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Jun 7, 2011
In the word there is a man and a woman,
If ur a woman ur safe,but a man has to choose whether to be a civilian or a military one,
If u choose to be civilian ur safe, but military one to go for a war/battle,
If u go to the battle there are two things,to kill or be killed,
If u kill ur safe,but if u will be killed ur dead body may be used as manure or thrown in the sea,
If u will be thrown in the sea ur safe,but if u will be used as manure uwill help trees to grow,
If trees grow,there are two things,trees to be used for making timber or making papers,
If trees will be used as timber ur safe,but if wii be used for making papers there are two things,papers for making writing materials or toilet papers,
If is for writting materials ur safe but if is for toilet paper u will be used by men and women in the toilet and flashed off after being used.
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