50,000USD kwa mradi wa kuondoa Umaskini!

Mzee Mwanakijiji

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Mar 10, 2006
Dear Grantee,

As part of the All for Africa Palm Out Poverty initiative, here is an opportunity to submit a proposal that may result in receiving funds for a new or existing project or program. You may receive up to $50,000 to fund your activities.

For more information about All for Africa, please visit.


Selection Criteria:

1. Target population should be in the African continent. The organization can be registered in the U.S. or in Africa.

2. Should be a nonpolitical/non-denominational organization.

3. There should be a sustainability/multiplier effect built into the goals and impact of the organization.

4. Evidence of personal financial commitment/sponsorship/sweat equity

5. Demonstrable leadership qualities

6. Types of projects to be funded: health, education, small business development, infrastructure.

7. Proposal should be concise and contain relevant information to support your case.

Proposal Format: Please address the following issues in your proposal.

1. What need/issue/problem does your project address? (Need statement).

2. Describe the goals, objectives, activities that addresses the need and challenges and gaps faced by your organization.

3. What team will execute the plan/project? Specify qualifications, experience, and bios of management team.

4. Evaluation of project and sustainability plan.

5. Budget/amount requested over a specific timeline. Specify if you are requesting one-time capital injection of funds or on-going operating funds.

6. Timeline with completion of goals/objectives.

7. Provide relevant supporting documentation (i.e. legal registration) and/or testimonials if available.

Deadline for submission: April 21, 2008

Please submit proposals to: Madalina Costache at costache@allforafrica.org or send a fax to Madalina at 1-212-351-0001.

We will only contact individuals whose proposals have been short-listed.

All for Africa will not fund the following activities:

Annual appeals

Dinner functions

Fundraising events

Endowments and capital campaigns

Loans and deficit financing for projects or organizations

Direct grants to individuals including scholarships and financial aid

Personal travel to conferences, seminars, workshops.

Please distribute this information freely.
Wow, with a deadline of April 21?

Wish I had seen this a little earlier; would have been doable!

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