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Women- Why do you drive this way?

Discussion in 'JF Chit-Chat' started by Mlachake, Feb 23, 2012.

  1. Mlachake

    Mlachake JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2012
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    Today I spent minutes trying to overtake some annoying lady who was driving right smack in the middle of the road, never using her rear view mirrors and absolutely deaf. Over the rest of the journey I did notice a few traits especially with the older female drivers,( some of these from memory too - Mum to be precise)

    1. They drive with their chest and boobs smack on the steering wheel - This is an absolutely dangerous position to drive in. Incase of an emergency you CAN NOT, and listen to that, CAN NEVER make quick evasive action. No wonder women tend to get accidents at relatively slow speeds

    2. Even the not so short ones crane their necks like vultures - Craning your neck does not and I repeat, DOES NOT improve your eye sight. If you cant see, dont drive. Why cant you get someone to stand at the far corner of the bonnet every morning and evening for a week? This will help you determine the extent of the car without craning their necks to see the edge. NKT!

    3. The rear view mirrors are for reversing and staying aware of nuts behind you who may be interested in overtaking you. Turning your head 360degrees, chest on the steering, arms bent 310degrees is simply acrobatics. USE THE REAR VIEW MIRROR(s) PLEASE. NOTE AGAIN - MIRRORS with and S

    4. Holding the steering wheel in the 3/9 position is old school. They dont teach you how to be a proffessional driver, only how to safely move and stop the car. The rest come with experience. Many women dont learn from experience. Turning the steering 10 degrees for every movement is annoying, consumes too much time and energy. The steering wheels have power assist, clamp your palm on it and rotate it this and that way. Very easy.

    5. It helps not to follow a 50ton trailer laden with 100 tons (also called overloaded), straight behind from Ubungo to Mbezi mwisho. Overtaking is legal. Leave a little space between you and the trailer and when clear step on the gas. Staying behind the track forces others to double overtake!

    6. When a vehicle behind you hoots they probably are telling you to keep left PROPERLY so they can pass. It does not mean 'KEEP GOING AS YOU ARE DOING, CONCENTRATE MORE AND IF POSSIBLE DRIVE A LITTLE MORE INTO THE ROAD'

    Any lady out there could explain some of these stange driving habits.

    By the way women are generally good but slow drivers.......
  2. vivian

    vivian JF-Expert Member

    Feb 23, 2012
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    Sikubaliani na wewe.