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Is the ruling party a product of its own history?

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by Calnde, Jul 20, 2011.

  1. Calnde

    Calnde JF-Expert Member

    Jul 20, 2011
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    Historia hujirudia, au ndo tuseme hujiendeleza! Thats what I get when I have been going through one article here! I will reproduce part of it for the

    benefit of any interested person!

    Immediately after Independence Tanzania became a one party state. We know Tanzanians were never consulted in this matter. The commission

    was formed, not to inquire into whether Tanzania should be one state party or not, but on what form should a one state party be! Let Nyerere

    himself speak;

    'In order to avoid misunderstanding, I think I should emphasize that it is not the task of Commission to consider whether Tanganyika should be

    a one party state. The decision has already been taken. Their task is to say what kind of one state we should have in the context of our o

    wn national ethic and in accordance with the principles I have instructed the commission to observe'
    (The report of the Presidential Commissio

    n on the Establishment of One Party State, DSM Government Printers, 1968 p2 paragraph 8) Emphasis mine

    Note the function of the commission! Is it not the same thing happening now?

    As a result The Interim Constitution of United Republic of Tanzania of 1965, Art 3 declared Tanzania to be a one state party!

    Lets see again what the president of TANU had to say when conveying greetings in UPC (Uganda) conference, 7th June 1968; 'For the truth is t

    hat it is not the party which is the instrument of government. It is the government which is the instrument through which the party tries to

    implement the wishes of people and serve their interests'!

    Note: Is our parliament and government of today fitting in that premise?

    The impact of this was passing of Act no 8 of 1975 which amended the 1965 interim constitution with effect that all political activities as well as fun

    ctions of government of United Republic shall be done under the auspices of the party! first the party had to decide and government would follow

    ! No wonder Art 54 of 1977 constitution declared a parliament to be a committee of NEC (i.e parliament was placed in the same footing with UWT,

    UVCCM etc) for purposes of implementing party policies!

    No wonder in 31st December 1982 Nyerere was quoted saying (as found in the Daily News of 1st 1983) saying 'You will already have heard of ne

    w taxes which will come into force tomorrow, the first January of 1983. These tax measures will be debated in parliament in its next sitting,

    but in the meantime they have to be paid by everyone.

    Is this situation, back in the days 30 yrs a go not recurring in the present politics? Will this attitude ever get out of the mind of ruling party?
  2. Calnde

    Calnde JF-Expert Member

    Aug 19, 2011
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    And this is what we see now! Exactly! Maamuzi yanafanywa halafu wananchi tunatangaziwa upupu! See what happened with EWURA! Mafuta

    yaliyokuwa nchini yakashushwa bei, wauzaji wakagoma! Then mafuta hayo hayo 'yakakokotolewa' na kuongezeka bei! Ikapanda. And law was

    used to justify this nonsense!