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verify your medicine...

Discussion in 'JF Doctor' started by guccio, May 11, 2012.

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    guccio Senior Member

    May 11, 2012
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    In India if anytime you are
    worried if the medicine is not
    just fake or counterfeit, You can
    send a 10 digit code as SMS to
    9901099010 and you will get a
    reply back if the drug was
    Whenever a unit of medicine is
    produced at the factory, it is
    labeled with a unique code. When
    you purchase a medicine you can
    send this code which is at back
    of the unit to 9901099010 You
    will receive an SMS which tells if
    you the medicine is genuine and
    provides you will batch number,
    expiration, and other
    information.i guess now is the right time for tanzania to use this kind of technology...