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Do Celebrities love Animals? Some can be very Intelligent

Discussion in 'Celebrities Forum' started by ECOCTA, Dec 22, 2011.

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    Dec 22, 2011
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    Some animals considered the smartest and most intelligent others are just stupid: Here is a list of top 15 smartest animals on our planet
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    1. Great Apes; 98% of the great apes genes are the same as ours, the smartest species is chimpanzee. They can recognise themselves in the mirror, they can make tools (e.g. stone to cut food), use tools (e.g. painting). Just like us, they can kiss, snuggle, tickle, laugh, can count very trainable and have their own language.
    2. Dolphin; They are the smartest aquatic animals, they can recognise themselves in the mirror. Very trainable and can hold and use different tools with their teeth for painting. They use whistling sound to communicate with best communication system among animals.
    3. Whale; They can find their relatives separated miles away in the sea, they have their own language to communicate, can call each other and have a strong friendships in a group. Whales can “sing” with their sound and can make many different “songs” in a pleasant tone.
    4. Monkey; They can imitate humans behaviour without training and if well-trained, they can behave like humans (e.g. drink from a bottle and ride bicycle). Like humans, they have egoism, vain, pride and strong relationship. If two monkeys were fighting, the relatives of one monkey will threaten the relatives of the other monkey.
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    Dec 22, 2011
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    Hii thread inahusikaje na jukwaa hili? bora ipelekwe habari na hoja mchanganyiko... Alafu zingine 11 ziko wapi?