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SAVE 95% ON INK COSTS Continuous Ink System! (CISS)

Discussion in 'Kilimo, Ufugaji na Uvuvi' started by MIUNDOMBINU, Apr 16, 2012.


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    Apr 16, 2012
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    A continuous ink system (CIS), also known as a continuous ink supply system (CISS), a continuous flow system (CFS), an automatic ink refill system (AIRS), a bulk feed ink system, or an off-axis ink delivery system is a method for delivering a large and practically unlimited volume of liquid ink to a comparatively small inkjet print head. Many business and professional grade printers incorporate a continuous ink system in their design to increase the speed and volume of printing capacity. Some aftermarket companies also build retrofit accessories to convert certain models of consumer-grade printers into continuous flow systems.

    Continuous Ink System Advantage

    SAVE 95% ON INK COSTS Continuous Ink System! (CISS)

    Modern inkjet printers are amazingly powerful. Something that is possibly even more amazing is the low price you can now purchase these printers for.
    But if you weren’t born yesterday, you probably realize by now that inkjet cartridges are ridiculously expensive. In fact printer manufacturers will actually sell you the printer at a loss just so that they can then sell you ink cartridges at over inflated prices. They make a huge amount of profit on these ink cartridge replacements, which is why they spend so much time and money trying to convince you to buy their ink cartridges.
    But now, you don’t have to feel bad printing thousands of pages and digital pictures any longer. With our new Continuous Ink Supply System (CISS), the expensive days of buying inks are over.
    Continuous Ink Supply System is more than just a Bulk Ink System that can provide inks to printer continuously. It's a revolutionary new product that makes installation of CIS totally Plug and Play.
    With our latest generation Smart Auto Reset Chips, We can lower down the amazing accumulation of wasted ink. With our NON-SPONGE and NON-DRILLED-HOLE, our CIS is the most efficient way to convert your printer into a non-stop continuously printing monster!
    · Incredible savings compared to the cost of cartridges
    · Perfect partner if you're into inkjet printing business.
    · Best for Invitations, digital prints, rush ID, photos, etc.
    · Easy Installation. True system ready for "PLUG & PLAY"
    · Latest Sleek Design - Clean and Leak-Proof!
    · Pre-filled with equivalent of over 20 sets of ink cartridges!
    · Exceptional Print Quality. High UV quality ink supplied in 100ml refill bottle
    · Sponge free cartridges with the latest ARC SMART chips
    · Never run out of ink at that inconvenient moment!
    · No more cartridges to buy ever again!
    · No more messy refills. Environmentally Friendly,
    Ink Innovation offers Top Brand, Best Quality Continuous Ink Supply System with the latest generation Auto Reset Chips that save up to 95% on printing cost!

    How Continuous Ink System Works

    The continuous inking supply system is very simple in principle. “Think of it as an intravenous drip for your printer” Ribbon tubing is used to connect the large reservoir bottles of ink to the print head. As the print head moves back and forth spraying ink, replacement ink is continually drawn through the tubing.

    Continuous Ink Supply System are like those used by professional print shops, use large reservoir bottles of ink instead of the tiny, over-priced cartridges supplied by the printer manufacturer. If you're not familiar with the issue, some printer manufacturer installed chips in their cartridges to hold you hostage to their high-priced inks. As a solution, manufacturers of CISS had to modify a microchip so it always reads 100 percent full, no matter how much ink is actually in the system. Once installed, you never have to remove the CIS cartridges or system from the printer.

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    Mkuu, zinapatikana wapi au ni tangazo?
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    thanks for a useful uzi..