The Revival of Paul Makonda and Samigufulification of Tanzanian Politics


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Nov 10, 2022
Today the 22nd of October 2023, marks the new era of hybridization of perspectives in Tanzanian Politics, amidst pursuance of Foreign direct investment in the Dar es Salaam Port along with dubious move for the investment the country has marked another episodic surprise of the resurrection of the metamorphic CCM Cader in the name of Paul Makonda the Magician who served hegemonically and scandally during the late Magufuli regime.

Am waiting to see how this unveiling of Samigufulification works as the country approaches it's general elections in 2025.

Basically we are all entitled for the revival at any particular point in our lifetime, this is to serve my best wishes to ndugu Paul Makonda, I hope his coming back will serve as his best version of service in the CCM party.

let's cherish this gamble of appointment to Madam Hassan the president of URT.

let's meet as we sustain our comments

thank you

Wadiz ndio mimi
Haina tatizo na hilo li heading la 23 November?
Thank you sir, I hope the media houses would cherish this heading comes tomorrow, I may think of coming up with a special column or a piece of depthy writing in my next move Kwa jukwaa hapahapa.
Labda tuendelee kukumbuka mwanasiasa ni mwanasiasa tu, huwa wanacheza michezo yao kulingana na mchezeshaji.

Ukitaka kuja hilo rudi mwezi mmoja kabla ya kifo cha Magufuli halafu nenda mwezi mmoja mbele baada kufa kwake, hii itakufanya umwelewe mwanasiasa nje ndani yake.
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