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Schoolbook classic is web portal for schools and academic entities. With schoolbook you can easily find different school profiles around the word, together with schools materials like textbooks, lab & chem equipments e.t.c. Only you need is create account, login and follow your group...PRETTY SIMPLE and FREE.

Why Try Schoolbook

Well! there are couple of reasons that can drive you to use schoolbook.

1. Most online advertising site are pricey, and not easily affordable, but with this site ( you'll find easier for different people local and global to find you school easily and make your school global reach-meaning reaching many despite physical distance.

2. Schoolbook classic operates online, which makes easier for most local and international students to find your school in little cost ever.

3. Schoolbook classic offers, electronic-magazine for school, if your school has some magazines, this site (Schoolbook Classic | Homepage) is for you, you can post as many magazines as you want for free.

4. It also offers, customized notes board for your school notes(internal and external), you can upload documents for others to download such as application forms, joining instruction and many others.

5. You can also get to know various school materials suppliers for your school, such as textbooks,books,lab and chem. equipments and more
There's more to say about schoolbook, some you need to see by yourself, and not just take my word only.

Many schools operates online, let's get online presence for your school too.

Best regards Founder and CEO

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