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In a country of “Haves” a “saw” is one-sided sharp

Discussion in 'Great Thinkers' started by Geza Ulole, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. Geza Ulole

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    Aug 9, 2011
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    In a country of "Haves"; a "saw" is one-sided sharp

    Hello wana-JF again,

    I hardly post this frequent but i just couldn't hold water and keep quiet anymore with the current updates on the ground in Bongo! When we are in the middle of an oil crisis set up by interests within our borders nothing is fun anymore i guess! I hear "the haves" have refused to sell their economic strategic and precious commodity to the "common mwananchi" because they are against the new prices set by EWURA and implemented by the Government! But can their quiet boycott be legitimized considering EWURA came out with the prices (after formualtion) and the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources factored in this decrease of consumer price during the budget presentation weeks back? Moreover "on the wake of boycotts", an emergency meeting between the stakeholders was recently held and TAOMAC grievances where given a chance to be aired and listened to? May be let me ask one important question, Who actually run this country? Well, we pretty know the answer for this! Just a year back a similar situation happened but the equation was different i.e. we had poor workers demoralized by pathetic wages that wanted to go on a strike to push for improvements on their living conditions! But guess what a meeting was quickly convened city elders (over 200) were swiftly ferried to the venue and most shockingly our Army chief of staff was there to attend that meeting cause peaceful strike in a democratic country was a our borders security concern! And Mbayuwayu and kong'oli became new terminologies in our society of tolerance ! From then the highly charismatic and unfearful Mgaya became mum ever since!

    What shocks me is while all this matter of great concern is happening now; as a PR stunt, H.E. was spotted dinning (unfastening Islamic ritual in the Holly Ramadhan) with nuns at the state House yesterday! I know individuals will tell me that's a routine stuff (as he is a loving and strictly abiding to Islamic principles), but wait a minute, could he not get more rewards alias "Thawab" if he would relieve his people of huge budden that is becoming unbearable and soon to explode right now? What are the priorities of his Government? Though i don't disappove those daily unfastening sessions but i do think a Government has to distinguish itself from the matters of importance to our nation to matters of personal beliefs as that doesn't solve the daily miseries of this country! Our President needs to know we respect him as an abiding Muslim by faith but he should kindly try to give equal attention to matters of great concern to this country's economy and security! For instance today the same President had an ample time to go all the way to the Airport to pick up a Somalian interim President yet behind nipping fuel shortages across the country! Though that is according to Protocols but could he not have used that same time to held a press and issue his stand on the current fuel crisis? or convene a meeting with TAOMAC and amicably reach concessors? Where is our lovely Vice President to assist him on his duties? What is our President achieving by being so available on foreign diplomacy but missing on devastating internal economic affairs? Oyeah, A PR applause on foreign relations!? Well as time ticks i am bitter to say we have a real vacuum in leadership, God should forbid us...and what remains now is for how long will the haves keep on helding the government at ransom before things spills out of hand and sweep us into turmoils, Just like you, i have no idea for how long will the current affairs hold waters on the brink of that looming disaster...!

    Dismayed citizen

    Geza Ulole