Poem from a friend


Aug 21, 2015
*see me like I see you*
I see you royal
I see you loyal
I see you far from rough,
Actually I see my other half

I see you sane and wise,
I cannot see you other wise
I see a friend and a wife,
Actually I see my super half

I see you I see the light,
I see the person I want,
I see am a king and chief,
Actually I see you my better half

I see you clean and softened,
I see that am appointed,
By you to see and witness
A great love and limitless

I see glory when I see you,
I can't see worries around you,
I see you passionate and calm,
I see you from where I am

I see the care though hidden,
I see a heart of the maiden,
I can see clearly the begotten,
As I stand on the mountain

I see you when I sleep,
I see you when I wake up,
I see you when I slip,
I see your face and stand up

So much better I see,
So see me like I see you,
See how best things would be,
When I see you the way I see you

By Salehostaz
Facebook: Saleh Omary
Instagram: salehostaz

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