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Lil Wayne Wearing $1 Million Beats by Dre

Discussion in 'Celebrities Forum' started by Amoeba, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. Amoeba

    Amoeba JF-Expert Member

    Feb 28, 2012
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    Wakuu, nimekutana na hii kitu kwa wazee wa gizmodo, kilichonivutia siyo headphone ya huyu dogo, bali ni comment za wadau kuhusu muelekeo wa RAP na HIPHOP. Binafsi naamini kabisa kuwa rap ya sasa haina mistari iliyosimama na yenye akili timam kama miaka ya 80 na 90, vijana wa sasa hivi wamekaa kisharobaro na mziki wao hausimami kitambo. Kwa wakongwe wa kitambo mnaweza kukubaliana na mimi.


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    By Casey Chan
    Feb 27, 2012 12:40 PM
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    [h=1]Lil Wayne Wearing $1 Million Beats by Dre Headphones Is a Diamond Studded Mess[/h] I'm a big fan of Lil Wayne. I was with him before he became good (pre-Carter days) and totally support his placement atop the hip hop perch but Mr. Weezy F., I can't support you on this. What the hell are you doing wearing a $1 million diamond studded Beats by Dre headphones at a basketball game?
    The headphones Lil Wayne are wearing are very likely the same pair LMFAO wore at the Super Bowl which were made with 114 carats of diamond by Graff Diamonds and there are just so many things wrong with this abomination I don't know where to begin. Yeah, I get it, I get it, he's weird. He's an alien. Or a Martian, whatever. Still, it shouldn't excuse him from insane behavior! Let's figure out what you did wrongsies Weezy.

    • Places where diamonds are great: On earrings. On necklaces. On bracelets. On big ass chains. On rings. On tiaras. On most jewelry. On most body jewelry. In jewelry boxes. In safe deposit boxes. Places where they're not great? On headphones. And in your butt.
    • Places where it's acceptable to wear headphones: Walking around. On the train. On a plane. At work. At home. At the gym. Places where headphones aren't acceptable? Courtside at an entertaining basketball game.
    • Places where it's okay to wear Beats by Dre headphones: None. Not with these much better headphones around.
    • So Mr. Carter, by wearing your diamond studded Beats by Dre headphones at the NBA All Star Game yesterday, you broke three of the golden rules of diamond wearing, headphone using life. Tsk, tsk.
      See Lil Wayne, if you wore diamond studded Grados at an unentertaining basketball game, I wouldn't be mad at you. They're open-back! They sound fantastic! Likewise, if you wore regular Beats by Dre headphones to the NBA All Star Game, I wouldn't be mad either! You have to support your fellow hip hop artists. All good. But what you have on your head is a million dollar mistake. A flashing ring o' bling of rip off cheap taste.
      [​IMG]I mean, it's so ridiculous even your rapper BFF Drake had to look at you funny.
      Image by Getty

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    [​IMG] MUSASHI66
    Mon 27 Feb 2012 12:47 PM

    I hate that guy. I hate what he is doing to the music I used to like. Now I am stuck listening to older hip-hop because all the new stuff is just shit... there might be 1 good song out of a 100. Or I am just getting old and am suffering from that "all the shit young kids listen to" syndrom. promoted by MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN

    [​IMG] Oldbrass @MUSASHI66

    You're getting old.
    Folks my age mostly find all hip hop to be ****. For whatever reason, we seem to have a tendency to get caught in our decade musically.
    Now if you'll excuse me, Since my kids are at school, I'm gonna go put on some Police and Dead Kennedys.

    [​IMG] jddf @MUSASHI66

    I can say it's not you. I am a younger (22) guy and don't love a lot of the new stuff. There are a few people still putting down amazing music but everything that is on the radio is garbage. It is all the same formula of mediocre rhymes over highly priced beats. Ringtone rappers are slowly strangling hip hop. Edited by jddf at 02/27/12 12:56 PM


    Nope, I'm stuck on Tha Carter II and I and other "older" music because it seems rap just isn't as good as it used to be. Hip hop isn't doing too poorly (I do differentiate between the two), as I'm a big fan of J. Cole and there's a few others people tell me to check out (e.g. Wale). I guess fame just gets to people - if you could double your millions by appealing to a wider base by dumbing down your music, that would be pretty appealing. And yes, I know there's a Jay-Z line about that, I just can't remember it atm.


    Look. I'm in the same boat as you. I love nas and rap and R&B and every genre. But rap sucks so much I listen to 80's alternative rock. But lil Waynes lyrics are pretty crazy (sometimes so dumb) but he is like a lyrical genius. Listen to his underground albums on
    And I hate rap these days. I'm still shocked at how Nas isn't mainstream as he should be. He's like a black panther and more of a leader than any other rap artist. People are stupid. Nas is positive comPared to others
    Edited by CLKOREAMG at 02/27/12 12:57 PM
    promoted by Celery

    [​IMG] rabbie303 @MUSASHI66

    BRAVO!!! Lil Wayne is a sorry excuse for a "hip hop" artist. He is complete shit and has no talent. I keep going back to the old Gang Starr, Tribe days when beats, lyrics, and abilities were actually abundant. Edited by rabbie303 at 02/27/12 1:00 PM

    [​IMG] DogRidingRodeoMonkey @MUSASHI66

    It's half this and half that. Aubrey and Wayne up there aren't doing hip hop any favors, and I'd be hard pressed to find records today that can hold up against people like Gang Starr in their prime, but at the same time I don't get what the youths are into. LMFAO, Aubrey, dubstep, none of it makes a goddamn bit of sense to me.

    [​IMG] andy232 @MUSASHI66

    you are getting old, but its ok. It's one thing when you are 13, but when it is time to move on, then you just have to.
    I have a question the rap music that the NFL & some of the Madden NFL games play considered mainstream?


    Tha Carter I and II were both amazing CDs

    [​IMG] jrtorrents @MUSASHI66

    You should try out Kendrick Lamar , hes young but good

    [​IMG] Butters619 @MUSASHI66

    I wouldn't blame it on Lil Wayne as much as the Rick Rosses and Waka Flockas. I used to only listen to rap music from when I was 8 to 21 (3 years ago). Then it got to the point where it was all people like Ross talking about money and drugs (when he didn't have either) and not even rhyming anymore. Every time I hear somebody rhyme a word with itself I want to punch children. Where are the slant rhymes and inner line rhymes of years past?! Any way, it started to get old fast. I still listen to older rap and newer T.I., Kanye, Jay-Z, and J. Cole, but besides that I pretty much only listen to electronic anymore. I miss good rap.

    [​IMG] MUSASHI66 @Oldbrass

    I am sort of caught in my decade. I am OK with many of the new rock/alternative bands. I've been listening to 93.3 here in Colorado, and I like Silversun Pickups, Gotye, Florence, Cage The Elephant, Foster the people etc. I am OK with many harder band that they play on KBPI. I am just not OK with current Rap/hip-hop played on the radio stations, and I used to listen to type of music in the 90's.


    He does throw some good rhymes, but the way he raps annoys the shit out of me.

    [​IMG] MUSASHI66 @jrtorrents

    I just checked him out on you tube, and he sounds good. I listened to ADHD song, and it was almost like hearing some old Bone Thugs, sort of.

    [​IMG] Celery @MUSASHI66 Use pandora.

    [​IMG] Celery @CLKOREAMG Use Pandora.

    [​IMG] gusgogus @MUSASHI66

    you should try out Danny Brown and Das Racist. pretty much anything produced by Mike Finito is amazing as well. I'm super old school too man. But they keep it real, and have a good ass time too.

    [​IMG] kcswanko @MUSASHI66 Agree 100%


    Moment of Clarity:
    I dumb down for my audience
    And double my dollars
    They criticize me for it
    Yet they all yell "Holla"
    If skills sold
    Truth be told
    I'd probably be
    Talib Kweli
    Truthfully I wanna rhyme like Common Sense
    (But I did five Mil)
    I ain't been rhyming like Common since
    When your sense got that much in common
    And you been hustling since
    Your inception, **** perception
    Go with what makes sense
    Since I know what I'm up against
    We as rappers must decide what's most important
    And I can't help the poor if I'm one of them
    So I got rich and gave back
    To me that's the win, win
    So next time you see the homie and his rims spin
    Just know my mind is working just like them
    (The rims that is)
    I love the last part.


    Yup, that's the track. Eminem-produced beat + a Jay-written track = gold.

    [​IMG] KillaBee2k5 @jrtorrents

    +1 That Riggarmortis song has been on repeat for me along with the rest of that album! Amazing and intelligent stuff!

    [​IMG] hybridbynature @MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN

    "Dumb It Down" - Lupe Fiasco exactly what you are talking about.
    [] Edited by hybridbynature at 02/27/12 4:37 PM

    [​IMG] hybridbynature @MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN

    "Dumb It Down" - Lupe Fiasco exactly what you are talking about.
    [] promoted by MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN

    [​IMG] MOMMA THERE GOES THAT MAN @hybridbynature

    Not quite as abstract as Lupe's song, although that's definitely relevant. Pablo Garcia got it correct with Jay-Z's "Moment of Clarity."

    [​IMG] CLKOREAMG @Pablo Garcia

    This proves the audience of hip hop are mostly dumb. I love hip hop at clubs, but I can't bump hip hop loudly unless I'm in the ghetto. Everyone will be like "look at that chink who thinks he's hard" when I'm in the suburbs haha.

    [​IMG] TimeMuffin @Butters619

    J Cole is really good. Especially for a new rapper.
  2. Amoeba

    Amoeba JF-Expert Member

    Feb 28, 2012
    Joined: Aug 20, 2009
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    Huyu jamaa amemkandamiza vibaya huyu dogo, amemfanya sooooo looow! hahahaaa.
  3. Mambo Jambo

    Mambo Jambo JF-Expert Member

    Feb 28, 2012
    Joined: Jul 11, 2008
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    whatchu know 'bout it