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Promote online thousands customers

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by msela66, Aug 3, 2012.

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    Aug 3, 2012
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    Microsoft Internet Component Download (MSICD) is a system service for downloading and installing software from Web sites on the Internet and intranets. This section contains a list of articles available for MSICD.
    Overviews/Tutorials About OSD File Architecture Open Software Description (OSD) files are used to describe software components, their versions, their underlying structures, and their dependence on other components. This article describes the design and organization of OSD files.
    Introduction to Open Software Description This article is an overview of the OSD vocabulary. It presents high-level information about the benefits and usage of OSD.
    Elements and Objects ABSTRACT Contains a string that summarizes the associated IMPLEMENTATION or SOFTPKG parent element.
    CODEBASE Specifies the location of the file or distribution unit to be installed.
    DEPENDENCY Specifies an additional distribution unit that must be present for the software distribution SOFTPKG to function correctly.
    DISKSIZE Not implemented.
    IMPLEMENTATION Specifies the configuration required by the current software distribution.
    IMPLTYPE Not implemented.
    LANGUAGE Specifies a semicolon-delimited list of RFC1766 language codes used for international distribution.
    LICENSE Not implemented.
    MEMSIZE Not implemented.
    OS Specifies the operating system the software supports.
    OSVERSION Specifies the version of the operating system the software supports.
    PROCESSOR Specifies the type of processor the software will run on.
    SOFTPKG Obsolete. Defines a software distribution.
    TITLE Specifies the string that will appear in the title bar.
    VM Not implemented.

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