South Africa's Space Agency Only Months Away


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Mar 21, 2007
The clock is ticking away towards the launch of SA's space agency

By: Keith Campbell
Published: 29 Feb 08 - 0:00

The fact that the creation of a South African Space Agency is now only a matter of months away is attracting international interest, including proposals for technological cooperation, to this country. "Word has gotten out that South Africa is very keen on putting together a space agency," reports Department of Science and Technology (DST) Space Science and Technology Manager Dr Val Munsami, "and people, internationally, are approaching us, in terms of becoming partners on new generation satellite programmes, so these are opportunities. We are targetting a number of international partnerships, in terms of being able to build competencies here."

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This is very exciting news. They will be using the old Houwteq facility which the apartheid government used for their abandoned space program. The space program was presumably cancelled due to international pressure concerning the nuclear capabilities of a native space program, and the impending hand-over to African rule.

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