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Kwa wasiotaka ndoa zao kuvunjika!...

Discussion in 'Mahusiano, mapenzi, urafiki' started by jockey emmanuel, Jun 11, 2011.

  1. jockey emmanuel

    jockey emmanuel JF-Expert Member

    Jun 11, 2011
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    Empathy,imagination,tact-all are ingredients of COURTESY which da dictionary defines it as 'gracious politeness...a considerate act or remark'.Ralph Emerson penetrated 2 da very heart of da word wen he wrote,"Love z da basis of courtesy"...ona marriage counsellor said dat a lack of courtesy on da part of HUZB OR WYF z da basic cauz of estrangements,quarrels n separation in married lyf.

    a lack of courtesy also allows a coldnec 2 develop btn parents n their children,n cnc courtesy z born in da atmosphere of da home,children in a large measure reflect da atmosphere they grew up in as they relate 2 others thruout lyf...a leisurely,gracious n hap atmosphere will teach them more abt hw 2 liv than a dozen commands.s'tymz we get da curious idea dat we shuld b courteous 2 folks outsyd our family bt hme it daznt mom was shocked wen ha smol douta said,"mama,i wish u wuld b as nyc 2 us as u're 2 other ppo"...suddenly dic mom bcame aware dat she really treated ha family dfferent frm da way she treated ha frndz,n she vowed 2 change.

    courtesy shuld b a rule in every home,it shuld b manifested thru kindnec even wen misteks are made..courtesy will soften n help 2 solve misunderstandings.It will guard da ton of voic,it will recognyz da worth of each family member..we ought 2b as courteous 2 da members of our immediate family as we wuld b 2 strangers...da majority of da world's harsh,insultng woeds are spoken 2 loved ones-wives,huzbs,children-who will 4gv even wen they're treated unkindly,giv a smyl instd of a snarl;appreciation instd of critcsm.

    we dnt stamble in2 bng gentlemen n ladies,da home dat has no tym 4 courtesy will hav tym 4 rudenec,da home dat daznt tek tym 4 compliments will hav tym 4 complaints,da home dat has no tym 4 smylz will hav tym 4 frowns,n da home dat has no tym 4 cwt-luvng words will hav tym 4 harsh-critical words.we must choose 2b courteous n develop da dscipline of courtesy each day...Courtesy goz hand-in-hand with tolerance,n tolerance can b dscribed as 'da virtue of bng able 2 luk at da facts of lyf with one's heart instd of with one's eyes'...courtesy can help us 2 get more out of lyf,INVEST IN IT AND THE RETURNS WILL B SOUL-SATISFYING...TC A POWER 4 GUD DATC WITHIN DA REACH OF OL OF US!!!... BY MORRIS CHALFANT
  2. King'asti

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    Jun 11, 2011
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    nice one,thanks, though it takes two to tangle. if we treat our partners half the way we treat our coaligues (say sorry when we bump on them, help them pick teir stuff, ask them if they need coffee when heading to the kitchen, say thanks when they help us etc), marriages will be a bed of roses.this does nt just apply to women,bt rather both sides