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The moment of oppurtunity-emerging skill

Discussion in 'Jukwaa la Elimu (Education Forum)' started by mfukoz, Jan 24, 2012.

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    Jan 24, 2012
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    InfoBridge Group of Companies establishes the Mugerezi Spatial Technology – MUST College with the main goal of providing vocational education and training to enable young people and adults to get employment in the formal and informal sector. According to the Tanzania education system, most of the form four students who score division I, II and III qualify to join the high schools and colleges, while students who score division IV have very limited chances of further studies.

    The fact that final examinations should not be the final and conclusive determinant for the exam results, because some students are very intelligent but they fail to perform in the last exams due to various reasons such as tension, sickness and circumstances in which they are doing the exams”.

    Two good decisions made by the government of Tanzania in recent years have created two big problems which need to be addressed immediately.

    The first decision was that of opening secondary school in each ward in Tanzania. The problem caused by this decision is that many ward secondary schools are ill equipped and many student not only fail in their final form IV examinations, but also they are many and can not be accommodate in the few available high schools and colleges

    The second decision was that of allowing many public and private universities to be started. These universities produce many degree graduates every year. Some colleges which used to produce technicians have also been transformed into universities and now are also producing degree graduates. The problem caused by this decision is that, very few technicians and auxiliary staffs are now being produced. This situation results in degree graduates not being employed or being employed to jobs that are meant for technicians. For a better performance in any industry, one graduate should work with at least 4 technicians, and one technician should work with at least 4 auxiliary staffs. Tanzania is now producing many graduates than technicians and auxiliary staffs. This is not good for the country.

    [h=1]Our Solution[/h]
    InfoBridge has established a Vocational Education and Training College called MUGEREZI SPATIAL TECHNOLOGIES – MUST COLLEGE which will admit students who complete form IV or form VI and are employed or still jobless. A minimum qualification to be admitted at the MUST College is a Form IV certificate. The student will follow a one year programme and upon graduation will be awarded a Spatial Information Technologist Certificate Level 3 of VETA. With this grade, graduates of the MUST College will be able to:
    (a) Join the NECTA Colleges
    (b) Be employed by all sectors
    (c) Be self employed

    Skilled to be Gained at MUST College
    When a student completes the course, he/she is ready to be self-employed or to be employed in public organisation and private companies as a Technician, and will be able to perform the following geospatial tasks:
    • Operating a GIS software
    • Setting up and configuring a GPS equipment
    • Designing, uploading and downloading the GPS data collection forms
    • Mapping of point, line and area features by using a GPS
    • Digitizing and editing data from maps and images
    • Performing the basic spatial and non spatial queries
    • Creating thematic maps
    • Designing map layout and printing
    • Ordering satellite images
    • Using the internet to access information and networking
    • Writing good technical reports in good English
    • Administering websites and Blogs

    Potential Employers
    GIS and GPS are now the basic tools and are applied in all sectors. Students who will qualify at the MUST College will not only be able to work independently as a service provider at a technician level but will be potential to be employed by various employers, who include the following:

    • All Ministries
    • All Local Government Authorities (LGAs)
    • Land Survey Companies
    • Town Planning Companies
    • Estate management and Valuation Companies
    • Civil Engineering Companies
    • Electrical Engineering Companies
    • Transportation Companies
    • Water Resource Management Companies
    • Environmental management Companies
    • Security Companies
    • Tourism and Hospitality Companies
    • Food and Beverage Companies
    • Social Welfare Companies
    • Planning and Economic Companies
    • Wholesale Companies
    • Agriculture and irrigation Companies
    • Forest Management Companies
    • Wildlife and Hunting Companies
    • Research Institutions and Higher Learning Institutions
    Course fee is Tshs. 1,200.000(The fee paid within three installments),
    .Duration is three terms

    Basic Geospatial Course for Professionals: 1-2 Week Course
    Professionals in all sectors need to have the basic professional skills of using the modern spatial technologies. InfoBridge provides a one-two weeks course, that gives a participant an understanding of the basic principles and operations of the spatial technologies. The courses offered are:
    • Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    • Global Positioning Systems (GPS)
    • Satellite Image Applications
    • Mobile Mapping, and
    • Use of Internet for Development
    • Course fee is Tshs, 500,000 per module
    Also InfoBridge is the Authorized Distributor for GIS Software (ArcGIS and MapInfo), a Satellite Image distributor (Quickbird, World View, Geoeye, Spot) and Authorized distributor for Poimapper Mobile mapping solution. InfoBridge provides paper and digital vector base maps for Tanzania at all administrative levels from village, ward, division, constituent, district, region and national level.
    InfoBridge started operations in year 2000 in recognition of the evolving needs of the GIS industry in Tanzania and has a growing client base of over 200 organizations in Tanzania.

    For the information provide take this moment of opportunity to get EMERGING SKILL – SPATIAL INFORMATION TECHNOLOGIST.

    Course Facts:
    Location: 2[SUP]nd[/SUP] Floor, Eastern Wing, Blue Pearl Hotel,
    Ubungo Plaza, Dar es Salaa
    Class size: 25 students,Hostel: Rooms available only for students

    APPLY NOW! Get Application Forms from:
    2. Visit the MUST College at Ubungo Plaza
    3. Call 0766628699 or 0713 25919