Read how to decode radio for newbie


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Sep 29, 2009
What is dump , where is eprom , what is it , how to read it ...ect

Here is a small tutorial for these kind of info spécial NEWBIE .

How to decode radio by reading eeprom dump :

1- Eprom or Mcu memory :

There is lot of model radio mémory who store radio configuration and code sécurity .
Most of Radio contain an eprom : ( 24cXX , 93cXX ) or Mcu like ( Motorola 68Hc***X )

This is an eprom :

2- Where is the eprom radio located ?

Of course , eprom is in mainboard or some radio's have it in tuner ( Kenwood , Clarion ...etc )

3- How to read Eeprom Dump :

You need an eeprom programmer , like PONYPROG , it's cheap if u like to buy it , and easy to make if you have patience , knowledge and fun to make it
Here is all schematic

4- What's a Dump :

In radiocar domaine a dump is a back up that you made from the mémory of your radio ( eeprom

or mcu ) , The Extension of a dump is most of case : .HEX .BIN .E2P

5- Wich soft i need to read dump ?

There is lot of software , the most used are :
- Ponyprog
- Ic Prog

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