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Fedha za Radar Kurudishwa: Mgogoro kati ya BAE, TZ na UK

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Siasa' started by fangfangjt, Apr 13, 2010.

  1. fangfangjt

    fangfangjt JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    THE government will soon dispatch a team of experts and senior officials to London to discuss with the UK government on modalities of recovery of 46 million US dollars (about 62bn/-).

    The funds are part of a fine paid by BAE Systems after the company admitted to have erred in the process of selling a radar system to Tanzania in 1999.

    The Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Cooperation, Mr Bernard Membe, told ‘the Daily News' in an exclusive interview over the weekend that the team will comprise of officials from his ministry, Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau (PCCB) and those from Treasury.

    "We have written to the UK government that we do not agree with what they want to do with our money and that we will send a team to discuss the matter," he said.

    The move follows reports that the UK government wants the money recovered from the fine be given to charity organisations operating in Tanzania.

    Mr Membe said Tanzania would not accept UK dictating where the money should go when they knew that the money used in purchasing the radar belonged to the Tanzania government in the first place.

    "We can not accept the money to go to charitable organisations because it belongs to the government of Tanzania and we should decide how to use it," he said.

    The minister wondered why the UK wanted to dictate terms on use of the money for Tanzania when money recovered in similar circumstances was being refunded to the US government and not individual organisations.

    The radar was bought at inflated price of 40 million US Dollars (about 54bn/-) which was fiercely opposed by a number of individuals and institutions such as the World Bank. The World Bank research team showed a system costing 10 million US dollars (about 13.5bn/-) would be adequate for Tanzania.

    FARAJA MGWABATI, 12th April 2010 @ 02:12
  2. l

    lebabu11 JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    No positive move has been made by Tanzania Government not only to impose legal action on the criminals involved in that theft but also to condemn such acts and/or ommissions by senior Government officials.

    The most important move is to deal with the individuals involved to set refference before thinking of the recovered money.
    There is a posibility that we are still loosing more than what is going to be recovered from UK!
  3. Masanja

    Masanja JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Sometime you wonder where we get these kind of ministers to represent us! hivi jamani huko serikalini hakuna mtu mwenye akili? Sorry, this question may seem patronizing, lakini its painfully relevant.

    Please let these Membe`s and co..be a little bit concerned with the reality. Waliosababisha hii hasara bado wako serikalini hakuna hatua yoyote waliyochukuliwa. I bet my last dime, kama waliohusika na huu ubadhirifu wangekuwa Keko, Trust me hata serikali ya UK ingekuwa ya kwanza kuwalazimisha BAE watupe hii pesa.

    Na kama wangekataa, our governement would have had a VERY STRONG CASE to make to recover this money. But for now, hata mimi na wassuport hii hela wawape NGOs wanaogawa vyandarua vya malaria. Kwamba BAE wanawarudishia US nasiyo NGOs kama sisi..well..this argument doesnt fly. Not at all. Kwani, ukiwapa pesa US governement..you can be sure kwamba hela itafika Treasury. na kwetu je? itakuwa hela ya campaign I bet. We tend to forget that these wazungu`s knows us more than we know ourselves. Wanajua tuna tamaa sana na pesa.

    Thank God I am a mere private citizen, not part of this "recovery delegation" to the UK. Ni aibu kubwa sana, kuwakilisha serikali kama ya kwetu katika jjambo obvious kama hili. I really think we Tanzanians and our cousins elsewhere in Africa, we have a fundamental problem than we will ever know.

  4. BabuK

    BabuK JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Hiki ni kielelezo kwamba hawatuamini KABISAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA Wanaona tutaleta siasa za Ujamaa na Kujimegea!!! Kuna mwenye taarifa juu ya wamarekani kwenye sakata la BAE nao wamepelekwa mahakamani?? kama la basi hoja ya Waziri Membe ina mantiki!!!!
  5. N-handsome

    N-handsome JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Huu ni UPUUZI nisameheni, change yetu anayo CHENGE, VHILAMBHIA na IDRISA RASHID, hawa ndio tunatakiwa tuwadai kwanza chetu ndio tuwafuate huko UK,maana huko UK washasema wataturudishia hiyo hela lakini wataelekeza kwenye mashirika yasiyo ya kiserikali.

    Maana hata juhudi za ku-recovery hiyo hela imetokana na shinikizo la Waingereza, sasa why tutumie hela nyingine kutuma watu kuduscuss ni vipi twataka hiyo change, WIZI MTUPU na MUNGU AWABARIKI HAO WEZI, maana naona washazoea laana, wabarikiwe ili Mungu awaguse na watubu.
  6. babu M

    babu M JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Mkuu umegonga penyewe...Zaidi yakwenda kufanya shopping Westfield(shopping mall) sioni chochote wanachokwenda ku-discuss.
  7. fangfangjt

    fangfangjt JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
    Joined: Apr 25, 2008
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    hizi ni hela za campain. kama kweli Membe (Gov) inauchungu na hizi hela kwanini haijafanya chochote serious dhidi ya watuhumiwa? serikali ya UK imetumia pesa zake kufanya uchunguzi....wakati ikijua serikali ya TZ ilihusika katika ngazi za juu kufanya wiki kwenye ununuzi wa radar... ndio maana haitaki kurudisha pesa kwenye mikono ya serikali yetu.
    kama wakililia sana wapewe hizo pesa basi wangoje watapewa mwakani baada ya uchaguzi!
  8. B

    Bulesi JF-Expert Member

    Apr 13, 2010
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    Membe and company for heaven's sake don't spend more of our hard earned money going to do your shopping but in the guise of trying to recover the BAE system loot!! Kama ni kuomba mpewe hiyo pesa kazi hiyo na hoja mlizo nazo zinaweza kuwakilishwa na wawakilishi wetu huko U.K!! Tafadhalini msichezee akili za wadanganyika mtakuja kujuta!!
  9. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Pay radar money to us, Tanzania govt tells SFO

    By Adam Ihucha, Abduel Elinaza and Mike Mande
    The East African

    The Tanzania government is demanding that the £30 million ($46 million) that Britain's biggest arms company, BAE Systems, has promised to pay to settle the Watchman radar scandal, be channelled through it.

    BAE promised to pay the money in a plea agreement with the UK's Serious Fraud Office, in a deal to end a six-year investigation into suspected bribery.

    However, British papers say the plea is unlikely to come before the courts for approval before November.

    Under the deal, the money in questions is be returned "to the Tanzanian people" through various charity organisations rather than through the government, which paid BAE Systems for the purchase of the radar system in the first place.

    BAE - which was being investigated in the 1999 multimillion-dollar scandal involving senior government officials, prominent businessmen and ministers, who conspired with the arms dealer to "push a costly and pointless air traffic control system on Tanzania," in the words of the Financial Times newspaper - admitted only to a single minor bookkeeping offence relating to the sale but nevertheless agreed with the SFO to pay the 30 milion pounds penalty. A third of the Tanzanian contract was allegedly paid in bribes.

    The SFO then dropped its charges against those involved in the scandal, who included Tanzanian officials Andrew Chenge (the then Attorney General), tycoon Tanil K.C Somaiya of Shivacom and a middleman named Shailesh P. Vithlani.

    As part of the same deal, BAE agreed to pay $400 million in an agreement with the American authorities, to settle bribery accusations over jet fighter sales to Saudi Arabia and the Czech Republic.

    Now activists are reading sinister motives into the Tanzania government's demand that the payment be made to it, warning that the funds will be misused taking into account that the country is going into a general election.

    International lawyers and bribery watchdogs are campaigning against the government receiving the cash, saying it would be like returning money to the very people that took payoffs in the first place.The World Bank, through its Stolen Assets Recovery Initiative (StAR), is ready to assist Tanzania to repatriate the proceeds of the fraud.

    StAR is a partnership between the World Bank Group and the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime that assists developing nations to recover stolen assets.

    Salar Zeynelabidin, a lawyer with the World Bank, told The EastAfrican last week in Arusha that StAR is ready to assist Tanzania to recover the money, but first the country must apply for support through the Cabinet.

    Mr Zeynelabidin added, "The theft of public assets from developing countries has assumed alarming proportions; between $1 trillion and $1.6 trillion is being looted every year."

    He estimated that kickbacks received by public officials from developing and transition countries amount to between $20 and $40 billion per year - a figure equivalent to 20 to 40 per cent of flows of official development assistance.Back in 2005, the World Bank successfully managed to assist the Nigerian government to recover $458 million stolen by the late military dictator Gen Sani Abacha from Swiss banks.

    The Watchman radar deal was negotiated despite intense opposition from then UK Cabinet ministers Claire Short and Robin Cook as well as the World Bank.

    Thereafter, the SFO discovered that a third of the contract's price had been diverted into secret offshore bank accounts. The SFO further exposed that the money had gone into a Swiss bank account controlled by Sailesh Vithlani, a middleman of Indian extraction with a British passport.

    The SFO believes that this money was used to pay bribes to Tanzanian politicians and officials to approve the deal.Mr Vithlani left Tanzania after the country's Prevention and Combating of Corruption Bureau accused him of lying to investigators.

    He is listed as wanted by Interpol.Dick Oliver, BAE Systems chairman, admitted only that his firm "made commission payments to a marketing adviser and failed to accurately record such payments in its accounting records... The company failed to scrutinise these records adequately to ensure that they were reasonably accurate and permitted them to remain uncorrected."

    Now, UK prosecutors plan to send the money from the bribery-probe settlement to Tanzania. British High Commissioner to Tanzania Diane Corner told The EastAfrican in Dar es Salaam last week that under the proposed settlement, the SFO will ask that most of the £30 million BAE is paying, go to Tanzania as the agency's director, Richard Alderman, pushes to return money to corruption victims.

    Mark Mandelssohn, former chief of the Fraud Division at the US Department of Justice, told The EastAfrican that, "There is a grave danger that you're returning money to the very people who took the bribes in the first place."

    However, Bernard Membe, Minister for Foreign Affairs and International Co-operation told The EastAfrican that Tanzania cannot let the money be donated to charitable organisations, "because it belongs to the government of Tanzania and it is the state that should decide how to use its recovered funds."

    Mr Membe said Britain should not dictate the use of the money by Tanzania when the US government in a similar arrangement was being refunded directly and not through individual organisations.

    In February, the British Serious Fraud Office and the US Department of Justice reached settlements with BAE Systems in a ground breaking global agreement that involved BAE's business dealings in a number of countries including Tanzania.

  10. Zak Malang

    Zak Malang JF-Expert Member

    Sep 6, 2010
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    Penye red: Nadhani serikali ya CCM isipewe hizo hela hadi kwanza wampeleke Vijisenti na Mkapa mahakamani. Na hata hivyo matumizi ya hizo hela yaratibiwe na W. Bank.
  11. kilimasera

    kilimasera JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    KAMPUNI kubwa ya ulinzi ya Ulaya, BAE Systems, imekubali kuilipa Serikali ya Tanzania fidia ya Sh bilioni 67.29 (pauni milioni 30) kama walivyokubaliana na Taasisi ya Kuchunguza Makosa makubwa ya jinai ya Uingereza, SFO, ikiwa ni sehemu ya kumaliza shauri lililokuwa linawakabili mahakamani.

    Kauli hiyo imetolewa baada ya kampuni hiyo kuhukumiwa kulipa faini ya pauni 500,000 au dola za Marekani 775,000, sawa na Sh bilioni 1.12 baada ya kukiri kosa la ‘kushindwa kuweka kwa usahihi kumbukumbu za manunuzi.’

    Viwango vya ubadilishaji kwa siku ya jana kwa mujibu wa Benki Kuu ni pauni moja sawa na Sh 2,243 wakati dola moja ni Sh 1,442.

    Kampuni hiyo imesema kwamba kwa sasa inaangalia utaratibu wa malipo hayo ikiwa ni sehemu ya fedha zilizolipwa na Serikali ya Tanzania kununua rada hiyo ya kisasa.

    Mpango huo ulikuwa na thamani ya dola milioni 40 sawa na pauni milioni 28. Mahakama ilitoa hukumu hiyo kwa kuzingatia shauri la kutoweka taarifa vyema.

    Suala la kutoa mlungula ambalo awali lilitawala uchunguzi wa SFO halikufikishwa mahakamani.

    Jaji David Bean alisema itakuwa ni kuukataa ukweli kufikiri kuwa wakala wa BAE nchini Tanzania, Shailesh Vithlani, alilipwa mamilioni ya dola eti kwa sababu tu anajua kuunganisha vyema masuala ya biashara.

    BAE ilikubali kwamba inawezekana kwamba sehemu ya dola milioni 12.4 (waliyomlipa Vithlani) ilitumika kwa ajili kuisaidia kupata zabuni hiyo.

    Hata hivyo waendesha mashtaka wamesema kwamba ni vigumu sana kuweza kujua Vithlani alifanya nini na fedha hizo na wala kuthibitisha kwamba sehemu ya fedha hizo zilitumika vibaya.

    Kwa mujibu wa maelezo fedha hizo zililipwa kwa kampuni za Vithlani za British Virgin Islands na Kampuni ya Merlin iliyosajiliwa Tanzania.

    Kampuni ya BAE imesema kwamba imefurahishwa na shauri hilo kumalizwa na kwamba inaandaa utaratibu wa kuilipa Tanzania fedha zake.

    Hukumu hiyo iliyotolewa jana na Jaji David Bean mjini London inahitimisha miezi sita ya uchunguzi wa kina wa shauri hilo.

    BAE ilikiri kosa hilo la kushindwa kutunza vyema kumbukumbu za manunuzi mwezi uliopita katika mpango wake na Taasisi ya Kuchunguza Makosa makubwa ya jinai ya Uingereza, SFO.

    Kampuni hiyo iliridhia Februari kulipa pauni milioni 30 kama sehemu ya fidia na waendesha mashitaka walisema wangekubaliana na BAE ikiwa wangelipa faini hiyo na kutuma ‘chenji’ kwa Serikali ya Tanzania.

    Kampuni hiyo ilikuwa katika uchunguzi nchini Uingereza kuanzia Novemba, 2004 kwa tuhuma za kutoa rushwa ili kushinda zabuni za manunuzi katika nchi sita ikiwamo Tanzania na Jamhuri ya Czech.

    Februari mwaka huu BAE ilikubali kulipa karibu dola za Marekani milioni 450 kama fidia ili kumaliza shauri hilo baina yake na SFO na waendesha mashitaka wa Marekani.

    Hata hivyo, BAE ililipa dola za Marekani milioni 400 kwa Marekani na kukiri kosa la kutoweka taarifa sahihi ya manunuzi hayo. Kampuni hiyo ilikanusha kutoa rushwa.

    “Jukumu langu ni kufikisha kesi mahakamani na kuhakikisha kuwa Jaji anatoa adhabu stahili,” alisema Mkurugenzi wa SFO, Richard Aderman baada ya hukumu.

    Alisema ana uhakika kuwa BAE itatekeleza makubaliano yaliyofikiwa ya kuilipa Serikali ya Tanzania ‘chenji’ ya pauni milioni 30 (zaidi ya Sh bilioni 60), baada ya kulipa faini nchini Uingereza.

    Wakili aliyekuwa akiitetea BAE, Arno Chakrabarti, alikataa kusema chochote baada ya hukumu hiyo.

    Shauri hilo la rada lililoelezwa kufanywa na mfanyabiashara Shailesh Vithlani ambaye alihusika katika mpango huo kuinufaisha BAE, pia limemhusisha aliyekuwa Mwanasheria Mkuu wa Serikali, Andrew Chenge ambaye amekuwa akitajwa kuwa mmoja wa wahusika wa kashfa hiyo.
  12. Madela Wa- Madilu

    Madela Wa- Madilu JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    BAE wamekwepa kosa la kutoa Rushwa kwa kutoa Rushwa.
    SFO wanavithibitisho vyote kwamba BAE walitoa Rushwa lakini kwa kuilinda BAE kifisadi wameamua kutoishitaki kwa kutoa Rushwa. Kitendo hicho kitafanya Mkapa Mamvi na Chenge kuendelea kupeta kwa sababu wao wanahusishwa na rushwa hiyo moja kwa moja.
    Waingereza nao ni walinzi na watetezi mashuhuri wa wala na watoa Rushwa wakubwa duniani.
    Kwa hili la BAE SFO bado wanachemka tu inaonekana wao pia wamepigwa mlungura wa nguvu.
    Wikileak wana kazi kweli, kwani hii nayo kuna siku itafichuka tu.
  13. B

    Bull JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Kumbe anae samehe mafisadi sio kikwete na Nyerere peke yao, kumbe hawa wakumbwa wanao tu Lecture sisi waafrika kuhusu rushwa kumbe na wenyewe wanalindana, doooooo !! tukimbilie wapi ???
  14. spencer

    spencer JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Vigogo walikula rushwa ununuzi wa rada Send to a friend Tuesday, 21 December 2010 21:21 0diggsdigg

    Waandishi Wetu
    KESI ya ufisadi katika ununuzi wa rada jana ilitolewa huku kwa kufunika suala la rushwa baada ya Mahakama ya Hakimu Mkazi ya Southwark Crown ya jijini London, Uingereza kuipiga faini ya Pauni 500,000 za Kiingereza (sawa na Sh1.1 bilioni za Tanzania) kampuni ya BAE System kwa kushindwa kutunza taarifa za malipo ya mshauri wao wa kiufundi ambaye ni Mtanzania.

    Hukumu hiyo imetolewa siku moja baada ya Jaji David Michael Bean kutilia shaka malipo ya dola 12.4 milioni kwa mfanyabiashara wa Kitanzania, Shailesh Vithlani ambaye alikuwa wakala wa BAE, akisema kuwa fedha hizo zilitumika kuwapa rushwa viongozi wa serikali ya Tanzania ili wakubali mpango huo wa kununua rada kwa bei ya juu.
    Jaji Bean alitishia kutotoa hukumu inayoidhinisha makubaliano yanayoitaka BAE System ilipishwe faini hiyo, akitaka maelezo ya malipo hayo kwa kuwa alisema inaonekana kuwa Vithlani angeweza kutumia fedha hizo kumrubuni mtu yeyote ili mradi apewe zabuni hiyo ya kununua rada kwa dola 40 milioni za Kimarekani.

    Lakini Jaji Bean alijikuta akilazimika kuidhinisha hukumu hiyo baada ya BAE System kufikia makubaliano na kitengo cha uchunguzi wa makosa makubwa cha Uingereza, SFO, kuwa kampuni hiyo ikiri kutotunza taarifa za malipo hayo ya siri katika mpango wa ununuzi wa rada ili neno rushwa lisihusishwe kwenye kosa hilo.

    BAE System ilikanusha kutumia rushwa katika kuishawishi serikali ya Tanzania kununua rada hiyo kwa bei ya juu na SFO haijaweka neno rushwa kwenye mashtaka yake dhidi ya kampuni hiyo ya Kiingereza, lakini Jaji Bean nusura akwamishe njama hizo baada ya kuhoji sababu za BAE kutoa fedha hizo nyingi kwa Vithlani.

    "Siweni kuidhinisha makubaliano haya (baina ya SFO na BAE) hadi nijue malengo ya matumizi ya dola 12.4 za Kimarekani kwa mfanyabiashara wa Tanzania kwa sababu inaonekana kuwa fedha zilikuwa nyingi mno kiasi kwamba angeweza kulipalipa chochote kwa kwa yeyote ambaye angeona ni muhimu katika kufanikisha kushinda zabuni ya dola 40 milioni za Kimarekani," alisema Jaji Bean.

    "BAE haikutaka kujua ni kiasi gani cha fedha kingelipwa na kwa nani. Usisikie uovu, usiseme uovu na mambo mengine."
    Jaji huyo alisema kuwa kwa maana hiyo kiasi cha fedha alicholipwa Vithlani kingetolewa kwa viongozi wa serikali ili kufanikisha mpango huo.
    Lakini katika hukumu ya jana, Jaji Bean pia alikubaliana na maafikiano hayo ya SFO na BAE na kuitaka kampuni hiyo kuilipa Tanzania paundi za 30 milioni za Kiingereza (sawa na Sh63 bilioni) na paundi 225,000 (sawa na Sh472 milioni) za gharama ya kuendesha kesi hiyo.

    Kampuni ya BAE ilitakiwa kulipa faini ya Paundi 500,000 kwa kushindwa kuweka taarifa sahihi za malipo ya ununuzi wa rada hiyo katika biashara iliyofanyika mwaka 2007.
    Kampuni ya BAE Systems ilimteua raia wa Tanzania Shailesh Vithlani kuwa wakala wa kuisadia kupata zabuni ya kuiuzia Tanzania hiyo ambayo bei yake ilizua gumzo.

    Kwa kazi hiyo Vithlani alilipwa Dola za Marekani 12.4 milioni kupitia kampuni moja iliyosajiliwa katika visiwa vya British Virgin vilivyo barani Amerika ya Kusini.

    Juzi katika utetezi wake BAE Systems ilisema ilimlipa Vithlani fedha hizo kwa kazi aliyoifanya kuishawishi Tanzania inunue bidhaa hiyo kutoka kwenye kampuni hiyo.
    “Kutokana na mazingira halisi ya uuzaji rada kutofuata utaratibu na kukiri kwenu makosa, mahakama inaiamuru BAE kulipa faini ya chinin lakini iilipe Tanzania fedha kwa kiwango cha juu,’’ alisema Jaji Bean.

    Wakati kesi hiyo ikiendelea juzi, mjadala mkubwa baina ya upande wa mashtaka na utetezi ulikuwa juu ya matumizi ya fedha hizo zilizolipwa kisiri kwa Vithlani.
    Hata hivyo, upande wa utetezi ulisimama imara kupinga kuwa haukufanya malipo yoyote kifisadi ili kufanikisha kupata zabuni hiyo.

    Jana Victor Temple wa SFO alliambia mahakama hiyo kuwa BAE imeweka mfumo wa siri na wa wazi wa mawakala watakaofanikishia kampuni hiyo kupata zabuni mbalimbali za kuuza bidhaa zake.

    “Kupitia mfumo wa wazi, BAE inafanya kazi zake kwa wazi na wawakilishi wa ofisi hiyo, lakini kwa siri wakala wake hufanya kazi kwa usiri wa hali ya juu kufanikisha malengo yao ya kibiashara,” alisema.
    Alisema mwenyekiti wa BAE, Richard Evans alithibitisha kumtumia mfanyabiashara Vithlani katika kufanikisha kampuni hiyo kushinda zabuni ya ununuzi wa rada.

    “Uthibitisho huo pia ulitolewa na mjumbe wa bodi ya kampuni hiyo, Mike Turner ambaye baadaye alikuja kuwa mtendaji mkuu wa BAE,” alisema.
    Jaji alisema maelezo ya hayo ya utetezi ni tata katika kesi hiyo huku akirudia kumuuliza wakili wa SFO na BAE kuhusu matumizi ya dola 12.4 milioni alizolipwa Vithlani.

    Alisema: “Mnapaswa kuonyesha nini kilitokea. Kama hakukuwa na fedha iliyotumika kifisadi, kwa nini ni asilimia 97 ya malipo hayo yalilipwa kupitia kampuni ya BVI inayomilikiwa na kampuni ya BAE kwa kampuni nyingine inayomilikiwa na Vithlani," alihoji.

    Wakati Temple alisema kwamba Vithlani aliajiriwa kwa ajili kushawishi zabuni kwa kampuni BAE, jaji huyo alihoji kwa nini mfanyabiashara alilipwa kiasi kikubwa cha fedha?
    Temple aliongeza kuwa “kushawishi ni halali, lakini kushawishi ni kitu kingine na ufisadi ni kingine pia".
    Habari hii imeandaliwa na Sadick Mtulya na Salim Said kwa msaada wa mashirika ya habari
  15. spencer

    spencer JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Kinachonisikitisha kesi imesomwa bila hata mwakilishi wa Serikali ya Tanzania hii ni kwa mujibu wa Taarifa ya habari TBC,
    Swali lingine gumu; iwapo waliofaidika na rushwa wako madarakani na ukiunganisha na madai ya Wikileaks kuwa vigogo hawataguswa kwa sababu Mtalii anawakumbatia itawezekanaje kuidai Bil 63 Tsh kampuni ambayo ilitoa rushwa tena kwa hao hao walioko madarakani?
  16. Henge

    Henge JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    hizo pesa inabidi waziache kwani ni aibu kudai! kwanza si zakwako bcs hujaziangaikia.
  17. S

    Silas A.K JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Mhh nakumbuka kwenye suala la EPA mheshimiwa Rais alisema watakaorejesha fedha hawatapelekwa mbele za sheria na kwenye hili la Radar nafikiri mheshimiwa Rais hawezi kabisa kuchukua hatua kwasababu tunarudishiwa maradufu ya tulichotoa. Ni kama vile ile Radar tulipewa bure na BAE systems kwahiyo kwa inference ile ile ya EPA naamini hili la Radar ni vyema likaisha kimya kimya. lol
  18. spencer

    spencer JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Mimi nalia na Raia wanaowaona Si Si Em ni watu, wale ni Wanyama

    • Pesa kama hiyo ingeweza sana kuimarisha Tanesco tukaachana na huu usumbufu wa bei kupanda,
    • Pesa kama hiyo ingeweza kulipia wanafunzi 21,000wa vyuo vikuuu 3mil kila mmoja
    • Pesa kama ingeanza ujenzi Daraja la Kigamboni haliwezi kugharimu zaidi ya Bil 150Ths.
    • Pesa kama hiyo ingeweza kujenga zahanati 1000 nchini zenye thamani ya mil 63 kila moja.
    Viongozi wa Si Si em tunawalea sana, ngoja tuamlize na hili katiba watakoma
  19. Saint Ivuga

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    Dec 22, 2010
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    usishangae kusikia pesa imepelekwa kwenye kilimo kwanza ahapo ndio utachoka
  20. spencer

    spencer JF-Expert Member

    Dec 22, 2010
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    Think kiasi gani tumepoteza
    • TICTS
    • RADAR
    • IPTL
    • RITES
    Nasema hawa si wa kuchekea wanaiumiza Nchi,

    Kwa Asili ni matajiri, tunafilisiwa na wapuuuzi

    Simameni watunzania nchi inaisha.