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May 3, 2009
Chong was studying Engineering in Britain. He soon began missing his fried rice, so one day he walked into a corner Greek store to order a takeaway. But Chong had difficulty rolling his R's and stressing his L's, so when he went into the store, he said, "I want some flied lice."
"What?" said the Greek store owner.
"Flied lice,"repeated Chong.
"Hey, listen to this!" the nasty store owner told the others in the shop. "What is it you want, sonny? Say it again."
And Chong said it again, they all laughed. This happened every time Chong went into the store to order fried rice. One day, Chong decided to show them a thing or two, so he spent a whole week practicing. Confidently, he strolled into the Greek store.
"Oh, it's you again. We missed you," said the store owner," said the store owner exaggeratedly. "Now what would you like?"
"Fried Rice, thanks," said Chong.
A stunned silence fell over the store. "What was that again, sonny?" asked the store owner, not sure he heard correctly.
"Fried Rice," repeated Chong.
"I...I... are you sure, you want... what was it?" asked the owner.
Chong was getting exasperated. "Fried rice! Fried rice! What's the matter? Are you deaf, you gleek plick?"

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