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Shall we be good men and women

Discussion in 'Habari na Hoja mchanganyiko' started by Yona F. Maro, Feb 1, 2009.

  1. Yona F. Maro

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    Feb 1, 2009
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    Imagine for a second you notice that a pimple on your back is getting
    bigger and harder. You do nothing about it. Five days later it is a
    full grown boil painful and irritating, and it's still growing. You
    could wait for it to burst or go see a doctor and have it surgically
    removed but the truth is now you have got to do something about it,
    whereas if you had acted prudently and proactively this problem would
    not exist, true?

    That is the story of the politics of our nation. It has been a boil
    festering on our backs for some 45 years. Confused by tribalism, lost
    in a web of endemic corruption and hostage to the abuse of law and the
    legal process. Unfortunately the will of the majority exercised
    through suffrage has been unable to change the tide, not because
    democracy is flawed but because the choices for change are poor, the
    process is staked against the voter and those at the helm just won't
    let go, not because the feel they are doing a sterling job but because
    they feel it is their right and only their right to do the job they
    have assigned themselves.

    The vast majority of Tanzanian's elite and upper middle class are
    politically apathetic. Comfortable in their positions, yet deeply
    democratic and anti-tribal. They inter-marry. Their closest friends
    are not from their own tribe. They want nothing better than to work
    hard and live a better life in this time and in the times of their
    children. As we sit today that future is under threat.

    The rest of Tanzania is not as homogeneous and prosperous as we are, the
    rest of Tanzania does not see things the way we do and one day the rest
    of Tanzania will turn against all of Tanzania.

    I ask you my brothers and sister. Shall we be good
    men and women?

    Shall we a people with our whole lives ahead of us take on the
    challenge to write laws that are equitable and just and that place the
    faith of the nation in institutions and not men and women, but that
    men and women shall be the custodians of and jealously guard with
    their lives and dignity and that will remain in force for one thousand
    years and more?

    Shall we stand up and end the four decades of electoral fraud, by
    writing new election laws that protect and promote the ballot as our
    forum for dispute resolution?

    Shall we stand and make election violence a thing of the past by
    monitoring candidates more closely, writing better laws to deal with
    election infractions and remove bribery from the campaign process?

    Shall we deal with the question of ethnicity making the smallest tribe
    most secure and mandating that the largest have no unfair share at the
    election table and in the distribution of resources?

    Shall we agree that the hands of the chief executive and any official
    who exercises executive authority be checked in making appointments
    from his or her tribe at all levels of government?

    Shall we agree that resources have been for to long allocated in a
    skewed manner and that we shall reverse that by allocating resources
    in a more equitable and sensitive manner?

    Shall we agree that representation at elections has not been fair to
    the people and create a more equitable system of representation? Shall
    we agree that we shall use the vast resources of the state to spur
    growth and roll back the ugly hand of poverty that envelopes our

    Shall we agree that the process of developing the nation budget is
    unfair inequitable and moribund and agree to amend it?

    Shall we agree that we must create a system of universal healthcare
    and universal education for our nation?

    Shall we agree unequivocally the instruments of law and order have for
    to long been instrument of oppression in the hands of those in power
    and that we resolve to make them instruments of security in the hands
    of the weakest and the poorest?

    Shall we resolve that we shall be the beacon of light, the bastion of
    hope for the new generation and that we a new generation of Tanzanian's
    shall for once take up that century old military call to be ` a few
    good men and women' and shepard our nation to a new dawn?

    Shall we?