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Nini maana ya ku HACK simu na faida zake?

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by mkayala, Mar 17, 2012.

  1. mkayala

    mkayala JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    Wadau nin maana ya ku hack simu na faida zake?
  2. Chief-Mkwawa

    Chief-Mkwawa Platinum Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    Kuhack simu unamaanisha kwa nokia?

    Hii ipo kwa nokia za symbian kuanzia 3rd edition, 5ed hadi nokia symbian ^3

    Nokia wameeka certificate kwa ajili ya kuruhusu software na games ambazo only nokia wameruhusu ziweze kuwa installed katika simu.

    Unapohack simu ina maana unatoa installserver.exe ya nokia inayopitisha certificate na kuweka yako mwenyewe ili kila application na games ambazo haziko signed na nokia certificate ziweze kuwa installed

    Zipo njia nyingi za kuhack simu ila ambayo ni rahisi zaidi siku hizi ni kutumia helo0x hii ni aplication ambayo ukirun katika simu inafanya kila kitu cha kuhack yenyewe

    Ila sio 100% kuhack simu sometime inaweza sababisha madhara kama haya

    1) features za simu zinaweza potea mfano ukibonyeza *#06# inaweza isionyeshe imei

    2) kushindwa kuinstall baadhi ya mafile kama ya java

    3) process ikiishia kati kati inaweza isi install file lolote

    Kwa kuongeza tu kuna kitu kinaitwa developer certificate ambayo ukiwa unaweza sign software yoyote kabla ya kuinstall na ikakubali
  3. Brakelyn

    Brakelyn JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2012
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    First of all;

    There two types of mobile phone hacking;
    1. Tapping into other people's mobile phone/gaining information from other people's mobile
    2. Hacking your own mobile phone.

    (1) Hacking into other people's phone is illegal, as it is a breach of privacy, so therefore this paragraph will only briefly outline how tapping into mobile phones work. Mobile phones are more difficult to tap than a land line because they use radio waves to transmit information. You can listen into a mobile phone to mobile phone conversation by using an equipment that allows you to tune into certain frequencies, a mobile phone uses frequencies ranging from 800 MHz to 2 GHz.

    Another way to hijack a mobile calls is to make yourself, (the hacker), the local base station. This works by letting the user communicate through the hacker therefore letting the hacker listen to everything.

    Hacking for information can be done in two different ways. The first way you will need access to the phone for a few minutes, as this method needs you to alter the chip of the phone. This is only possible because of a glitch with the chips of phones that uses Global System for Mobile communications (GSM). However some of the newer phones are prone to this because they lack GSM, but around 70% of them can still be hacked using this method.

    The other way of hacking would be to hack via a laptop with special programs that can decipher the codes used to protect the mobile phone. This method will need the hacker to be in area with will mobile phone activity and with bluetooth activated on the phones. There is also a similar bluetooth hacking method which requires you install a software, called 'Super Bluetooth Hack' onto your mobile phone. (This software is only compatible with some phones, like a Sony Ericsson K750i).

    (2) Hacking you mobile phone depends on which operating system your phone is running. This paragraph will run through the process of jailbreaking the iOS as it is the most popular device to hack and hacking (rooting) other operating systems, like android, will have a similar process. Jailbreaking gives root access to the operation system which means that the restraints placed by the company, Apple, will be removed and all of the features of the operation system are unlocked.

    The pros of jailbreaking:
    After your iDevice has been jailbroken, users can download third party applications, like games, themes and much more, through Cydia which is similar to the Apple App Store.

    The cons of jailbreaking:
    Jailbreaking it now legal in most countries, however it will still void your warranty with Apple. However you can easily avoid this by restoring your phone to factory settings. So the only real con is that jailbreaking takes up some space of your phone. Some people say that you can brick (making it useless) your iDevice, but
    this is not true.
    To restore your iphone to factory settings plug your iDevice into your computer and openiTunes. Once iTunes

    So how to jailbreak your iDevice? Well first off it depends which operating system version you have, for example version 4.2.1. As there too many versions out and I do not know which one your are using at the moment, the best place that I can recommend to find out how to jailbreak your iDevice would probably be on EverythingApplePro's youtube account. Here is a
    To help you get started I would recommend you to add these sources on Cydia; and

    To add sources open up Cydia and click on the manage tab and then sources. Once you're in sources tap on edit and then add, and a box will box pop up asking you to enter a Cydia/APT URL and once your are done tap add source and that is it. Once you added hackulo go into search, and search for installous and app sync (make sure they work for your version of iOS). Installous is similar to the Apple App Store, but the only difference is that all the apps on Installous are cracked meaning, that you can get free apps which would normally cost.

    Sinfuliphonerepo is a great source as it adds cracked Cydia apps into the Cydia's searches. The more sources you have the greater the app library and you can find more sources via Google.

    Other applications via Cydia that I would recommend would be winterboard (an app that let's you download themes onto your iDevice) and Cydelete (makes deleting third party apps easier). You can find other apps which other people find useful using Google or Youtube.