What a Messy in Our Education System!


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Feb 11, 2011


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It is despicable! We are back to square one. During Nyerere's time our politicians belittled the value of education. We changed phrases from "Kufaulu" to "Kuchaguliwa" to try to belittle individidual achievements in academics and more importantly to allow the sons and daughters of those who were in power to get into form one(this might not have been by design but it happened). The side effect was that pupils and their teachers who as time went on were the products of the same lousy system stopped taking schooling seriously. Today we can see the results. The chickens have come home to roost. Tanzanians are unable to get jobs in their own country because they are incompetent and/or dishonest at places of work.

What is happening today, especially the messy ast the HELB is reminiscent of of past. The Board has started to allocate our meagre educational resources in a seemingly arbitrary way. One would expect that students should get priority to enter universities according to how they scored on the entrance exams (Form Six exams) with those who score first class being given highest priority and so on going done to marginal performers. Of course this should also take into account our priority areas. I beleive this will be an equittable policy which is followed in many other countries. Any other system is bound to enhance corruption in this important sector as we can see what has happened this year.

All Tanzanians who wish our country well should stand up and protest against what HESLB has done this year. I believe that most of those who scored first class and could not get any loan from HESLB come from poor families. I know Tanzania well.

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