Mkono: I escaped kidnapping attempt


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Oct 6, 2011

Musoma Rural MP Nimrod Mkono (pictured) yesterday said he escaped a kidnap attempt by unknown people on Tuesday morning.

In a press statement, the MP said, he was involved in a car chase along Old Bagamoyo Road at 10:am as he was coming from Bagamoyo.

He said two vehicles, a Prado and Land Cruizer VX, attempted to block his car at Tangi-Bovu area, but his driver swerved and escaped.

"In the two vehicles there were people with dark glasses and who were driving fast to try to overtake us, but my driver outmanoeuvred them. We finally escaped after seeking help from a policeman along the highway," he said, adding that the incident was reported to the Kawe Police Station.

Yesterday, The Citizen confirmed that the MP's driver recorded a statement with the police and he was given RB No: KW/RB/12156/2014.

Source:The Citizen
mmmh huyu mzee he's cooking something
from being poisoned in UK to allegedly kidnapping
Either a fabricated story or a poor tactic by alleged abductors. .
Poisoning In London-Part 1,Kidnappers In TangiBovu-Part 2.Am waiting for the Part 3,Maybe it will be called 'The Mission Accomplished'
Politicians fashion show in Tz. Mrema,Slaa and Lipumba said this maigizo. Its Mafia gangs in Tz struggling for wealth and power
He didnt know that, the two cars were in a rally. Smart people never leave escape. Just another episode
Its a well planned mission from UK to Bagamoyo rd, something is been cooked
Dz z fool.....
Thy dnt ve to put much efforts on him if esrow division wil equity my worth thn m in a gud position to help u out kidnappers. ....
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