative remarks were just one or two people who has some bad experience with IUHS. I was a student at IUHS until May 2003. I did about 3 semesters at the school starting in August 2002. I want to help someone out there with the honest truth about IUHS that's why I am writing this.

When I went to IUHS in August I was taken back by the "the house" we call a school. Then I was also taken back by the fact my incoming class was 10 students, out of which only 6 of us were new students. Within a few days we lost 2 students. I was ready to transfer too but I gave it a two week chance. Things were not bad. I had one teacher who I thought was amazing. HE taught us everything and that was the reason for me to stay. I liked the island and for the most part students were mature (with exceptions). The staff was pretty good. Always there for u and willing to work with you.

Well this May things changed.

The teacher who was good, he was gone. He is no longer part of the school. Our principal resigned and then there was 2 teachers left who clear could not run a medical school without support. Yes you read right, we had 2 teachers to give us a medical education. When I first came in I already thought we were limited on campus with the number of teachers we had. We wanted more but no one listened to us.

The school asked me to give them a few weeks before I left so because I felt a loyalty to a few people (very few) in IUHS staff and I stayed a few more weeks. They said they will replace teacher in 2 weeks and it's been months now. The school is a scam. When the fall out with teachers occurred they promised many things and have delivered on nothing. The truth is IUHS does not have anything that attract teachers to thier on campus program. They dont have students and they dont have a real campus or anything else to attract GOOD teachers. They are under new management and the problem with the old management according to what I was told was they were a scam. They lied and took advantage of students.

The online and on campus program were always in competition with one another even though it was one school. It was not the students who were in competition but teachers. On line teachers vs. on campus, the quest to find out who can produce the best student. The online students were given questions to exams. You have one exam for a block (2 blocks in one semester) The questions were always from a test bank so if you memorized or did enough question you can get a 50 ( which is passing by the way)

The new management's problem is one man runs the show and he does not want to share power. He is teacher, administrator and everything else for the school. The last block I was in I was not given a syllabus and when I was it was a joke. He has no time to do everything and he is really not that good. IUHS is 5 years old yet they have not established a good on campus program. On campus we have class from 9-12 everyday. NO LABS! NO DEPTH in teachers.

They don't have an incoming class larger than 10. After my class it was 3 students out of which one is still at IUHS. Out of the 10 students who were part of my class there is 2 people left at IUHS. EVERYONE ELSE LEFT!! If that's not a warning sign then I don't know what is. There is a total of 3 students on campus right now. Unless IUHS makes some serious changes it sucks as a school. You will have problems with getting your license and on top of that you will have to deal with the dramas of a small school which means you will feel the affect of school politics. ( which means less time studying for USMLE)

IUHS will need some time before it can become a good school and it needs someone good to lead it. So far no good leader has emerged.

I am at a real medical school now and I understand what I missed out in IUHS. I learned physiology in my 3 semesters at IUHS and I was a good student too (some one who spend many hours studying). Why pay IUHS thousands of dollars only to teach yourself everything anyway. I realize now I have gaps in anatomy, histology, biochemistry and all the other subjects. There is no foundation taught and because of that you don't understand what you are taught, you just memorize.

There are some great support staff in IUHS and I have love them and I have loyalty to them but IUHS leaders ( ones in power) are scam artists trying to make money by giving minimal education.

IUHS need to shut down until they get teachers that are good and get a real school going.
They make promises and offer tution reduction but in the end you get the raw deal!

any more information needed contact me.. I will give you honest answers to IUHS.. I will post more information on what to ask IUHS and details about online program if anyone is really thinking about going to IUHS..
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Please don't fall for iuhs. Even if you thing it seems a good deal. It is not, you will loose money and you could endanger your safety. You don't know what could happen if you go their by yourself and find about this school.


JF-Expert Member
Nov 23, 2009
Mwenye info ya vyuo vingine vyenye scholarship atujuze tafadhali,mkuu asante ngoja tuhangaike


Jul 7, 2011
ahsante ila mi nimewasiliana na hao watu kuna mtu akainijibu tena kiswahili akaniambia yeye ni mtz anafanya kazi hapo chuoni nimtumie vyeti yangu pamoja na dola 70 kama application fee atanisaidia nimepatwa na wasiwasi kidogo,sijui kama ni muamini au la?

Mwana Mnyonge

JF-Expert Member
Mar 3, 2011
ahsante ila mi nimewasiliana na hao watu kuna mtu akainijibu tena kiswahili akaniambia yeye ni mtz anafanya kazi hapo chuoni nimtumie vyeti yangu pamoja na dola 70 kama application fee atanisaidia nimepatwa na wasiwasi kidogo,sijui kama ni muamini au la?

kaka na mimi nimewasiliana nae ameniambia the same to you anasema anafanya kazi hapo nimtumie hiyo dola 70 kama application fees kitu kingine sijui but naomba tusaidiane hicho chuo kipo costa rica but kwenye list ya vyuo vya costa rica sijakiona naomba tusaidiane mwenye kujua labda mimi sijui kutafuta vizuri


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