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Zijue athari za kutumia Wireless

Discussion in 'Tech, Gadgets & Science Forum' started by Mzalendo80, Feb 21, 2012.

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    What other devices emit microwave radiation?

    There are many other devices that emit the same radiation as Wi-Fi. These include:

    • DECT (digitally enhanced cordless telecommunic-ations) and DECT-style baby monitors. Most of these devices emit
    pulsing microwave radiation from their base station (even when the phone is not being used), and are frequently placed
    by the bedhead or on the work desk.

    • wireless home entertainment systems and game consoles (also known to emit microwaves even when switched off)

    • some wireless security/alarm systems

    • wireless interactive whiteboards and paging systems.

    What should I do to reduce my exposure?

    Due to the increasing concerns over the possible hazards from the use of wireless networks (and similar wireless technologies), the best way to reduce your exposure to unnecessary microwave radiation is to use cables wherever possible.

    The other advantages of cabled networks are speed (Wi-Fi is slower than wired networks), security (Wi-Fi is insecure – even with WEP or WPA encryption) and reliability (Wi-Fi is often known to drop connections).
    If it is not possible to remove your wireless connections, it is advised that you take other precautions:

    • do not sit in close proximity to a wireless router (keep it in an unoccupied room if possible)

    • turn off any wireless devices at night time while you sleep – as these devices emit microwaves at all times – not just when the device is transmitting data.

    • avoid using a wireless laptop on your lap for extended periods of time

    • take note of the short-term

    health effects – if you notice any symptoms try to remove or reduce your exposure to the wireless device.

    Where can I get more information?
    Visit the following websites to obtain further information including the reports referred to in this brochure.
    The BioInitiative Report - Last Update 18 May 2010
    energyfields.org: The Leading Energy Fields Site on the Net
    Collaborative on Health and the Environment :: Welcome
    :: International Commission for Electromagnetic Safety ::
    Independent Expert Group on Mobile Phones
    Mast Sanity
    Powerwatch - WiFi Overview - Wi-Fi and Health
    Radiation Research Trust
    Produced by
    EMFacts - Mobile/Cell Phone Radiation | Health Effects & Safety | Electromagnetic Fields

    Wireless Networks (Wi-Fi)
    The use of wireless devices by consumers is increasing rapidly, yet there is concern in the scientific community that this technology could have adverse side effects. Read on to find out the facts and recommended precautions.
    Consumer Health and Safety Advice

    Kwa more Info kuhusu atahri za wireless: Download hapo chini

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