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Africa na tiba za ukimwi

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by Kahabi wa Isangula, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Kahabi wa Isangula

    Kahabi wa Isangula JF-Expert Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Kwa Muda mrefu sasa wameibuka watu mbalimbali wanaojitangaza kutibu ‘UKIMWI’ japo, tiba hizi zimekuwa hazionyeshi mafanikio yoyote na badala yake wagonjwa wanaoacha ARV na kukimbilia tiba hizi hupoteza Maisha. Ni vema WAVIU wakaendelea kutumia ARV ili kuepuka madhara yanayotokana na Tiba hizi za kisanii
    Bofya Hapa kusoma habari nzima: AFRIKA NA TIBA YA UKIMWI |
  2. A

    Amakulu New Member

    Jan 20, 2012
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    Haitaji kuwa na degree kujua aliyeandaa ujumbe huu alikuwa anatoka au anaamini katika healing system ipi. This person obviously belong to the healing tradition of biomedicine which is well known for its belief in monotheism i.e. believing that biomedicine is the only true and efficacious medicine and the rest are just "concoctions". Unasema "wagonjwa wanaacha ARV na kukimbilia tiba hizi za kisanii na kupoteza maisha" je una maana wanaotumia ARV hawafi? Je ARV ni tiba ya HIV? Ni vyema kukumbuka kuwa medicine is more than just a material thing(and not necessarily a thing) but it also involve beliefs and spiritual aspects of ones life. It is also important to note that the common feature of all forms of medicine is they endeavor to postpone death but cant stop it, be it biomedicine, folk medicine or any other form of alternative medicine. The problem with you advocates of biomedicine you believe that HIV can only be controlled biomedically and unfortunately all governments and HIV intervention all around the world have been caught up in this trap and that is why you are boldly refering ARV as "treatment" . I believe that the answer to HIV can be provided by whichever form of healing tradition such as biomedicine, chinese medicine, folk medicine like Babu's medicine but with the current biomedical monopoly I think we are doomed.