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sijui nini

sijui nini

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Sep 29, 2010
sijui nini

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[h=1]Password Door 8.4[/h][h=2]Password protects programs on your computer:[/h]

  • Add passwords to programs on your computer.
  • Users must enter passwords in order to use protected programs.
  • Protect your privacy by adding passwords to Outlook, Word, WinZip, Media Player, AcdSee...
Password Door can add the password protection feature to any program on your computer. It will not modify the original programs, so it will never destroy the programs and you will never lose data.
There are a lot of fine software installed on your computer, you know them well: MS-Office, WinZip, Windows Media Player, Real Player, AcdSee, Outlook Express. Most of them have no password protection, so anyone who shares your pc can launch one of these applications and use it to browse or modify your data that was created by it. You don't want to have to learn to use new software that have the password protection feature, but you do want the password protection feature for your existing software.
Now you can use Password Door to add password protection to any software. When software is protected by Password Door, anyone who wants to use that software must enter the correct password in order to launch it.

Download it here

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