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Mzee Mwanakijiji

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Mar 10, 2006
What happened? why did it happen? do you have any idea who did it and why? do you believe it. What next!?

KLHN will air a Live Show on Sunday at 2:00PM EST (1:00PM CST, 9:00PM East African Time) to discuss the events that have transpired this past week especially the death that is shrouded in mystery and speculation of former Bank of Tanzania Dr. Daudi Thomas Said Ballali who passed away last Friday.

You can participate in the "live" show through a phone call in at 1 248 686 2010 during the live show, or you can call the same line through out Saturday and live your short message of your thoughts about the death and the events surrounding his passing.

Otherwise you can also write an email of not more than six lines paragraph to express your thought/s (anything more than that will be deleted) on the matter. Write to klhnews(at)klhnews.com

You can hear the show through http://www.bongoradio.com

Exclusive with this show is a suprise guest; an outspoken member of Parliament through CCM who will respond to the question posed to him/her whether the death of Gov. Ballali should impact in anyway,shape or form the ongoing EPA investigation.

This event is brought to you in association with JamiiForums and Bongo Radio.

NB: I know people can type and scream behind their computers and show their anger through the speed of their fingers.. it is about time to be heard.. let us hear that anger, frustrations, concerns etc.. don't be scared that they might know who you are.. it is about time to be heard, I know I will...


Any Tanzania Radio Station or media House that would like to stream or air this "live" show you are most welcome to do so just let us know so that we can acknowledge your listeners and identify your station.

I'm definitely gonna call in. Y'all better turn that dial on Sunday to hear the One and only Nyani Ngabu sound off and beat the brakes off of somebody (the govt.).
Hayo mahojiano na simu zetu lazima tuzungumze "KIINGILISHI" ama hata sisi wenye Elimu za "GUMBALU na Kiswahili chetu tunaruhusiwa?

Ni swali tu ili nijue kabla sijapoteza muda na kupiga simu nikaanza kujiuma uma, the..the...ziz...you know..............
former Bank of Tanzania Dr. Daudi Thomas Said Ballali who passed away last Friday.

A slip of tongue it may probably turn out to be, but to many people the very person of Daudi Ballali (next to the Twin Towers of course) was in many ways the physical embodiment of the Bank of Tanzania itself. Now that he's dead and gone, the mystique, might and glory of BoT will forever disappear with him.
Wabunge wengine kadhaa wa CCM wamejitokeza kuhoji kuhusu kifo cha Ballali.... tutawasikia kesho..
Hayo ndiyo maneno tunataka kusikia..Na si tu kuridhika na kifo cha mtuhumiwa huru.
Na tunayo line up kamambe, ngebe na dukuduku lote kuhusu kifo hiki zitaanza kukatwa leo!!! asiye na mwana...
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