Political Appointees Unsuitable as DCs

Jan 22, 2017
…[I held strong views that the position of district commissioner had become too politicized; with district commissioners being appointed who had insufficient qualifications or experience; it was no longer a professional role. Sadly this became even more so during my successor’s time.

In the old days there was a strict system of progression, building up from the lowest grade district officer, studying and sitting exams as you moved up, even studying law, because sometimes you were a third class magistrate. This long preparation meant that when you became a district commissioner you knew a lot about how a district is properly managed and governed.

Nowadays you have a week’s seminar upon appointment as a district commissioner and you are supposedly ready for this important job. Those appointed come from all spheres – from newspaper men to Foreign Service Officers.

I think this is carrying politics too far
, many of these political nominees have little experience and knowledge of administration and governance, yet this role is so important to the community, you have much interaction with the citizenry.

Emphasis mine

Pp 137 My Life, My Purpose; A Tanzanian President Remembers, Mkuki na Nyota, 2019
When you a pychopath as a leader and he appoints his cronies to positions with impunity you know we are approaching the end of good governance. The PSM Ministry is utterly useless and completely unprofessional. On what grounds can a PS offer an employment to a retired chap who gets resurrected from oblivion to become the Head of a parastatal or a RAS!

There is a lot of logic in what Mkapa says although he definitely had his own skeletons in the cupboard.
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