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Netanyahu to set "clear red line" for Iran in U.N. speech

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by kakamukubwa, Sep 27, 2012.

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    NEW YORK (Reuters) - Israeli
    Prime Minister Benjamin
    Netanyahu will set out, in his
    speech at the United Nations
    on Thursday, an ultimatum for
    Iran to halt its disputed nuclear drive or risk coming
    under military attack, an
    Israeli official said. Netanyahu faces the world
    body after U.S. President
    Barack Obama disappointed
    some Israelis, in his own
    address to the annual
    assembly, by not calling for a deadline to be imposed on
    Tehran - though he did say
    time for diplomacy "is not
    unlimited". Israel sees a mortal threat in a
    nuclear-armed Iran and has
    long threatened to strike its
    arch-foe pre-emptively,
    agitating war-wary world
    powers as they pursue sanctions and negotiations. Complicating Netanyahu's
    strategy have been his testy
    relations with Obama as a U.S.
    election looms, and the
    reluctance of many Israelis to
    trigger a conflict with Iran, which denies that it is seeking
    to develop nuclear weapons
    and has pledged wide-ranging
    retaliation if attacked. "The prime minister will set a
    clear red line in his speech
    that will not contradict
    Obama's remarks. Obama said
    Iran won't have nuclear
    weapons. The prime minister will clarify the way in which
    Iran won't have nuclear
    arms," a senior Israeli official
    said en route to New York,
    without elaborating. Though he has not previously
    detailed when Israel might be
    willing to go to war,
    Netanyahu has said Iran could
    have enough low-enriched
    uranium by early 2013 to refine to a high level of fissile
    purity for a first nuclear
    device [ID:nL5E8KG2P5]. Israel worries that this final
    step, if taken, could happen
    too quickly or quietly to be
    prevented. Iran has said it has no plans to
    enrich uranium beyond the 20
    percent purity required to run
    a reactor producing medical
    isotopes. That level, however,
    brings raw uranium exponentially closer to the 90
    percent enrichment required
    for bomb fuel. Though reputed to have the
    Middle East's sole nuclear
    arsenal, Israel would be hard-
    put to deliver lasting damage
    to Iran's remote facilities
    using its conventional forces, or to handle a multi-front war. WORK TOGETHER Netanyahu's public calls for a
    U.S. ultimatum have deepened
    acrimony with Obama, a
    Democrat accused by his
    Republican rivals of being soft
    on the Jewish state's security. That has stirred American
    accusations of Israeli
    meddling in the November
    presidential elections -
    something denied by
    Netanyahu. "The prime minister will say
    that Israel and the United
    States can work together to
    achieve their common goal,"
    said the Israeli official on
    condition of anonymity. Netanyahu, who heads a
    broad-based, conservative
    coalition government,
    departed for New York on
    Wednesday saying he would
    take the U.N. podium for an Israel "united in the goal of
    preventing Iran from
    achieving nuclear weaponry". But surveys show that most
    Israelis - apparently swayed
    by the open dissent of several
    senior national-security
    figures - would oppose
    launching unilateral strikes on Iran, given the risk of
    alienating Washington and of
    provoking clashes with
    Tehran's Islamist militant
    allies in Lebanon and Gaza. A poll published by the liberal
    Haaretz newspaper on
    Thursday found that 50
    percent of Israelis feared for
    the survival of their country,
    should there be a conflict. Iranian President Mahmoud
    Ahmadinejad, in his speech to
    the General Assembly on
    Wednesday, said Iran was
    under threat of military action
    from "uncivilized Zionists," a clear reference to Israel.
    Earlier this week,
    Ahmadinejad said that Israel
    would eventually be
    "eliminated." Haaretz also ran excerpts from
    a leaked Foreign Ministry
    report that sanctions had
    caused greater damage to
    Iran's economy than
    anticipated by Israel. The findings, confirmed to
    Reuters by an Israeli official,
    could undermine any attempt
    by Netanyahu to argue that
    the military alternative must
    be considered imminently. Israeli opposition leader Shaul
    Mofaz criticized Netanyahu for
    sparring with Obama and
    voiced confidence in U.S.
    resolve. "I am convinced that the
    United States, the president of
    the United States, is
    determined to prevent Iran
    going nuclear," Mofaz told
    Israel's Army Radio. Even within Netanyahu's
    coalition there have been
    misgivings about the pitch of
    disagreement with the United
    States. Danny Ayalon, deputy to
    Foreign Minister Avigdor
    Lieberman, described Obama's
    Iran remarks at the United
    Nations as "important, albeit
    measured". Speaking on Israel Radio,
    Ayalon said the Netanyahu
    government and Obama
    administration were in
    discreet contacts and
    approaching agreement on setting limits for Iran. (Writing by Dan Williams;
    Editing by Angus MacSwan)
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    Sep 27, 2012
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    Yupo online now anamwaga vitu vya ukweli haswa hadi nimefikia hatua ya kumshangaa Mjinga Obama kwanini hamuelewi tena kagoma kuingia mkutanoni kwa aibu yeye pamoja na jamalaa lake gaidi Ahmedinajad the world is not safe if we don't stop iran nuclear
  3. Mlaleo

    Mlaleo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    [​IMG] Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu draws a red line on a graphic of a bomb as he addresses the 67th United Nations General Assembly at the UN Headquarters in New York, September 27, 2012. Photo by Reuters

    8:17 P.M.
    FM Lieberman speaks after Netanyahu's speech: PM's diagram clear, not meant for leaders but for general public. Says also thinks PM emphasized that Obama saying at UNGA that he is not willing to let Iran develop nuclear weapons speaks for itself. We have to hope that not only the U.S., ut also whole world will understand and want to avoid a war, says Lieberman.

    8:11 P.M Netanyahu: The goal of stopping Iran's nuclear program is a shared one. We are in talks with the U.S. on this issue.

    8:10 P.M. I believe that faced with a clear red line, Iran will back down - and it will give more time for sanctions and diplomacy.

    8:09 P.M. Netanyahu: there are some who claim that even if Iran crosses the red line we will know when and where the Iranians are building a bomb. But intelligence agencies are not full proof

    8:07 P.M. Netanyahu draws a red line on his diagram.... with red pen....

    8:05 P.M. Netanyahu takes out a diagram to show what Iran needs to do to develop an atomic bomb. Netanyahu: Iran is 70 percent of the way there, and are well into the second stage. By next summer, at current enrichment rates, they will have finished the medium enrichment and move on to the final stage. From there it is only a few more weeks before they have enriched enough for a bomb.

    8:02 P.M. Netanyahu: Red lines can be drawn in various parts of the nuclear program, but they must be drawn on Iran's efforts to enrich uranium.

    8:01 P.M. Netanyahu: There is only one way to peacefully stop Iran - and this is by placing a clear red line on Iran's nuclear program. Red lines do not lead to war, they prevent war. Red lines might have prevented WW2. Red lines might have avoided first Gulf War.

    8:00 P.M. Netanyahu: Under Obama's leadership, some of harshest sanctions on Iran have been passed. But we must face the truth - sanctions have not stopped Iran's nuclear program either. According to IAEA, Iran has doubdle its number of centrifuges. The only way to stop it is to place a clear red line on Iran's nuclear program.
    7:59 P.M. Netanyahu: It is not only my right to speak, it is my duty to speak about Iran. Diplomacy hasn't worked, Iran uses diplomacy as a means to advance its nuclear program.

    7:56 P.M. Netanyahu quotes Historian Bernard Lewis: For Iran's leaders, mutual self-destruction is an incentive - Iran's policy is guided by Shi'ite belief in the return of the Mahdi.
    7:55 P.M. Netanyahu: deterrence worked with the soviet union - it may not work with Iran once they get nuclear weapons
    7:54 P.M. Netanyahu: Iran's rulers continually deny the holocaust and call for Israel's destruction, as they did from the UNGA this week. If this is Iranian aggression without nuclear weapons, just imagine Iran with nuclear weapons. Who would be safe in the Middle East? In Europe? In America? Anywhere?
    7:53 P.M. Netanyahu: Nothing could imperil the world more than a nuclear-armed Iran. To understand the impact, imagine a nuclear-armed al-Qaida.

    7:52 P.M. Netanyahu: The question is not whether this fanaticism will be defeated, but how many lives will be lost in the meantime. Those who opposed Hitler waited too long - we can't let that happen again - at stake is the future of the world.
    7:51 P.M. Netanyahu: Ultimately light will penetrate the darkness. A cloistered middle east will eventually yield to the light of freedom and technology.
    7:50 P.M. Netanyahu: Militant Islamists want to end the modern world.
    7:48 P.M. Netanyahu: Abbas just spoke here. We won't solve our conflict with libelous speeches at the UN.
    7:47 P.M. Every year thousands of Arabs from the PA and throughout Mideast comes to Israel to be treated in Israel hospital by Israeli doctors. You won't hear that from these other speakers here, but this is the truth.
    7:46 P.M. Netanyahu: Israel stands proudly with the forces of modernity, Israel helps make the world a better place.

    7:44 P.M. Netanyahu: In Israel we walk the same paths tread by our patriarchs Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, but we blaze new paths. Unfortunatley that's not the case in many countries. Today a great battle is being waged between the modern and the medieval.
    7:43 P.M. The Jewish people will never be uprooted again, says Netanyahu.
    7:42 P.M. Netanyahu: The people of Israel live on - and the Jewish state will live forever. Jews continued to live in the land of Israel throughout the ages, most never gave up on the dream of returning to the ancient homeland.
    7:41 P.M. Netanyahu takes to the podium at UNGA.

    6.39 P.M. White House press secretary Jay Carney says U.S. President Obama will talk on the phone with PM Netanyahu tomorrow as a follow up to the latter's meeting with Clinton.
    Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's plane landed in New York on Thursday, ahead of his planned address before the United Nations General Assembly later in the day. Netanyahu was scheduled to speak one hour after Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.
    Before boarding his post-Yom Kippur flight to New York on Wednesday, Netanyahu said,"The people are united in their demand that Iran not achieve nuclear weapons. I'm traveling to the UN to speak there in the name of the people. We have overcome many enemies in the past, and we'll overcome this one too."
    On Wednesday, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad took the podium, saying that Iran is under threat of military action from "uncivilized Zionists." He said that such threats from big powers are designed to force nations into submission. Egypt's new president, Mohammed Morsi also addressed the 193-nation assembly that day. On Tuesday, U.S. President Barack Obama addressed the UNGA, saying the United States will "do what it must" to prevent Iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon.
  4. jmushi1

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    Waziri mkuu wa Israel si lolote wala chochote kwa Rais wa Marekani,asilete za kuleta,United States should'nt be pushed by someone who's nation depends on US to begin with.Kama hawezi kazi amwache Ehud Barak mwenye kutumia akili kuliko huyo Nentanyahu.Hadi usawa huu licha ya kutumika na Romney(Netanyahu),bado Obama ana sapoti ya Jewish voting block US kwa asilimia 70,uchaguzi uliopita alipata kura zao kwa asilimia 78,so hakuna shida yoyote,kuna Jews wanaomwelewa Obama.

    Hilo liNetanyahu inawezekana pia lina msimamo mkali.Obama alisema ili waweze kuendelea na mazungumzo,basi wasimamishe ujenzi wa sehemu walizo occupy,hakufanya hivyo,na ujenzi ulianza tena siku ambayo Netanyahu anatembelea Washington,Obama akakataa kukutana naye.Hakuna haja ya kupelekeshwa na taifa ambalo wanalisaidia kwa kiasi kikubwa sana na hata uwepo wao washukuru marekani!
  5. Mlaleo

    Mlaleo JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    Hapo nakataa Uwepo wa Waisrael unatokana na Mungu na si vingivyo hizo ni njia tu za wao kuendelea kuwepo Israel ina Maadui wengi ndio maana inataka kujua kama Mmarekani ni Rafiki au lah huo kusaidiwa ni sawa kwani wanaoshinikiza kusaidia ni wao wao waliopo huko marekani, na muisrael anajua Obama ndie kikwazo kwani Usalama wa Israel unatishiwa na Muirani anayesaidiwa na Russia hii LijiObama linajua ila Sababu ya Dini yake na hili analolifaya ni Kusudi kabisa... ila No Sweat Israel hatoweza kukaa kimya najua liobama mwishowake litaakia peke yake au kuondolewa kitini Vita lazima ipigwe na hapo wapinga Mungu watashindwa hii ndo yale maandiko ya Taifa dogo litaipiga taifa kubwa... Mmarekani anamtegemea Muisrael pia so Wanategemeana Liobama litashindwa tu
  6. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    Hayo mengine ni ya huko kanisani wewe na imani yako.

    Israel is nothing to USA,inawategemea na bila wao hawawezi kusavaivu,huo ni ukweli usiohitaji mambo yasiyoonekana(imani),hizo ni facts.Ama unataka nikuletee data hapa?
  7. MaxShimba

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    Sep 27, 2012
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  8. Tango73

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    bILA MYAHUDI aLBET eSTAIN KUVUMBUA BOMU LA ATOMIC, VITA YA KWANZA ISINGEISHA. Hivyo myahudi annafasi pekee ya kubebwa hapa duniani kwa mchango wake wa kuleta amani duniani.

    Iran ni taifa la kishetani. Hilo raisi lake jinamizi ahmedinejad lina ajenda mbaya sana ya kuwafuta wayahudi hapa duniani. Hivyo huo mtambo wake wa nuclea lazima ubomolewe apende asipende. Yeye Iran ndiye mfadhili wa Hisbollah, Hams na Al Shabab. Hivyo akifanikiwa kumiliki silaha za nuklea hapa duniani hapatakuwa na amani kabisaa.

    Acha chuki za kidini kwa taifa la Israel. Upende usipende Myahudi kashika dunia na UN ni mali yake. Huwezi ukapata ukatibu mkuu wa UN kama nchi yako haina uhusiano wa kibalozi na Israel. Jiulize kwa nini salim hakupata kiti hico pale alipogombea ukatibu wa UN.
  9. K

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    Bora kufa wakiwa wamesimama kuliko kuishi wakiwa wamepiga magoti kwa wamarekani. Good speech netanyau to american hasa na ule mchoro alivyoelezea ni km nilikuwa darasani.
  10. jogi

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    kanyoe mijidevu kwanza yakhe unatuharibia ubwabwa, mlimsapoti hivihivi sadamu huseni, yuko wapi!! Tushamsahau na iraq elimu aliyoiasisi sadamu huseni ya kujitoa muhanga akilenga itumike dhidi ya wamarekani sasa inawamaliza wairaq wenyewe.
  11. Tango73

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    Sep 27, 2012
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    marekani na Israel ni ndugu moja na pete na kidole. Marekani ni Taifa lililo barikiwa na lina kila sababu ya kusaidia Israel isitishwe na majirani zake au wanachama wa Arab League. Mtambo wa nukrea wa Irani lazima ubomolewe la sivyo Iran itasambaza silaha hizo kwa magaidi wote wa Boko Haram, AL shabab na mali duniani ili wawatishe wakristo popote walipo. Hili Taifa la Iran lina chuki mbaya sana na wakristo kuliko hata shetani mwenyewe.

    Tokea Iran ifanye mapinduzi ya kidini mwaka 1978 wakristo na waislamu huko west africa hawaelewani kabisaa. Ona kule kaskazini mwa Nigeria mkristo anavyo baguliwa. HIli taifa linachochea sana kuweka sharia katika nchi ambazo zina wakristo na waislamu nnusu nusu. Lazima Israel ihakikishe Iran haipati silaha za nukrea ili dunia ya wakristo iwe na raha ya milele.
  12. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    Imani yangu ni kwamba hayo yawezekana kuwa solved peacefully.Vita iwe ni option ya mwisho.Kwamba Einstein aligunduwa atomic bomb,haina maana kuwa waziri mkuu wa Israel ndo ampangie Rais wa marekani cha kufanya.Wala haibadilishi ukweli kuwa bila marekani Israel haipo.

    Unaposema nina chuki za kidini wewe ndo hujui unachoongea.Halafu kama wewe ni mkristo/tu,tambua kwamba wayahudi hawawatambui hata kama mkijidai kujipendekeza!

    Emanicipate yourself from mental slavery.
  13. jmushi1

    jmushi1 JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    Acha stereotype za kidini,hata mwisraeli hakutambui wewe unayejipendekeza.Naomba usitumie tena steriotypical rhetorics tunapojadiliana,ni ombi.
  14. yuppie boy

    yuppie boy JF-Expert Member

    Sep 27, 2012
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    There is no need kumuomba mtu asiyejua analolisema we mpotezee, anataka kuanzisha habari nyingine iliyo nje ya mada.
  15. N

    Nonda JF-Expert Member

    Sep 28, 2012
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    Kuna kipanya amefanya upanya/ ukipanya wake.
    This describes the hypocritical Netanyahu quite well. Cartoon by Carlos Lattuf.Bofya hapa
  16. TZ biashara

    TZ biashara JF-Expert Member

    Sep 28, 2012
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    Mimi nadhani aliegundua mitambo ya Nuklia ni shujaa mkubwa kwasababu ni moja ya technology muhimu kutumika duniani.Lakini aliegundua silaha ya Nuklia ndio shetani mkubwa kwasababu ndio aliesababisha kuangamizwa kwa Japan(Hiroshima na Nagasaki)na kutumika silaha hizo za sumu mpaka Vietnam,Afghanistan,Iraq(Faluja),Gaza na Lebanon.Asingegundua silaha ya Nuklia basi kila nchi ingekuwa inajiwekea usalama wa kawaida na sio wa kuharibu mazingira.Kwahiyo dunia lazima iangamize silaha za Nuklia na ikubalike Nuklia kwa matumizi ya kawaida.Wakati umebedilika hakuna anaetaka kuongozwa na nchi nyingine kila nchi ijiongoze yenyewe.Wengine wakae na silaha za sumu halafu wengine wasiwe nayo?Haiendi hivo mambo yanabadilika kila mtu amuheshimu mwenzake hakuna kutawaliwa tena, na hao kina Natanyau inabidi wafunge virago warudi makwao bara la ulaya wakazisaidie nchi zao uchumi.Ni bure tu kung'ang'ania nchi ya waarabu kwasababu hawajatambulika kidunia isipokuwa wale tu waliodumazwa vichwa vyao na kuwaita eti Taifa teule la mungu.Hawana Roots huko kabisaa wamehamia miaka ya 60 na kuwachinja waarabu na kuchukua nchi kama walivofanya USA,Canada na Australia bahati nzuri South Africa imeponea chupuchupu.
  17. Safari_ni_Safari

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    Are you sure?
  18. Mlaleo

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    Hata wewe na familia yako uwepo wako unatokana na Mungu
  19. Mwanamageuko

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    Sep 28, 2012
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    kuna maneno mengine ni vichekesho!
    Kwa watu wenye kutaka kufikiri. TAIFA LA ISRAEL LIMETENGENEZWA KWA HISANI!! nakuwekea liki toka kwa marafiki wa Israel.... soma kwa makini kisha fikiria

    Historia ya TAIFA TEULE!

    Taifa Linaloishi kwa Propaganda na kutaka kuonewa huruma! Taifa ambalo watu wake wamekuwa wakimbizi kwa CHUNGU YA MIAKA... Taifa ambalo watu wake WANABAGUANA...

    au hujui hali waliyo nayo Mafalasha waliotolewa Uhabeshi?


    Sishangai... kwani wanaosema ISRAEL ni TAIFA lililobarikiwa NDIO HAOHAO WANAOTUAMBIA TUCHAGUE MACHAGUO YA MUNGU!!!

    La mwisho kwa kuwasaidia... VITA YOYOTE ITAKAYOFANYWA NA WAYAHUDI SASA KWA TAIFA LOLOTE ITASAMBAA DUNIA NZIMA, na hapo ndipo mtakapowajua wao ni nani... na ni kwa mbinu zipi WANAISHI!
  20. Mwanamageuko

    Mwanamageuko JF-Expert Member

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    na nyingine inatutaka tujichunge ili sijekuwa kama yule Tajiri na kibaraka wake waliotumbukia korongoni... tajiri alikuwa na mbwa kipofu na akimpenda na mbwa huyo alikoelekea ndiko tajiri alikokwenda nae alikuwa na kibaraka wake!! Siku moja likaingia joka mla watu kijijini kwao, mbwa yule akavutiwa harufu... kilichofuata tajiri alimfuata mbwa na kibaraka alimfuata tajiri yake.. (matokeo yanajulikana hapo)