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Uganda Elections Update- Election Updates Every minute

Discussion in 'International Forum' started by Askari Kanzu, Feb 18, 2011.

  1. Askari Kanzu

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    Feb 18, 2011
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    Get updates here!

    5: 00 pm Voting has ended Presidential candidate olara otunu did not vote

    4:34 pm It is ugly in Mbale, there is a lot of election violence. The militay in the area is too much. Supporters of Mafabi have severely beaten NRM agents who they accuse of bribing voters. I have just seen Mafabi displaying the money he has confiscate.

    4:32 pm I have just heard a police car by by the building am in. Fear is growing in many people. I am the only person left in the big building. Others have gone home to meet their families

    2:36 pm In Kibuku district at kitoti polling station, an EC official Robert Nabyama survived lynching after he was accused of siding with some candidates. Anti-riot police came to his rescue just in time.

    2:33 pm In kamwokya at KCC primary school, the register has been denied

    2:24 pm Taxi drivers in a scuffle with the army in makindye resulting from the closure of Mubarak road by the army

    2: 23 pm Students at Nkumba university refuse to use election ink

    2:01 pm Minister Asman Kiyingi walked away with a ballot box, in Ibale saying that there was wide spread riging, Police says there was no rigging and contemplating actions against the minister. It is said that the minister and his son also beat the presiding officer

    in Apac, 11 people arrested for distributing goodies to voters

    2:00 pm Voting is calm and peaceful in most places in Uganda at the moment

    President Museveni has not yet voted for himself at the moment

    1:58 pm Police arrest 19 people in Abong, they have been charged for distributing goodies to voters. All of them are FDC supporters

    1:56 pm Scuffle in Kalungu after a man who claimed to be blind voted and later acted as a polling agent

    1:47 pm Budadiri West MP Nandala Mafabi of FDC, is bleeding on his leg. Blood can be visibly seen but the cause is not yet certain

    1:46 pm A journalist of the Razor Julius Odeke shot on the knee by bodyguards of the Minister for the Presidency Beatrice Wabudeya. His has been rushed to hospital.

    1:41 pm President Museveni is about to cast his vote

    1:40 pm According to the New Vision, In Kireka Kyadondo East constituency candidate Semujju Nganda is involved in an altercation with Police constables over the conduct of the exercise at the polling station

    1:37 pm FDC supporters and NRM supporters crash in Serene

    1:36 pm In kibuku, supporters of Saleh Kamba and Jenifer Namuyangu also crashed, during the process, they chased away all journalists

    1:23 pm Fighting broke out in Serere betwen supportes of the FDC and NRM. A police man lost his gun in the scuffle

    1:13 pm The DPC of sironko is now admitted after being beaten by angry supporters, it is said that someone hit him with a stone on the head

    1: 04 pm In Budadiri West, Civilians have disarmed a soldiers as other soldiers took off. This took place under the watchful eye of Budadiri West incumbent MP Nandala Mafabi. Sironko DPC Gerald Mbasa Gerald also took off after voters who were denied the right to vote asked him why police was mistreating them at Bugusege polling station.

    12:57 pm We have just recieved information that Polling material for Kazo Angola, Kawempe II Parish in Kampala were delivered at 11am. We had reported earlier that this issue

    In Kaberamaido, Robert Engulu the district boss says that some ballot boxes were already ticked in favour of Museveni at Majengo polling station in Kaberamaido town but the DPC Amazia Bogere says the allegations were untrue and police had not got such reports. Enngulu, however, says presiding officers were "helping" voters fold the ballots before putting in the box.

    12: 52 pm Elections are moving on well in most parts of the country. Apart from the missing names and the places were voting has began late. The situations is good

    Uganda Picks calls on all people to be calm and to keep peace during and after the elections

    12:36 pm Protests in Lwemiyaga over a certain man who has voted twice, the man identified as Karasa is said to have come from Isingiro. He was however allowed to vote by the polling officials amidst protests

    The presiding officer in Mukono has blamed the late arrival of election materials on the early morning rains

    12: 27 pm Hussein Kyanjo has finished voting, he has decried the army for voting forcefully without being on the register

    12:22 pm Presidential Candidate Samwel Lubega has not found him self on the voters register, though the his names were on the register, the picture was not his. This technically meant that he was not supposed to vote

    12:19 pm Reports in Arua town show that many people are missing on the voters register yet they checked them selves during the display time.

    In Terego, also in Arua, 3 people have been arrested for voter bribery

    12: 16 pm People in Sembabule especially Lwemiyaga are claiming that voters are being ferried in from Isingiro. Area MP Sekikubo claims that 7 buses full of people were seen yesterday in his area and that there is a plot to steal his votes from Ntusi area

    11: 42 am Deputy RDC in Masaka has survved being lynched by angry people who were accusing him of voter bribery. The OC in Lwabenge saved the deputy RDC from people were claiming that she was paying NRM money to influence the voters

    11: 41 am Voting has not yet started in Kazo Angola, Kawempe division and Kireka rehabilitation polling stations due to lack of voting materials

    11:28 am It has been reported that Fighting has broken out in Budadiri West Constituency, Sironko District as UPDF soldiers camped at NRM area Chairman, Sulaiman Lumolo's home beat up people

    11:26 am It has been reported that Four vehicles belonging to the campaign team of state Minister for Northern Uganda David Wakikona have been impounded by Police in the Eastern district Bududa in connection with alleged voter bribery

    11:21 am Police In Dokolo, Lango region is still holding several people arrested overnight with shillings in coin denominations worth UGX3,000,000. They are recording statements at Police.

    11:07 am Presidential candidate Abed Bwanika has just confessed that he has not voted from the place he registered from. He used SMS service to track his name

    11: 06 am Beti Kamya has finished voting, she is now talking to the media. She is promising to to bring about Economic change .

    The vice president, Gilbert Bukenya has also reached the polling station probably to vote for him self at Kakiri. Since he is the vice president, he did not make the line. He has finished voting now

    11:04 am Kamya has reached , Lungujja Kitunzi in Lungujja. She she is now checking her name on the register

    10:50 am Kamya to vote at Lungujja in Rubaga Division, Nobert Mao will cast his vote at Holy Rosary PS Gulu Town and Samuel Lubega the only Independent candidate will cast his vote at Rainbow PS Kawempe

    10: 40 am Bwanika is now ticking his ballot paper. It is hoped that he will vote for him self. He is now moving drop the paper in the box. But the time you finish to read this, he will be through

    10:37 am Bwanika has just arrived at kulambiro to vote, he has arrived with his wife and kid. He is now checking for his name on the voters register

    10: 36 am Jabeli Bidandi Ssali has been the second candidate vote, Bidandi has cast his vote at Muslim primary school

    10: 34 am Kizza Bisigye has been the first presidential candidate to vote, he has voted from Kizza Besigye will vote in Rwakabengo, Rukungiri. He was together with his wife Winnie Byanyima. Besigye has said he is very confident about winning

    10: 28 am IPC/FDC strong man, DR Kizza Besigye will in a short while cast vote in Rwakabengo, Rukungiri district.

    10: 22 am Many voters in Kayungs has reported to have been turned away from the voting stations even when they have voters cards. Even though they had the voting card, it is reported that there names are not on the voters register.

    10:20 am , UPC's presidential candidate Olara Otunnu is expected to cast his vote, probably in his favour at around 11am.

    In Lwemiyaga, Sekikubo was the first person to cast a vote at his home polling station

    10: 07 am The Electoral commission PRO has just featured on KFM, he has has distanced the commission from the delay in election materials. He say, the materials were sent long time to sub counties

    10: 06 am Police in Jinja has arrested 42 opposition supporters belonging to FDC from different counties. According to Police, these people where giving out goodies in voters

    10: 05 am Reports from Kamuli district show that elections at kitayunga polling station began at 6 am. Security has been called up to calm the opposition supporters but the situation is still cool

    10:03 am Police is in Ibanda is contemplating opening up charges on the area MP Guma, whsoe supporters killed an opposition support yesterday

    10:00 am There is low turn up in Kaberamaido, people have went to gardens first since it rained at night.

    According to sources, Voters in Moroto are very few, some people in the district say they did not know today is voting day. People say they have no reason to vote

    People in some parts of kawempe have not yet started voting, It has been reported that garbage vehicles in Kawempe have carried voting material to some polling stations

    9: 40 am High turn out in Fort Portal, though materials where not yet present at some stations

    Surprising news shows that voting began late in the place where president Museveni is going to vote from. There are polling stations in Lwakitura at some began voting at 8:30. Museveni expected to vote in Nsherwe, COU Kiruhura

    The Vice President will vote from Kakiri at around 10 am. Voting is moving on smoothly in the area

    9:15 am Shops are closed in most parts of the country, people are fearing to go out for business.Meanwhile, the electoral chairman Engineer Badru Kigundu promised to announced the winner within 48 hours

    Kampala is too quite, there are many security personnel on the streets. There is virtually no business taking place

    9:05 am Shops are closed in Iganga town, many people have turned up to vote and transport has been palatalized. There are no cars in the taxi park and many people are on the road sides waiting for taxis

    Voting materials at some polling station in Makindye are not yet there. people are very angry about the issue

    In Nansana, Many people went to the polling stations too early, how ever, the polling officials have been criticized to be slow. Shops are closed and there are many elections Observers at St Joseph church

    8:30 am In Butoto East, Masaka district, voters have gone to vote with their food and who ever cast his/her vote does not leave vowing to stay until the counting ends

    Few people have yet turned up for voting in Masaka Municipality since it is raining. Susan Nakawuki a parliamentary candidate who was arrested yesterday night have been released

    8:28 am Voting Materials already in Mukono but voting has not yet began. At Namugoona church polling stations in kampala, hundreds of people have turned up to vote but no voting materials yet

    8:14 am Reports from Kikyusa say show that voting is moving on smoothly

    8:12 am Reports from Lyabana shows that elections have not yet began one hour after it was sipposed to begin. People in Ndeeba, a place in Kampala are also saying they have not yet began voting

    7:05 am Reports in Mbale show that some polling agents had not yet reached the polling stations at the start of the elections

    7:00 am Voting begins in some place. It is raining in some places including Mukono
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    Kama segerea ----- Uchaguzi Uganda

  3. Askari Kanzu

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