Poem: Mastermind!


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Nov 20, 2007
He tried hard enough
To make me grab my A4 wood
And for a moment, gazed at the blank spaces
Thought and scrutinized
If it was worth it, or otherwise

For all I really wanted
An end to the mouth work
And a beginning of the ear vibrations
The nodding, sighing
And most of all, the understanding

All I ever wanted
A different atomic structure
Another chemical formula
A new bond formation
No matter what it takes

So, all I wanted was a moment
To reflect may be read
Into the vocal chords
From the grey matter, down the spinal cord
Probing, for a better amplification

So deep I could see the nerves
One by one, tap the axon
Surge in the dendrites
Freely and swiftly, yet vigilantly
Not to plunge the impulse

And so I set out
With my frontal lobe, I had a plan
My atrial node, fully aggravated
For I knew I wanted it more than anything
Until he;

He clogged my path, restricted my plan
And came up with a mindpiece''
Giving it all up'' and what for?
To be human
To have a fragile heart and a dawdling brain

My mind stopped and my heart decelerated
In negation
Retaliation''. Nay! Wouldn't call it that
So I sat him down
And asked of him but one thing, ;Notes taking''

And he thought he had seen it all
The adrenalin rush
The acrobatic spin
And the best of all; the alarm!
I had just smiled
very cute and interesting Suki.. I see a huge talent there.. loved it especially the biological nature of the whole poem..! Kudos!

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