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  • ubun2
    Hi MwanaFasafa1,
    Asante sana for liking my post. Hope you don't mind, I just wanted to share my thoughts on your thought provoking topic. This is a gr8 forum for sharing ideas and creating an atmosphere for dialogue. I am glad to have stumbled upon it.
    CHADEMA si chama cha mtu au kikundi, Shibuda angekuwa asingeomba msaada kugombea, shshsh anahitaji Ubunge, alikuwa anachunguza nini ambacho hakijulikani ndani ya PEOPLE'S power? kuwa mdau wa maendeleo?
    Hello jamii, i am here joining this forum with the good intention of sharing various issues from economic, politics, social, and all other related field, with hope to get enough from the team and contributing as much as i can.
    Hope the request is guaranteed. Thank you
    Hello people. Am requestin 2 join u in this forum so dat we share ideas n comments on business. I hop u'l welcom me n join our heads so that we come up wit great ideas.
    Salutes to all members of this great forum, i'm absolutely humble and fascinated to be a member of this great forum, I look forward to contribute my ideas in any way i can for this forum . Please welcome me to be a member of this forum.
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