Sakata la Sukari: Ni bora viwanda vya ndani vife, mwananchi apone

Mikopo Chefuchefu

JF-Expert Member
May 15, 2017
Deregulation of sugar industry will see the economies of scale and market competitiveness transfer relief that results into lower prices to final consumers.

In order to protect local industries, govt have been placing quotas or embargoes to the importation of sugar something that has resulted into cartels caused by oligopolists.

If the govt chose to open the market provisionally for one year, I tell you the price of sugar may fall back to Tsh 1800/ kg.. A big relief to final consumer.

Consumption of sugar will increase and the govt will earn more taxes. Free sugar market is the way to go from here!

Any one who can import a kilo, let him import.. Any one who can import a tone, let him import. Lets take a lesson for one year to learn the best practices on sugar market!


JF-Expert Member
Jul 3, 2018
Sure!, sometime our gvt need to try things even for only one year. Just allow traders to import sugar and look over final price to consumer. You can choose to slow down local industry for a while and motivate importation

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