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Song of Solomon

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Aug 5, 2021
Assume you meet your old schoolmate (a lady called Maggie) at a club and you are both drunk. Then you vibe and you offer to drop her home since she lives on your way.

You get Maggie to your car and she seats on the front seat, then you decide to go back to buy a takeaway. While you are gone, she sees her neighbour and tells her to hop in the back since she has managed to find free and convenient transport to take her home.

Her neighbor, Cathy gets in but dozes off immediately.

Now you get back and start driving . Maggie is already too sleepy. By the time you get to her place, she is too tired and all she wants to do is get to her bed and sleep. You even help her out to her door and say good bye.

Now you are driving home a happy man but you have no idea Cathy is sleeping at the back since you never saw her or talked to her. Maggie also forgot about her since she was wasted.

You get home, park, and since you are also too tired to be keen, you rush to sleep. The following day is Sunday, your wife is using your car to church since she knows you are wasted and you are fine by it.

She opens it at around 7am … and Cathy is sleeping at the back. She has removed her bra and shoes…..she had a miniskirt and since they don’t wear any panties these days , her skirt has pulled up and everything private is visible.

Explain with a graph how you will convince your wife that you don’t even know Cathy (60 marks).

You are free to use a calculator
You should have started with Maggie on the way ,
I can see the opportunity of fucking three women over one night Maggie,Cathy and wife respectively,
You are such a lazy guy pay the cost of your laziness.

But men do help each other in situations like this. I can help.

Just tell your wife that you forgot to lock the car when in the club. Probably Cathy mistakenly entered coz she was and still drunk.
As you did nothing you will be understood through your body language.
Ooh simple!! Just tell her that you probably know nothing about Carrie, and stiff up your fu--k--in face till your chin met the forehead, then go back to the same bar, and the name of the bar is LUCKY

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Hapo kujiteta kwako kunategemea na matukio yako kabla ya tukio hilo, na pia ni ngumu sana kueleweka asee sijui umewaza nini kuuliza hivyo 🤔
Hapo ni kuchukua namba za Cathy, then mtawasiliana baadae,
Mage ye atulie tu,

Utajilia tunda kimasihara
Be the first to call the police, the drunk bitch in your car will explain how she got you into that mess!

If you try to explain it yourself, you'll f@ck it up even more. This is a rare scenario where the little truth that you know may not help you!
smart move
Inafuatana na tabia yako,japo Cathy ataelezea but mke kuelewa Hilo tabia yako ya sikuzote ndiyo itakayokuzika au kukuokoa
Tabia yangu mbaya jirani...
Mi ndiyo nayoipenda maana kheri mwanaume muwazi na unaetambua tabia yake kuliko ajifanyae mtakatifu mwisho anakuletea ukimwi ndani kimya kimya ila Sema ndo Ivo upo Kwenye wakati wa kumchagua aliyesahihi zaidi ni lazima uwe Ivo jiran

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