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Feb 24, 2010


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UEFA today announced the award of the 2012-15 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League free-to-air media rights in sub-Saharan Africa (excluding the Republic of South Africa) to Star Times.
Star Times will ensure the distribution of media rights to free-to-air broadcasters throughout the region.
The UEFA Champions League media rights consist of the Wednesday first match pick, including the UEFA Champions League final and the UEFA Super Cup, and one highlights programme per matchweek. The UEFA Europa League media rights handed to Star Times comprise the first-choice game and one highlights programme every matchweek.
This announcement follows the recent award of pay rights for both UEFA club competitions in sub-Saharan Africa to SuperSport.
TEAM Marketing is the exclusive marketing agency of UEFA for the exploitation of certain media and commercial rights relating to the UEFA Champions League, UEFA Super Cup and UEFA Europa League.

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