6 Illnesses Your Doctor May Not Detect



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6 Illnesses Your Doctor May Not Detect

Your doctor may be a genius, but that doesn't make him immune to mistakes. Particularly, if you are hiding something from the doctor because you think they can't be called emergencies, your doctor is most likely not able to diagnose correctly. Real power comes not from hiding, but from facing the truths. So man up and open up to your shrink to be able to pop a bottle of bubbly on your 100th birthday!

1. Vasomotor Rhinitis

The symptoms of Vasomotor Rhinitis can be confused with simple allergy. This can lead to a grave condition if the

doctor continues to ignore that apparent symptom or for that matter you don't tell your doctor about the same. If you experience allergies from things such as perfumes, certain foods, etc. and suffer from congestion, watery eyes, running nose relentlessly, make sure you get your allergy prick test done. Image Credit: Shutterstock

2. Celiac Disease

Celiac idsease is a health condition caused due to digestive issues and is compounded by the intake of gluten.

People suffering from this disease find it hard to absorb the nutrients of food items, as their small intestine is damaged at its lining. The common symptoms of this disorder are diarrhoea, belching, bloating, and irregular bowel movements, among other things. Image Credit: Shutterstock

3. Thyroid Disorders

For patients suffering from thyroid disorder, the first indicative signs include panic attacks and heart

palpitations. People also tend to suffer from metabolic disorders, muscle and joint pain, and growth issues. Doctors and patients alike often mistake thyroid symptoms with depression and diagnose the disease accordingly. Image Credit: Shutterstock

4. Cancer

One of the gravest mistake doctors can commit is by confusing cancer symptoms with flu or common cold

signs. Caused by an uncontrollable growth of the malignant cells, cancer symptoms vary from patient to patient. The most common symptoms, however, include loss of appetite, abnormal sweating, and jagged fever. A person suffering from cancer also experiences weight-loss due to no apparent reasons (if he/she hasn't diagnosed it yet). Image Credit: Shutterstock

5. Heart Attacks

There is no denying that heart attacks are lethal and hold maximum chance of death of the person experiencing them.

The blood flowing through the arteries gets blocked and its symptoms are fatigue, difficulty in breathing, or pain in the chest. It is often mistaken for stress or panic attacks. Image Credit: Shutterstock

6. Bacterial Meningitis

Under this condition, there is a swelling in your spinal cord and some lining in the arteries to the brain. It is

misdiagnosed for flu as its symptoms are rashes, fever, stiff neck, etc. It can also lead to seizures. To make sure your doctor doesn't misdiagnose your illness, make certain that you are explaining to him all the symptoms you experience. Opt for a second consultation if you feel your doctor isn't paying enough heed, because it is always better to be safe than sorry! Image Credit: Shutterstock

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