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Answering (or trying to) the Religion Question in Tanzania

Discussion in 'Jamii Intelligence' started by MwanaFalsafa1, Mar 13, 2011.

  1. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 13, 2011
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    Tanzanian politicians are funny. On one hand they would tell religious leaders to stay out of politics when religious leaders speak ill of the government but on the other hand these same political leaders go to churches and mosque and give political speeches. Nobody said anything when members of the clergy called Kikwete "Chaguo la Mungu" but now that the tide has turned they are not to speak of politics?

    Well the first paragraph aims at showing the hypocritical relationship between politics and religion but I really want to tackle a very controversial and sensitive issue in Tanzania. Why do some (if not) many Muslims feel that whenever there is a Muslim president they are attacked and conspiracies against them cooked up?

    Well I am going to list a few examples I know of that some Muslims cite as proof of this. I can't tackle all but maybe these few examples will serve as a stepping stone to a greater (respectable) debate. I am mostly going to give examples regarding Jakaya Kikwete (JK).

    Well I believe Muslims are more sensitive than Christians (not that it's a bad thing). They are very passionate about their religion. You want proof? If you drew an offensive picture of Prophet Mohammad today you are likely to get a stronger reaction that if you drew an offensive picture of Jesus Christ. That is why I believe our Muslim brothers and sisters react more strongly when they feel or a told that someone is being opposed because they are Muslim.

    What can cause some Muslims to feel this way? I believe all this starts with the struggle for independence. No doubt that Nyerere is the face of the struggle for independence even though many came before him and many fought alongside him. Muslims have stated that it is Muslims who initiated the struggle and it is them that brought Nyerere to national prominence. They complain that history has forgotten these people and it is all Nyerere's fault.

    Well if you look at the history of all nations, it is very few that a remembered for the founding of the nation. Look at America's history. There are only a few notable founding fathers while the rest are forgotten. My point here is that you can't control history. In America the founding fathers who are mostly remembered are the ones who later on became president. The rest are like George Mason are virtually forgotten. Nyerere is remembered not because he pumped himself but because he is the only of the independence fighters to hold the highest office in the country. If others had come to hold the office after him I'm sure they would be remembered too.

    Another story I have heard is that Nyerere opposed JK in the CCM party primaries of 1995 and instead endorsed Mkapa. Now we all know what Mkapa came to do later on but that is not the issue. The issue here is did Nyerere oppose JK just because of religion? Considering the fact that he came to endorse a fellow Christian? Well in the same 1995 party primaries Nyerere called another fellow Christian by the name of Edward Lowassa a thief and unfit for office. This to me is proof that Nyerere was really looking at the interest of the country and not a candidate's religion.

    Some Muslims are now also citing the Church's criticism of JK and his government saying that they are only doing that because he is Muslim. Are they forgetting that it is the same Church leaders who endorsed JK and called him "Chaguo la Mungu" in 2005? Why would they now have a problem with his religion?

    Another complaint of Muslims is that why is JK getting a bad wrap for things that were the fault of the previous administration lead by Mkapa (a Christian). Well Mkapa has been blamed and in fact spoken against in public. Many blame JK not for causing those problem but by failing to take any actions to hold accountable those responsible. JK had a great opportunity to make unprecedented history had he dealt with the fisadis which included both Christians and Muslims. The fact that ones a new government comes into power they carry all the good and the bad of the past administration. That is why today you will not here of the Obama administration blaming the Bush administration for the economy. Whether it was Bush's fault or not the economy is Obama's to fix. No American will buy the "Bush" excuse.

    I think political leaders no how sensitive the religion issue is especially to our Muslim brothers and sisters and they use it to their advantage. That is why CUF was labelled a Muslim party and that is why Chadema is now strongly being labelled as a Christian party. They know that that sort of labeling works to our psyches.

    Back then there were people who would oppose anything CUF would do or say because they thought there were are Muslim party and today there are people who will oppose Chadema no matter what because they feel it is a Christian party.

    I hope that we one day realize that this is not the Muslim Republic of Tanzania nor the Christian Republic of Tanzania. We are the United Republic of Tanzania. Are we going to let religion divide us? I would never oppose any one simply because they are of a different religion of mine nor would I support any one simply because they are the same religion us mine. Fact is a bad health care system, a bad educational system, low salaries and high cost of living affects all of us regardless. So why do Tanzanians easily fall into the religion trap?

    This is my opinion based on what I know so far. I am ready to defend my words but even apologize if I am to learn that I have made a clear mistake. It's all written in the spirit of learning from each other.
  2. Zing

    Zing JF-Expert Member

    Mar 14, 2011
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    Good article

    Unajua Kwanza siwa wei hawa viongozi wa JF wengine tukiandika thread hapa haurushwi hewani. why. Anyway Nitaendelea kuwa wachangiaji.

    Kuhusu hoja uliyoleta niz nzuri wenzetu hawa waislam wengi wao hawakubali challenge.

    tatizo la waislam wengi na wakristu linakuja pale wote tunaponza kujiuliza dini gani ni ya UKWELI. Hiki ndio kiini cha tatizo. wote tunadhani kuna one path kwenda huko tunakoita mbinguni. wich to me though am christian its wrong Na wengi msisitizo wetu ni IMANI badala ya MATENDO.

    Accoring to my simple analysis mabushmen wa kule kalahari wengi sana watakewnda huko mbinguni kuliko sisi wenye hizi imani mbili kuu. why........
    So kwanz a wote inabidi tukubaliane kuwa Truth and lie ni vitu subjective. Mafano ukweli tulioamini tukiwa na miaka 10 unawezekana sio ukweli kwa sasa . na kile tulichodhani ni uongo tukiwa na miaka sita leo hii kinaweza kuwa ukweli.

    Sasa Assuming watu wanaamini kwenye ukweli tofauti . Views zote haziwezi kuwa sawa ndio maana ya neno IMANI. Kwa kuwa haiwezekani kukubalina ni ukweli gani ulio sahihi ni vema kukubaliana kutofautiana

    Waislam waamin kile wanachoamini ,wakristu waamin kile wanachoamn ,wahidu hivyo hivyo na hata wapagani waamini kutokuwa na imani.

    Tusijali sana imani ya nani ni naimani ya nani si sahihi .Tunachotakiwa kujali ni tunajifunza nini kuishi na watu wa imani tofauti zilizopokati yetu.

    Sasa tatizo la wenzetu waislam walio wengi ni kutokubali kutofautiana. Muislam akianza kusoma madrasa utotoni mwanzoni kabisa anafundishwa inayoitwa FALSE belief ya wakristu ya IMANI ya Mungu watatu. SIjui kama wakristu kwenye mafundisho yao wangekuwa wanafundisha watoto kuhusu Imani FALSE ya muslim dunia hii ingekuwaje.?!!!!!!

    So while most christian wanakubali kutofautiana kwa imani ni waislam wachache wanakubali kutofautiana kwa imani.Sabbau hata kwenye kitabu chao watu wenye imani tofauti nao hawatakiwi kuwa na haki yeyote. na wantajwa kwa maneno makali sijui infidel, kafiri.

    Sijui ikitengenezwa film ya Passion of mohamed kama ilivyo passion of christ muslim world ita respond vipi?

    Most msulim hawana uvumulivu na na ustahimilivu wa kushi na wtu wenye diffence nao. Kwa sbabu yeye hali kitimoto basi hata hata jirani afuge kitimoto .
  3. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 14, 2011
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    Mkuu ZIng,

    Unayo sema ni kweli kabisa. Siyo kwamba nawasifia Wakristo au kuwa ponda Waislamu ila ukweli ni kwamba Wakristo wengi huwa na uvumilivu zaidi. Hii ni kwa sababu nadhani nchi nyingi zenye majority ya Wakristo ni secular wakati nchi nyingi zenye majority ya Waislamu kwa kawaida si secular. Kwa hiyo unakuta mtu kwenye Ukristo hafundishiwi kuwa too extreme.

    Ila tuki rudi kwa Tanzania mimi nina tatizo moja tu na Waislamu wanao lalamika wanaonewa. Tanzania dini zipo nyingi tu ukiacha Uislamu na Ukristo. Ila mtu akiangalia composition ya sehemu fulani iwe kazini au popote ana angalia ratio ya Wakristo na Waislamu. Je kwa nini hizi dini zingine haziangaliwi? Kwa nini wao hawa lalamiki? Je kwa nini viongozi wa dini ya Kiisalmu kila siku hujibu negatively hoja za wenzao wa Kikristo ila hausikii hata siku moja viongozi wa dini ya Kikristo wakitoka na kupinga kauli za mashehe?

    Mimi naamini kabisa kwamba wanasiasa wengi wana tambua kwamba swala la imani ni sensitive sana kwa Waislamu kuliko ilivyo kwa wenzao Wakristo. Ndiyo maana siku zote hulisha Waislamu kauli za kwamba wanaonewa lakini hata siku moja hawa wezi kwenda kwa Wakristo na kufanya hivyo. Haingii akilini Waislamu wadai wanaonewa wakati wapo katika kila nyanja ya serikali top to bottom. Kwenye uongozi wakai Wakristo na Waislau meza moja halafu uniambie zipangwe njama zidi ya Uislamu??? Kama ni hivyo basi hata viongozi walio Waislamu serikalini wata kuwa na makosa & in that case wakulaumiwa itakua Waislamu wenyewe na si Wakristo.

    Najua wengi wana ogopa kuliongelea hili swala kuogopa reaction ya upande wa pili. Ila ni muda sasa Watanzania tuache unafiki na kuambiana ukweli. Tujione kama Watanzania kwanza kabla ya kujitenga kwa makundi ya kidini. Ina sikitisha kwamba leo hii tume fika hatua ya kwamba mtu hata awe na hoja nzuri basi ata pingwa tu kisa dini yake au kiongozi fulani hata afanye uzembe gani basi umtetee kisa ni wa dini moja.

    Ukweli ni kwamba Tanzania Waislamu hawaonewi. Angalia nchi zingine uta gundua nini maana ya kundi moja kuonewa na jingine. Nenda Rwana utaona. If this was the case in Tanzania basi hata kwenye Chama Cha Mapinduzi wagombea wange kuwa wana teuliwa kwa misingi ya dini ila mpaka leo sija liona hili. Kwa maana lingekuepo basi tungeona shika nikushike kubwa sana ifikapo wakati wa uchaguzi.
  4. Ehud

    Ehud JF-Expert Member

    Mar 14, 2011
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    You said it all mkuu..congrats..
  5. The Analyst

    The Analyst JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    You guys are great! To say the truth, you have done a very good job up there!

    Naomba kuongezea kitu kimoja, Hili swala la malalamiko ya kuoneana au kunyimwa nafasi watu wa aina fulani halina maana wala halielezeki likaeleweka akilini mwa mtu mwenye uelewa na hekima zake.

    Kwanza, kama dini ilivyokuwa imani na kuwafanya watu wajione wanatofautiana vivyo hivyo vipo vigezo vingine ambavyo watanzania hutumia kujitofautisha kama vile makabila, kanda, mikoa, wilaya, vijiji nk. Katika hali ya kawaida ni rahisi kwa mtu anayeona dini pekee kama kigezo cha kuwatofautisha watu kulalamikia uonevu au upendeleo fulani kwa watu wengine (wa dini tofauti). Mtu huyo huyo angepata nafasi ya kuwaza kwamba hata kabila ni tofauti kati ya watanzania angeshtuka na kugundua malalamiko anayoyatoa hayana msingi kama anavyotaka ionekane. Hii ni kwa kuwa hata kama tungejaribu kufanya uwiano katika kupeana nafasi bado vigezo vingefanya kazi iwe ngumu sana na bado tusingefanikiwa kuwaridhisha watu wanofikiria wanaonewa.

    Pili, walalamikaji wengi wamekuwa wananisikitisha sana kwa kutolea mifano maeneo ambayo hatupaswi kuyahusianisha na imani ya mtu kidini. Mathalani mtu anayetoa mfano wa idadi ya wakuu wa mikoa, wilaya, mawaziri nk kwa kusema ukiangalia majina yao utaona dini moja inao wengi kuliko nyingine. Swali linalonisumbua ni wapi mkuu wa wilaya, mkoa ama waziri anahusika kuleta mafanikio katika dini moja na kuumiza nyingine? Kazi ya waziri ni nini na wapi inamfanya akiwa wa dini fulani aisaidie dini yake na asipokuwa wa dini hiyo basi aiumize?

    Wakati baadhi ya viongozi wa dini wanalalamikia hilo huko kwenye makabila wafanye nini? Nasikia mkoa wa Mara una makabila karibu 20. Utawapanga vipi watu hawa ili kila kabila wajione wanapewa nafasi sawa na kabila lingine?

    Usishangae siku moja unakutana na mtu analalamika mbona madaktari wengi waislamu na wakristo wachache! Na mwingine kulalamika mbona mahakimu wengi wahaya? Ina maana wanyamwezi hawawezi sheria? Nadhani pointi yangu inaanza kueleweka. Mbona wafanyabiashara wengi ni wahindi, waarabu na wachaga tu?...Jamani...jamani...! Hatuwezi kuwachagulia watu taaluma wala shughuli za kujitafutia kipato eti ili tupate uwiano.

    Nimewahi kusoma thread moja katika Jukwaa la Siasa kukiwa na hoja ya kulalamikia udini ndani ya TBC. Udini uliotajwa ni orodha ya majina kama kumi hivi, ya waajiriwa katika taasisi hiyo kuanzia kwa mkurugenzi wa shirika kushuka chini. Nilisikitika sana kwani majina ndiyo yaliyowahukumu dini zao na ikaonekana wengi ni wa dini moja. Sasa imagine chombo ambacho ni professional na watu hupata ajira kwa vigezo vya taaluma na weledi kinalalamikiwa kwa idadi ya majina na aina zake. Kwa nini basi mlalamikaji asituoneshe nafasi zilitangazwa lini na watu walioomba ajira hizo walikuwa kina nani na vigezo vyao ili tujue upendeleo ulifanyika wapi na kuuondoa?

    Halafu watanzania tunasahau kwamba baadhi yetu tuna majina ya kusomea na kutafutia kazi (ambayo kwa kawaida hayajali dini) na tuna majina tuliyopewa nyumbani na katika taasisi za kidini (haya ndiyo huonekana halisi). Mfano inapotokea John Masalakulangwa (mfano) akasilimu na kuitwa Hassan, mara nyingi rekodi zake kikazi huendelea kuwa na majina ya awali kwa muda mrefu na hivyo si rahisi kujua imani yake kwa jina tu.

    Mtu mmoja naye alilalamikia udini katika elimu ya juu kwa kuangalia orodha ya majina ya waliochaguliwa kujiunga katika vyuo na majina ya wahitimu. Alipokuta wengi ni majina aliyoamini ni ya dini tofauti akatangaza kuwepo upendeleo na ushahidi ukiwa majina hayo. Huyu mtu anasahau kwamba kumpata mwanafunzi katika taasisi za elimu ya juu unapaswa ujue idadi za wanaoingia shule ya msingi na matokeo yao, sekondari na matokeo yao, high school na matokeo yao kisha uangalie walioomba kujiunga na vyuo, vigezo vilivyotumika kuchagua wanaojiunga na inapogundulika kuna watu wamenyimwa nafasi kwa upendeleo basi ni vizuri malalamiko yakaanzia hapo.

    Tatizo malalamiko yetu yanaanzia katika jazba za hadhira za wasemaji wetu. Imagine kiongozi wa dini anaposhindwa kuwaambia waumini wake kwamba kwa dunia ya sasa elimu, weledi na kujituma kazini ni kitu muhimu sana na hivyo waumini wake wafunge mikanda, yeye anaibuka na kushabikia wachache wanaodai ni maskini kwa kuwa dini nyingine inapendelewa na serikali. Nasema tabia hii ni kuwa irresponsible na ni vema ikaachwa mapema kabla haijaidhuru nchi.

    Wengine wanalalamikia viongozi wa kisiasa kama Rais, Makamu wake, Waziri Mkuu nk. Jamani naomba hapa niwe mkweli Rais wa nchi hii hata kama angekuwa mpagani mie ningemwunga mkono hadi naingia kaburini endapo tu angekuwa anatimiza wajibu wake na kubuni mambo ya maendeleo kuliko ambavyo wengi wamefanya. Kwa mfano rais aweze kuzuia uvujaji wa mapato ya serikali, adhibiti matumizi mabaya ya fedha ya serikali, aweze kudhibiti mfumuko wa bei na kuniwekea mazingira ambayo nitaweza kujitafutia rizki na maendeleo ya kitaifa yaonekane wazi kwa nini nimchukie?

    Malalamiko yetu mengine ni kwa sababu baadhi ya wanasiasa wanataka ionekane tuna tatizo kwa kuwa wao wananufaika zaidi katika hili maana linafanya makosa yao yaachwe kando kwa muda na watu waanze kupigizana kelele kwa udini wa kuchongwa.

    Tanzania bila udini wala malalamiko yake inawezekana sana tu! Kila mwananchi atafute elimu na kutafiti mambo mwenyewe na si kusikiliza watu waoona fahari kushangiliwa tu bila kujali madhara ya maneno yao kwa waumini wenye upeo mdogo.
  6. 3D.

    3D. JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    I consider this as one of the most precious posts ever. Nadhani kinachochangia kwa sehemu kubwa malalamiko ya Waislam kuonewa linachangiwa sana (si pekee) na sehemu kubwa yao kutopata elimu rasmi ya kidunia. Kuna baashi ya mambo mtu unaweza tu kujiuliza wanakubalije kuyafuata wakati commonsense tu haiendani na baadhi ya reactions zao. Kuna kazi kubwa sana ya kufanya.
  7. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    Mkuu Analyst thank you for the analysis.

    Ni kweli inasikitisha leo mtu kwenye baadhi ya nafasi ambazo dini siyo kigezo yeye ana angalia dini. What does religion have to do with it? Na ndiyo maana nchini kwetu mambo yanaenda kiholela kwa sababu wakati wa kujaza nafasi mtu ana angalia kwanza sifa ambzao hazina hata uhusiano na hiyo nafasi. Mimi nikienda hospitali nataka daktari ani tibu nipone awe Muislamu au Mkristo.

    Sitakataa kutibiwa kisa dini ya fulani. Shuleni napo vile vile nataka nifundishwe na mwalimu anaye jua fani yake. Siwezi kukataa kufundishwa na mtu kisa ni wa dini fulani. Kwenye uongozi napo ni vile vile. Nataka kuongozwa na mtu mwenye makini na mwenye muelekeo hata akiwa mpagani hiyo ni ishu yake.

    Mkuu 3D ukiangalia maishani mtu anaye lalamika siku zote haendelei. Kwa sababu haji chunguzi na kugundua nini kina mkwamisha. Ndipo hapo sasa mtu anapo tafuta kupata nafasi kwa kuangalia factors nyingine zaidi ya uwezo wake. Tanzania dynamics zake ni kwamba hakuna kundi liwe la kikabila au la kidini ambalo lina weza kukandamiza makundi mengine.
  8. G

    Gathii Senior Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    Tupe ushahidi tafadhali,kuongea na ukaacha vitu hewani haileti tija.
  9. s

    sha Senior Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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  10. The Analyst

    The Analyst JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    Sha! Ndugu yangu,

    Sijui ulisomea wapi saikolojia! maana mpaka hapo ulipofikia panatosha sana. Kila atakayejiuliza maswali hayo hana sababu ya kuendelea kulaumu watu wengine pale mambo yake yanapogoma kumwendea vizuri.

    Sometimes naogopa kuhisi kwamba siku moja Benki hata za kigeni zitalalamikiwa kupendelea Wachaga wanapoajiri wahasibu. Maana kama watu watasoma sana Finance na kufaulu vizuri wewe ukawahamasisha jamaa zako kusoma political science hadi PhD halafu udhanie watapata kazi kwa wingi katika mabenki ni wazi wewe ndo una tatizo la kiakili na kisaikolojia.

    Tuombe Mwenyezi Mungu Mwingi wa Rehema, atujalie (watanzania wa dini, imani, kabila na tofauti zote zilizopo) uwezo wa kutafakari na kuujua ukweli pasipo kuibuka na jazba ambazo hatimaye zinaweza kuvuruga nchi yetu yenye
    "Uvumilivu mwingi na Utulivu" aka Amani na Utulivu.

  11. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

    Mar 17, 2011
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    Sha ndugu yangu,

    Wewe siyo mjinga. Kwa maana mjinga siku zote hataki kujifunza na hata aki ujua ukweli anaendelea kushikilia mawazo yale yale na kutafuta njia zingine za kutetea ujinga wake. Maadam umeona ukweli basi huko ndiko kujifunza.
  12. R

    React Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    Mkuu hii discussion ni nzuri.

    Mara nyingi psychology ya discrimination ni ngumu kuielezea. Mwalimu Nyerere alifaulu kwa kiasi kikubwa kuielezea. Mfano aliposema ukiwa na meatality ya kibaguzi huwa hutosheki na ubaguzi wako. Utaendelea kubagua bila mwisho. (Issue ya Wazanzibari na Wazanzibari). Pia 1983 mwalimu Nyerere akiwa Chancellor alihutubia uma wa chuo pale Nkuruma Hall.

    Katika kipindi cha maswali aliulizwa na mfanyakazi wa chuo aliyelalamika kuwa "mbona chuo kilikuwa na wahadhiri wengi wa Kichaga na wa Kihaya. Je hio haikuwa dalili ya ukabila?" Mwalimu alitulia kidogo halafu akamjibu " Nadhani wewe ndio mkabila. Kwa nini hujalalamika kuwa mbona walinzi wengi wa majumba ya watu ni Wamakonde...? Hili jibu lilisaidia sana kufungua fikra za kuwa mwangalifu kabla hujashout "discrimination".
  13. K

    KipimaPembe JF-Expert Member

    Mar 18, 2011
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    Haya mawazo ya kuwa watu wanaonewa kidini yanachangiwa sana na kuenea kwa injustice katika jamii inayosababishwa na utawala wa sheria kushindwa kufanya kazi. Hii inasababishwa na udhaifu wa watendaji ndani ya mifumo ya utoaji na usimamiaji wa haki; kwa hivyo watu kila wanapokaa huangalia hiki na kile kutafuta mchawi.

    Kutofuata sheria hakuna dini. Bahati nzuri mie nimekulia katika jamii ambayo karibu idadi ya waislam na wakristo ilikuwa sawa. Wakati nikiwa mtoto, chance ya kucheza na mtoto wa dini tofauti na ya kwangu zilikuwa kubwa sana. Wapo waliokuwa wapole, wagomvi, wezi, waongo, n.k. Hizi sifa huanza kuonekana miongoni mwa watu toka utotoni. Kitu kimoja ninachoweza kushuhudia hapa ni kuwa tabia hizi hazikuwa na uhusiano ni dini ya wazazi wa mtoto. Mara nyingi tukiwa michezoni tulikuwa tukiulizana ninyi nyumbani kwenu mnasali vipi.

    Kitu kingine ninachoweza kushuhudia ni kuwa uwezekano wa kuwa na marafiki haukutegemea dini ya rafiki yako. Tulielewana sana na utakuta katika marafiki unao wa dini ya kwako na wengine si wa dini ya kwako; tena kulikuwa na uwezekano unakuta yule wa dini ya tofauti ndo anakuwa wa karibu zaidi. Hadi leo, pamoja na kuwa nimekulia kwenye jamii yenye watu wengi wa dini hizi, rafiki yangu wa karibu kabisa si yule tuliye dini moja, tuna dini tofauti.

    Hapo nimeangalia mambo katika ngazi ya kijamii. Kusema kweli hizi tofauti ndogo ndogo kama huyu anaoa wake wengi, huyu hawezi kufanya hivyo; huy anakula vyakula fulani fulani na huyu hawezi kwa sababu za kiimani, haziwezi kuwa chanzo cha migogoro. Watu huchukuliana na maisha huendelea.

    Tatizo mara nyingi linakuja pale ukiukwaji wa sheria na taratibu za kijamii linapokuwa jambo la kawaida. Kwa mfano, watu waliponyang'anyana mashamba. Kesi zikaunguruma, mwenye haki akapoteza, asiye na haki akashinda, hapo ndo migogoro inapoanzia. Tatizo ni la mahakama kutotoa haki, lakini aliyenyang'anywa haki yake hataridhika. Ataangalia ni kwa nini amepokwa haki yake? Hapa ndo sababu zinaanza kutafutwa; tofauti za makabila, dini, rangi, sehemu anayotoka, uwezo wa kipato, n.k.

    Haki isipotamalaki katika jamii lazima kutakuwa migogoro tu! Watu wanapokosa imani katika mfumo wa kusimamia na kutoa haki, hutafuta mali pa kupata ahueni au uhalali. Tumepoteza sana pale misingi ya utoaji na usimamiaji haki ilipoanza kusambaratishwa pole pole hadi tunafikia mahali ambapo watu hawaamini tena katika haki. Katika hili watu hutafuta makundi ambapo wana-hisi kuwa watatendewa haki na kujitambulisha na makundi hayo. Hapa ndo ukabila, udini, na mambo mengi yanayofanana na hayo yanapomea na kukua; kutota mizizi na hatimaye kuzaa matunda yake ambayo ni chuki, fitina, migogoro au hatimaye vita.

    Ikiwa dini ndiyo chanzo cha tatizo mbona Rwanda walipigana sana na mauaji ya kimbari yakatokea kule. Ikiwa dini ndiyo chanzo angalia yanayoendelea Somalia. Haifai kusema kuwa eti waumini au wafuasi wa dini fulani wako hivi au vile kwa sababu tu umeshawarundika kwenye imani ambayo ni tofauti na ya kwako. Hakuna binadamu walio "homogeneous" kwani hiyo ni kinyume na mfumo wa "evolution" ambao kisayansi tunaamini ndo nguvu inayotawala mwenendo wa viumbe vyote vilivyo hai.

    Kwa hiyo; matata unayoyaona leo kuhusu mambo ya kidini, yangeweza kujitokeza katika mlango mwingine. Suala ni kuwa tu utendaji wa haki katika jamii yetu umekuwa ni kitu nadra sana au kisichoheshimika tena. Hapa ndo tatizo lilipolala.

    Suluhisho rahisi ni kusimika utawala wenye uwezo kusimamia na kutoa haki kama ilivyo kwa mujibu wa sheria na taratibu zilizowekwa. Bila hilo kusimamishwa, watu wakiendelea kuvunja sheria na taratibu kama wapendavyo, migogoro haiwezi kuisha. Ikiisha yenye mwelekeo wa kidini, itazuka yenye mwelekeo wa Kikabila, Kimaeneo, n.k.

    Tuwe "vigilant" katika kusimamia na kutoa haki. Tuwe wakweli katika kuhakikisha kuwa haki inatendeka. Hapo ndo tutaiokoa jamii.
  14. MwanaFalsafa1

    MwanaFalsafa1 JF-Expert Member

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    Mkuu KipimaPembe ndiyo maana nasema dini ni silaha inayo tumiwa na wanasiasa dhidi ya wananchi.

    Wanajua ukweli wa mambo ila wanajua wakiingiza tu dini basi attention inakuwa diverted. Kwa maana hiyo watu badala ya kupambana na chanzo cha matatizo (utawala mbovu nk) wanapambana wenyewe kwa wenyewe.
  15. MaxShimba

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    As social organizations, religions have a dramatic power that hides their essential irrationality. They persist today because they are so effective at constructing group identities and at setting up conflict between the in- and out-groups.
  16. Miss X

    Miss X Member

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    Yaani kaka zangu natamani sana, kama wote tungekuwa na mawazo haya, ila namshukuru sana mtoa mada.
    Toka hii hali imeanza kujitokeza imekuwa linaniumiza kichwa sana kujiuliza kwa nini lakini naona Kipimapembe katoa moja ya sababu za msingi sana

    Tunakoelekea Tanzania, tumekuwa tunahamia mijini kwa wingi, na hivyo basi wimbi kubwa la watu watazidi kuongezeka kuishi katika jamii ya imani tofauti, tukumbuke kuwa kwa muda mrefu tumekuwa tunashirikiana kwa kila kitu mbona hizi chuki huwa zilikuwa hazipo.

    Lakini pia watu wanasahau kuwa uwepo wa mtu wa imani yako katika eneo fulani halina uhusino wowote na mafanikio yako.
    Embu tujiulize maswali yafuatayo;

    1.Mbona pamoja na kufundishwa na mwalimu wa dini yangu bado nilifeli somo lake?

    2. Mbona natibiwa na dakari wa imani yangu na bado ananidai rushwa.?

    3. Mbona natafuta nyumba nampata Landlonrd wa imani yangu na bado ananinyanyasa?

    4.Mbona naenda uhamiaji kutafuta passport namkuta officer wa imani yangu ananizungusha kutaka rushwa?

    5. Mbona bosi wa imani yangu ananitaka kimapenzi ili anipandishe cheo au kuniongezea mshahara?

    6. Mbona jirani yangu shambani tunayesali wote anasogeze mpaka wa shamba langu?

    Maswali haya kama watanzania wakiweza kuyajibu watajua ni "JE kweli kunakundi linanyanyasa wengine kwa misingi ya kiimana au la"

    Au kuna definition nyingine ya manyanyaso ambayo hatuijui kutokana na tofauti za kiimani.

    Ukweli hili swala ni la kisiasa tuu halina ukweli wowote na hali halisi, viongozi wadini wanatumiwa na wanasiasa na wanasiasa wanapenda kulinda maslahi yao tuu, huu ulalamishi na

    lawama ni attitude ya mtu aliyeshindwa(LOOSERS ALWAYS HAVE EXECUSES), hata katika michezo baada ya mechi utasikia lawama na vijisababu.

    Cha muhimu Wajipange upya wakazanie elimu, waondoe chuki katika theology zao na mwisho watafanikiwa

    La mwisho, inabidi watu waelewe kuwa hakuna na haitawezekana katika dunia ya leo kulazimisha watu kubadili imani yao kwa nguvu kama ilivyokuwa
  17. MwanaFalsafa1

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    Miss X,

    Asante kwa compliments na comment zakp.

    Ni kweli tukisha kuwa na fikra za kuonewa basi kila kitu tutaona kama uonevu. Hatuta angalia ni nini binafsi tuna kosea bali tutaona kushindwa kwetu siku zote ni sababu ya mtu mwingine. Ndiyo maana hata leo hii viongozi wa Afrika wanao feli kama Mugabe na Ghadaffi hawa kawii kulaumu wazungu.

    Mimi siamini kabisa kwamba Tanzania kuna udini. Kna watu wachache sana ni wadini lakini hakuna udini. Ingekua kuna udini kwenye chaguzi zetu tunge ona maana ya neno udini. Waislamu na Wakristo ni karibia 50-50 kwa maana hiyo Mkristo hawezi shinda bila kura za Waislamu na Mkristo hawezi shinda bila kura za Wakristo. Hapana. Watanzania hawaangalii dini kabisa.

    We really need a charismatic leader ata ke pendwa na pande zote kutuma ujumbe ya kwamba udini ni uvumbuzi wa watawala na si wananchi. Ni mbinu tu. Kama Waislamu wanaonewa mbona iongozi Waislamu hawa kosi kutoa hela za harambee makanisani na vice versa?
  18. Ishmael

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    Bravo. Those days when JF was whats up,,,,:A S 13:
  19. O

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    Mkuu hapo kwenye 'mjinga' ondoa na kuweka '--------'
  20. Eiyer

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    Mada za watu wenye kufikiri kwa mantiki kama hizi zinahitajika sana

    Tatizo kubwa sana ni dini ambazo haziwasaidii waumini wao ku reason vyema

    Hili ni tatizo kubwa sana

    Hii mada ingekuwa imeanzishwa nyakati hizi ingekuwa imechafuliwa sana na wafia dini