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Let the fair sex rule

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by Mahesabu, Apr 22, 2011.

  1. Mahesabu

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    Apr 22, 2011
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    BY ADAM LUSEKELO, 29th January 2011 @ 16:00, Total Comments: 0, Hits: 801

    THAT’S what was crossing my mind after I read newspaper reports that chicks are hopelessly outshining guys in academic performances.

    Anyway, nothing to write home about as the overall performances has dipped nationbwide. Bumb Tanzania in the making.

    Reports say that girls excelled in the 2010 Form Four national examinations, earning eight of the top 10 positions countrywide. One can only congratulate the chicks. So, there are girls in Tanzania who are struggling hard to get off from the ëbimboí image.

    They actually take themselves seriously. She’s yours as long as you can pay for her knick-knacks. So, there are some brains. Which is cool. I was almost resigned to the idea of women being reduced to commodities, cheap commodities, in Bongo.

    To get a chick, you only have to look for a thin emaciated girl, with nothing between her ears and you have a ëmodelí, complete with the ëEnglish figahí.

    It’s pleasant to know that there are some members of the female tribe one can actually talk to. Mind you it is getting to be increasingly tough out there to get stimulating company in both of the sexual divide.

    You get a lot of thickos in the male tribe these days. They try to hide that behind titles -- Dr, or professor something. Since Independence that has been the norm. Very few tangible results from deep thought.

    How do you explain that Nanyumbu District in southern Mtwara Region is facing a shortage of desks in primary schools, as a result each household has been forced to contribute 3,000/- to end the problem..

    That is 50 years after Independence! What do we have to show for it? Oh, we have something to show ñ lovely parades and inane, and predictable speeches. Which is why I have been giving serious thought to make women rule for the next 50 years.

    The Liberians are doing it from the rule of President Ellen-Johnson Sirleaf. Maybe, after her UN stint as Deputy Secretary-General, Asha Rose Migiro might think of running for president of URT.

    You wonder how she is going to react to such rip-off like the Dowans scandal. And the monumental outrages which have been going on. I think chicks will do something about infant mortality and the widespread prevalence of HIV Aids.

    Mind you I wouldnít worry too much about the usual human weaknesses like having affairs. This seems to be the norm existence in our politics ñ who is bedding whom.

    What we need is capability - can she deliver? Then swell! It seems men have graduated into mediocrity and have run out of ideas, other than collect concubines. Let the women rule, I say