"Rais Kikwete kubadilrisha jina la Tanzania


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Feb 12, 2007
Some President Advisers sometimes find themselves in very difficult situations.

Take the case of this adviser of Tanzanian President.

President Kikwete told him that he wanted to change the name of Tanzania to "Republic of Bongo's Kikwete".
The Adviser was asked to canvas world opinion and return in two weeks.
He did not do so.

He was summoned and asked to explain.
He said: "Mr. President, I have been Informed that, there is a country called Cyprus. Its citizens are called Cypriots, so if we change the name of our country to 'Kikwete wa Bongo' our citizens would be called... "Viwete wa Ubongo" and foreign countries will call us The Republic of Mental Retardation
kaka hapo bado sijacheka, hebu tafuta nyingine angalau tukenue mimeno yetu

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