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Beer Wars

Discussion in 'Biashara, Uchumi na Ujasiriamali' started by Geza Ulole, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Geza Ulole

    Geza Ulole JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Hahahah, Things are heating up, I love the game! wish this happened ever since! The cartel thing was killing us! More jobs are up as a result of their wrangle!

    EABL loses bid to appeal British court freeze ruling

    Posted Friday, December 18 2009 at 00:00

    East African Breweries has lost a bid to appeal against a UK court ruling that stopped it from abandoning a beer sales contract with SABMiller’s subsidiary Tanzania Breweries for a stake in the rival Serengeti Breweries.
    Lord Justice Laws and Sir David Keene denied the Kenyan brewer permission to file the appeal on grounds that the Court of Appeal has no jurisdiction on the matter, in a ruling delivered at the Queen’s Bench division of the UK’s Commercial Court.
    EABL had filed the notice of appeal on September 7 following an August ruling by the UK court that temporarily barred it from acquiring a stake in Serengeti until an ongoing arbitration between Diageo and SABMiller is concluded.
    Diageo is the UK brewer with a major stake in EABL while SABMiller, the South African, brewer has a controlling stake in Tanzania Breweries Limited.
    EABL has been ordered to pay SABMiller the costs of the suit even as the parties await a resumption of the arbitration early next year.
    But the Kenyan brewer remained upbeat of finding a solution to the tussle saying it continues to look at other options.
    “The application to appeal was just one part of that,” said EABL in a statement. “Irrespective of this outcome, we will continue to pursue our claim against TBL in arbitration.”
    SABMiller claims that EABL’s bid for a stake in Serengeti is in breach of a contract it signed with Diageo in 2002.
    The contract was signed at the peak of a fierce and costly beer war in Kenya where SABMiller had established a brewery in 2000.
    But the deal soon landed on the rocks driving the partners to an equally expensive legal battle that is expected to inform the texture of future cross-border business deals in East Africa.
    The tussle over the 2002 share swap deal is before the International Chamber of Commerce’s arbitration panel and is scheduled for hearing in April next year.
    Collapse of EABL’s bid to appeal means the Kenyan brewer must continue cohabiting with Tanzania Breweries in a dour marriage until the arbitration case is determined.
    Should the arbitrators fail to conclude the matter by end of next year, EABL will have the opportunity to terminate the marriage on January 17, 2011 when the current contract is due for renewal.
    That will in turn delay EABL’s plans to increase its presence in Tanzania at a time when growth has flattened out in the key Kenyan market.
    On Thursday, EABL said it will in the meantime concentrate in building its relationship with Serengeti, who is the sole distributor of the Kenyan brewer’s world-class spirit brands in Tanzania.
    Competition for control of Eastern Africa’s beer markets looks set to intensify as SABMiller and Diageo sharpen strategies to stamp their presence in the region.
    SABMiller has unveiled plans to invest Sh1.2 billion in a malting plant in Uganda next year that will process locally grown barley, underscoring its confidence in the neighbouring country.
    The beer wars come at a time when Kenya’s second largest brewer, Keroche, has just launched its second beer brand -- Summit Malt.
    EABL’s marriage to TBL saw SABMiller cede a 20 per cent stake in TBL to the Kenyan brewer in exchange of a similar stake in Kenya Breweries.
    That deal saw SABMiller exit Kenya where it had put up a bruising market share battle against EABL.
    The latter also exited the Tanzanian market in return.
    Under the agreement, the two firms were to manufacture and distribute each other’s flagship brands in their separate territories.
    The agreement specifically provided that TBL would grow EABL’s flagship Tusker brand in Tanzania among other brands as EABL did the same for SABMiller’s Castle brand in Kenya.
    In the last five years, however, EABL increasingly got impatient with the marriage and embarked on a plot to end it on grounds that TBL had breached the deal.
    In May 2007, when the contract came up for renewal as provided for in the agreement, EABL stepped back and later cancelled it, quickly initiating a similar deal with Serengeti Breweries.
    “The court determined that it did not have the jurisdiction to hear the appeal for a technical reason and did not consider the merits of our case as it agreed that the substantive parts of the case will be heard at arbitration,” EABL said.
  2. Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Wakenya kinsingi ni wajanja saana, ikumbukwe kwanza wao ndo walimdanganya mke wa Kisinani akauza share zake Kibo brewaries then wakaishia kuua kile kiwanda, na uchumi wa mikoa ya kaskazini ulididimia kwani ni watu wengi walikuwa wameajiriwa walipoteza ajira zao,Na tukumbuke chanzo ilikuwa ni hawa wakenya EABL,walipoona wanapata upinzani mkali kutoka kwa SABMiller walipofungua kiwanda cha kutengeneza Castle huko kenya ndo wakajadiliana kwa siri na TBL wakachukua KIbo Brewaries na na EABL wakachukua ile plant ya SAB Miller iliyokuwa kenya, Kwa wafanyakazi wa KIBO hali ilikuwa mbaya kwani hawakuambiwa kitu chochote walienda kazini asubuhi walipokuwa wanajiandaa kuanza kazi wakambiwa kiwanda kimefungwa, Ikumbukwe soko kubwa la bia za kenya liko TZ na lengo lao walitaka brand zao zidominate soko la TZ, Cha kuchekesha sasa wameona TBL hawafai na wameanza ushirika na Serengeti breweries, na kichekesho zaidi wanataka kufungua kiwanda cha serengeti Kilimanjaro najiuliza kama wana nia nzuri ni kwanini waliuwa Kibo Brewaries? na kwa nini sasa hivi wanataka kufungua kiwanda kingine tena kwa cha bia kilimanjaro kwa Mgongo wa Serengeti brewaries? Watanzania wenzangu hawa watu ni wajanja saana wasiwasi wangu wasije wakawahadaa wanahisa wa Serengeti brewaries mkauwa kiwanda chenu, Mnalo soko zuri, mnakuwa kwa kasi na mnauwezo wakujitanua bila hawa wakenya, na mkumbuke nyingi ya brand zinazotengenezwa na EABL si za kwao, soon msishangae Serengeti mkabaniwa msitengeneze Brand zenu mkaanza kujikita kuzalisha mabia ya EABL

    Na saanyingine Serekali inatakiwa iwe makini na hizi merger za haya makampuni, ziwe na manufaa kwa watanzania na sio kwa wamiliki wa hayo makampuni, na kumbuka Walipouwa Kibo Brewaries walidai wanabaraka za IKULU najiuliza kwa nini serekali inabariki vitu ambavyo havina manufaa kwa umaa wa watanzania???
  3. Geza Ulole

    Geza Ulole JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2009
    Joined: Oct 31, 2009
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    Kufungwa kwa Kibo brew hakuhusiani na ulaghai wa Wakenya ila carteling motives za both EA Brew na Sabmiller! Ikumbukwe hata late Kisinani mwenyewe alikuwa na Kibo Brew hata kabla ya SABMiller kuja kununua TBL na ali-patner na EA Brew ili aweze kuhimili ushindani wa new entrant in the beer Market (yaani the same approach as what Precisionair did with Kenya Airways when SAA acquired Air Tanzania)!

    So baada ya hawa EA Brew na SABMiller kuamua kuondoa ushindani there was nothing Mrs Kisinani could do to prevent the shutting down of the factory after a deal was made! Ukiangalia Her family was a minor shareholder na hata kama EA Brew ingejitoa na yeye kuamua kuendelea, angeshindwa kuhimili ushindani maana SABMiller have finacial muscles to get you out of business. So the deal was a smart one for the Kisinani family! Kwasababu zilipunguza risks though watu walipoteza kazi!

    May be the issue should be is Fair trade Commission doing its job to prevent this sort of carteling moves by big companies that exploit consumers? Are they ready to prevent such thing to happen again?
  4. J

    Jasusi JF-Expert Member

    Dec 19, 2009
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    Hivi Tz tulikuwa na lazima gani ya kuwapa SABMiller controlling stake ya TBL? Makosa hayo hayo sasa tunayafanya kuwapa Wachina controlling stake katika TBC.
  5. Semilong

    Semilong JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2009
    Joined: Mar 5, 2009
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    baada ya mzee kisinani kufa, mke wake alikuwa hawezi kuhimili ile biashara na alikuwa anataka kuchukua chake aondoke. kama kisinani angekuwa hai labda na kiwanda kingekuwa hai
  6. Serendipity

    Serendipity JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2009
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    Hayo yote ni makosa ya Ankal Mkapa!
  7. Geza Ulole

    Geza Ulole JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2009
    Joined: Oct 31, 2009
    Messages: 11,056
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    Nakubaliana nawe biashara uzoefu na hata kama Mzee Kisinani mwenyewe angekuwa alive at that time, asingeweza kuiendesha peke yake baada ya SABMiller kuingia nchini! lazma angetafuta partner mwingine au hata angeungana na SABMiller! hivi mnajua SABMiller is one of the biggest beer co.? Ulizeni Diageo wawaambie how they are sweeping them out! Nyie mnafikiri Serengeti Brew inapenda tuu ku-partner na EA Brew? The competition is heating up ni bora waungane in the benefits of both two kuliko kufunga duka! SABMiller hata abaki peke yake ataendelea ku-survive kwa vile he is so huge no company in EA can foght him alone!
  8. Prodigal Son

    Prodigal Son JF-Expert Member

    Dec 20, 2009
    Joined: Dec 9, 2009
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    labda ieleweke Mke wa kisinani alishawishiwa akauza share zake kabla hata hayo makubaliano hawajayafikia,na kulikuwa na tetesi kwamba kumshawishi EABL walimnunulia nyumba London na alihamia huko na familia yake, baada ya hapo ndo majadiliano na SABMiller yalianza na hatim aye kufikia muafaka, nini chanzo cha huu mkataba ni kwamba SABMiller walikuwa na strategy ya kuhakikisha kwamba kinjwaji chao yaani Castle inakuwa bia number moja inayongoza africa kwa mauzo, walikuwa na strategy nyingi walifungua kiwanda kikubwa cha kutengeneza castle kenya, na walikuwa wanaagiza Shairi kutoka south africa wao EABL wakisaidiwa na serekali ya kenya wana mkataba na wakulima wa kenya wanawapa mbegu mbolea then wananunua shairi yote tena kwa bei nzuri kutoka kwa hao wakulima, Moi kwa maksudi aliwapa muda SABMiller wahakikishe wanawawezesha wakulima wakenya kama wenzao yaani EABL lengo wasiagize tena shairi kutoka south africa muda waliopewa ulikwisha hawakuwezesha wakulima, kilichotoea wakawa wanabaniwa kuagiza shairi, hii ilichangia kile kiwanda kikawa kinazalisha chini ya kiwango na bia yao ilikuwa imeshakubalika, solution waliona ya haraka ni kuingia mkataba ambao kwa Tz haukuwa na manufaa yeyote na TBL, na ikumbukwe wao EABL walichukua kile kiwanda cha SABMiller kule kenya na TBL wakachukua Kibo, wao hawakuua kile kiwanda cha Castle waliendelea kukitumia kwa kutengeneza bia zao lakini kile cha Kibo kilifungwa kabisa,, na wakenya walichofurahia ni kwamba bia zao kama Tasker zilianza kuttengenezwa na kusambazwa na TBL hakuna brand moja ya bia ya tanzania iliyokua inatengenezwa na EABL,,,,,ndo maana binafsi sikuona sababu yeyote Serekali kubariki haya makubaliano kwani hayakuwa na manufaa yeyote kwa Taifa,,,, na my concern ni kwamba Serengeti brewaries wanakuwa tena kwa kasi kubwa na wanaweza wakaendelea kukuwa bila hao wakenya nivema wakatafuta patrner nje kabisa ya Africa mashariki kwani hawa wakenya moyoni hawana nia nzuri hata kidogo na hata kama watakubaliana sijui kama watakubali kutengeneza BIa ya serengeti na kuiuza kwenye soko la kenya,,kama soko la bia la Tanzania ni muhimu kwa wakenya waje na wafungue kiwanda chao, nayaongea haya kwani nina mifano mingi ya viwanda vya kenya vinaingia mkataba na baadhi ya watanzania ambao wanaviwanda wakikaaka kidogo wanaondoka,
  9. Sipo

    Sipo JF-Expert Member

    Dec 21, 2009
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