Wikileaks : Jerry rawlings alikua teja akiwa rais !!!

Kwame Nkrumah

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Dec 2, 2008
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    Co n f i d e n t i a l section 01 of 02 accra 004941

    e.o. 12958: Decl: 07/31/07
    tags: Prel pinr pgov gh
    subject: A close look at ghana's president rawlings

    ref: Accra 01142

    classified by edward brynn, com, reason 1.5(b) and (d)

    ¶1. (c) summary: The netherlands' departing ambassador
    to ghana, hein princen, spent a full week-end in close
    quarters with j. J. Rawlings, and came away both
    fascinated and a bit unnerved. Princen's spouse, a
    trained social worker, saw incontrovertible evidence of
    drug use by the president. Rawlings complained that his
    advisors keep him in the dark. His wife was present,
    and rawlings was deferential towards her, but it was
    clear that they are seen together only for family
    reasons or reasons of state. Princen found rawlings
    tired of his public persona and easily persuaded that
    people were working behind his back. Rawlings seems
    caught between a desire to bring his chief of state
    tenure to a close on one hand, and a lively fear of the
    consequences of so doing on the other. Princen saw
    rawlings' newest eminence grise up close, and did not
    like his baleful influence in the area of ghanaian
    economic policy. End summary.

    ¶2. (u) the setting: Very occasionally rawlings invites
    an accredited diplomat to join his family for week-end
    relaxation and conversation on the modest but
    comfortable presidential yacht anchored in volta lake
    one hundred miles northeast of accra. (the last honoree
    was american ambassador kenneth brown on the eve of his
    departure in mid-1995.) also present were rawlings' six
    children, presidential advisor anthony aidoo (more
    later), an unnamed german engineer/boat captain, and a
    couple of military staffers. Guests so honored are
    enjoined not to discuss the adventure inside ghana, and
    princen assured me that i alone (in ghana) was privy to
    what follows.

    ¶3. (c) the private persona: Ambassador princen's wife
    concluded emphatically that rawlings is a drug-user.
    Periods of high-level energizing were followed by
    rawlings' disappearance for thirty minutes, and upon his
    return he was subdued and even mellow. He perspired
    profusely at short notice, and consumed large quantities
    of non-alcoholic drinks. Princen reinforced my own
    impression that rawlings' attention span has shortened
    of late. But the princens found the president open,
    indulgent towards his children, and extremely
    deferential - even obsequious - towards his spouse. The
    tenor of their conversation reinforced the widespread
    impression that they see each other only in public or in
    the context of this retreat to lake volta. (rawlings
    said this was the first family gathering this year.)
    rawlings watched videos, listened to music, and chatted
    up his guests simultameously. Princen noticed what all
    of us observe as interlocutors: Rawlings' incredible
    inability to recall names, even those of advisers
    constantly at his elbow.

    ¶4. (c) rawlings' circle of advisors: Since
    presidential and parliamentary elections last december
    we have pushed the theme that president rawlings seems
    to have been stripped of a circle of confidants whose
    collective weight, while far from brilliant, appeared to
    moderate rawlings' tendency to overact at first evidence
    of some unpalatable development. We are now well into a
    new phase, where it appears that the president is far
    from well informed as to what transpires in his name.
    He was manifestly out to lunch on the png of our public
    affairs officer in may. World bank and imf visitors
    complain that he seems profoundly uninformed on economic
    matters, even as his minister of finance is seen by
    financial experts inside and outside ghana as alarmingly
    incompetent. Into the vacuum has moved anthony aidoo,
    whose conspiratorial demeanor encourages dark
    speculation about his malign influence on rawlings.
    Aidoo is known to us principally for his entrenched
    leftist leanings, his anti-imperialist rhetoric while a
    professor at cape coast university, and his affection
    for the likes of qadafi and castro. Ambassador
    princen's opportunity to watch aidoo at close quarters
    was far from reassuring. Aidoo seemed to reinforce
    rawlings' fears that senior government officials were
    conspiring to hide things from the president. Aidoo's
    obsequious behavior towards mrs. Rawlings also
    reinforced the impression here in accra that she is in
    some degree responsible for the alienation of the
    president's traditional friends, with aidoo now filling
    the void.

    ¶5. (c) impact on economic policy: According to princen
    the only sustained substantive discussion focused on
    ghana's current economic problems. Princen was
    intrigued to see rawlings nodding in assent at aidoo's
    pronouncement that high inflation was caused by
    irresponsible elements in the private sector, and that
    the private sector should find a solution. Aidoo also
    fed rawlings the notion that the north carolina summit
    on ghana's competitiveness in the global marketplace was
    a camouflaged attack on rawlings' national democratic
    congress. Princen remonstrated, but he thought with
    limited effect. Princen did gain rawlings' attention by
    registering impressions circulating in accra that the
    world bank and imf are increasingly dissatisfied with
    the performance of both the incumbent minister of
    finance pepprah and the larger economic policies of the
    post-december government. Rawlings responded by lashing
    out at members of his own government - some were cited
    by name - who deliberately conceal problems from his
    attention. Rawlings built up a head of steam on the
    ghana electrical commission's announcement two weeks ago
    that rates would rise up to 300, retroactive to may 1;
    this was designed to destabilize his government, he
    thought. The larger impression, however, was that
    president rawlings was not well informed of recent
    unsettling economic trends.

    ¶6. (c) comment: The impressions registered above are
    those of a veteran career diplomat (previously
    ambassador in peru and now off to sri lamka) whose
    confidential observations on other occasions have held
    up well. Princen's observations echo impressions i
    recorded earlier this year (reftel). If they hold
    water, we must see in them a giant step backwards if
    close confidants like anthony aidoo are prejudicing the
    president against the trade and investment initiative
    launched at chapel hill in early june. And, in a larger
    arena, if as a result of fatigue or isolation or
    unhealthy personal practices president rawlings fails to
    exercise leadership skills during his second
    constitutional term, there might be deleterious
    repercussions for all that touches on the economy: The
    growth of democratic institutions; the continuation of
    an era of domestic peace; the emergence of a private
    sector able to invite significant outside investment and
    play a positive role in the global economy. Ambassador
    princen noted that rawlings plans to mark my own
    departure with a similar week-end adventure. But as it
    now stands that may not come soon, leaving much time for
    anthony aidoo to brew a poisonous potion in the castle.


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Kwame Nkrumah

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Dec 2, 2008
Kwa wanaosema JK anaonewa, mara sijui ni kwa ajili ya uchaguzi wa Igunga...hamna kitu kama hicho. Governments all over the world, have been touched. Kwa wanaosema Serikali ya US ina njama na Tanzania, si kweli. Unajua kwamba WIKILEAKS wame disclose ni wapi missiles za Marekani zipo huko Ulaya? This is a major embarrassment and security concern for US.

Kipi kinaaibisha zaidi, Rais apokee hongo ya suti au rais teja?

Askari Kanzu

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Jan 7, 2011
Kwamba Rawlings alikuwa mvuta bangi hilo sio jipya. Nakumbuka kusoma kuhusu swala hili kwenye gazeti la Africa Now (a pan-African magazine owned by Peter Osajele Aizegbeobor Enahoro, now defunct) mwaka 1981. Huu ulikuwa mwaka ambapo Rawlings alirudi madarakani mara ya pili baada ya kumpindua Dr. Hilla Limann. Tena naona angalau Wikileaks hawakusema waziwazi (they just say he was a drug user without mentioning what kind of drug).


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Aug 29, 2010
Rawlings asingekuwa anavuta bangi, ujasili wa kupindua serikali angeutoa wapi? Mbona hata mawaziri wa Kikwete wanavuta bangi!!!


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Aug 23, 2006

Hata Gaddafi alikuwa anatumia, na mmoja wa manesi wake kutoka Ukraine amethibitisha hilo, na pila alikuwa amefanyiwa plastic surgery nyingi saana.

Askari Kanzu

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Jan 7, 2011

Hata Gaddafi alikuwa anatumia, na mmoja wa manesi wake kutoka Ukraine amethibitisha hilo, na pila alikuwa amefanyiwa plastic surgery nyingi saana.
Nadhani hata Mandela nae alikuwa anazichoma. Manaake kukaa lupango kwa miaka 27 na kubonda mawe kila siku sio mchezo ati!

Toa taarifa ya maudhui yasiyofaa!

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